MOTHER 3:Seventh circle of ASCII hell

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Seventh circle of ASCII hell
Start Address 0xED940
End Address 0x119C23
# of Entries -
Entry Length -
Total Length 180964 bytes (0x2C2E4)
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The Seventh Circle of ASCII Hell™ is a massive pool of ASCII text, seemingly related to the game's source code. The ASCII itself doesn't appear to be used; however, there are some very important data blocks sprinkled throughout. The known blocks are outlined below.

Known data blocks

  • 00EF880-00F0C7F (0001400) = Sine table (32-bit, signed)
  • 00F0C80-00F1837 (0000BB8) = 0-999 display table (3 bytes per number, 1 per digit)
  • 00F1838-01006BB (000EE84) = Source code names repeated multiple times
  • 01006BC-01016BB (0001000) = Table with various patterns
  • 0112EA8-0112F17 (0000070) = Attack sound probability distribution table
  • 01135A8-011368B (00000E4) = Hypnosis music mappings
  • 0119BF0-0119C23 (0000034) = Note length table
  • 0CDB990-0CDB9EF (0000060) = OAM shape/size lookup table