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RAM Function Details
0038 Upper bound / modulus for RNG e.g. if this is $04, RNG will roll guaranteed within 0-3 range
0039~003B RNG values these values aren't directly used as a random number but instead as part of RNG calculation, they get reset in password screen to something reliable, but after that change each time a random number is needed
0040 Current Character 0-4, 6 when selecting
0043 Player X Fine 0-15
0044 Player X Tile 0-63
0045 Player Y 0-191
0047 Map X 0-3
0048 Map Y 0-17
0051-53 Carried Items 0: empty
0055 Equipped Item 0-2
0058 Health
0059 Magic
005A Gold
005B # of Keys
005C Player Jump
005D Player Strength
005E Player Shots Allowed
005F Player Range
0060~006F Inventory Count of each item on inventory screen.
007B Current X Fine Scroll 0-15
007C Current X Tile Scroll 0-48
00F2 Boss Life
0300-0321 Last Save Bytes 0300-31F: inventory

Byte 0320: keys
Byte 0321: gold

0400~048F Sprite Tables 9 sprites, 16 bytes per sprite:

Byte x0: OAM graphic index
Byte x1: state (??)
Byte x2: OAM palette & info
Byte x3~4: ???
Byte x5: Health
Byte x6: Timer?
Byte x7~B: ???
Byte xC: X pixel within tile ($00~$0F)
Byte xD: X tile coordinate
Byte xE: Y coordinate
Byte xF: ???

Internal Data for Legacy of the Wizard

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