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The only EFC block in Mother 3 is the Battle animations entry table.


  • 00-03 (04) = "efc " header
  • 04-05 (02) = First list number entries number
  • 06-07 (02) = Second list entries number
  • 08-09 (02) = Third list entries number
  • 0A-0B (02) = ??? (Still in header)
  • 0C-.. (..) = Battle animations entry data
  • ..-.. (04) = "~efc" footer

Entry lists

The first list has the short value of the tileset followed by the short value of the palette and the integer number of 4 bytes entries. Each of these 4 bytes entries is divided in two, a two byte value of unknown purpose at the moment and the duration in frames.

The second list has 8 bytes entries. It is still unknown what it does. It could be related to palette dimming, sounds and/or similar things.

The third list has entries made of 10 bytes of unknown purpose, a short value of subentries, 4 unknown bytes, and then the number of bytes a subentry is long followed by the subentry itself repeated for each subentry.