Life Force:RAM map

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RAM Information
0x0034 P1 Lives
0x0035 P2 Lives
0x0070 P1 Status
  • 00 - Not playing
  • 01 - About to start
  • 02 - Flying in (no control)
  • 03 - Player control
  • 04 - Dying (explosion)
  • 05 - Dead (gone)
  • 06 - Game Over (out of lives)
0x0071 P2 Status (same values as P1)
0x0076 P1 Weapon
  • 00 - Normal
  • 01 - Ripple
  • 02 - Laser
0x0077 P2 Weapon (same values as P1)
0x0078 P1 Power Bar location (1=speed, 2=missile, etc)
0x0079 P2 Power Bar location
0x007A P1 Movement Counter??
0x007B P2 Movement Counter??
0x007E P1 Ship Flashing Counter
0x007F P2 Ship Flashing Counter
0x0080 P1 Speed (up to 6)
0x0081 P2 Speed
0x0082 P1 Shield Strength (starts at 5 hits)
0x0083 P2 Shield Strength
0x0084 P1 Frames of Invulnerability (starts at 128 when flying in)
0x0085 P2 Frames of Invulnerability
0x0086 P1 Missiles (two speeds)
0x0087 P2 Missiles
0x008A P1 Options (up to 2)
0x008B P2 Options
0x032F P1 Y Position (unsigned, 24 to 197)
0x0330 P2 Y Position
0x0333-0x0341 Enemy Y Positions
0x0350 P1 X Position (unsigned, 15 to 232)
0x0351 P2 X Position
0x0354-0x0362 Enemy X Positions
0x07E4 P1 Low Digits Score (hex value = literal decimal digits 5-6 in score, ie: 0x45 = 45 display in score, last digit 7 always 0)
0x07E5 P1 Mid Digits Score
0x07E6 P1 High Digits Score
0x07E8 P2 Low Digits Score
0x07E9 P2 Mid Digits Score
0x07EA P2 High Digits Score


0x07:C345 Death (decrement life)