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Table Files

How To Draw

This table file for Kirby's Adventure is available. However, This table file is only compatable with the "How To Draw Kirby" movie when you start the game. Created by Memetchilove using FCEUX's Pattern Table Viewer, Notepad, and WindHex32.

The "How To Draw Kirby" text offset is: x7A978

Other text

This is for rest of text that uses UPPER&lower case font, as while actual font/graphics is same, its position on PPUview is different thus different table file. Few notes about this and ones below: Some of them are all over the place so either scroll down or use search function a lot. Also some words are repeated or shortened in some bizarre way to save space(?) and when changing text its possible that game glitches up, so make sure to make backups before editing. Also in table files I dont include space(" ") tile because its not always same and changes depending where text is/in what screen is it on.

Text locations, in order as they appear in rom:

000275D0 = Title demo
00027960 = Ending text(after beating final boss)
0005CB80 = Arena explanation
0005CCD0 = Warp star explanation
0005CDF0 = Museum explanation
0005CF30 = Extra mode explanation/unlock
0006BCC0 = Title screen's save file text #1
0006D160 = Story text
00071410 = "Continue, Exit stage" in pause screen on already beaten level
000714B0 = Pause screens abilities explanations
00076910 = Egg catcher explanation text
00077B10 = Crane game explanation
00078350 = Quick draw explanation
0007B790 = Rest of save file's text

Copyright text

Self-explanatory, note that "(c)1993" is repeated.

Text location:

0007ACF0 = All for this one

Credits people names

Self-explanatory, beware of repeated and shortened text.

Text location:

00027B40 = Credits text

Abilities&HUD text


Text locations:

00026EA0 = KIRBY (?)
00026F10 = KIRBY: (HUD?)
00026F30 = Worlds names(In HUD on world-map)
00027130 = ENEMY (HUD)
00027200 = SCORE (HUD)
00027730 = Demo's abilities names
00068D70 = Worlds names (Title-cards/animations after starting/loading game or beating boss)
000714A0 = Pause menus abilities names

16x8 Text #1

This one is for text that uses larger, 16x8 font. Since text is two tiles in height, I used lowercase letters for top and uppercase letters for bottom, so if you edit text, you need to change both to same.

Text locations:

0005CC80 = warp star
000768C0 = egg catcher
00077AC0 = crane fever
00078300 = quick draw
..Possibly more?

16x8 Text #2

Same as above, but only used in credits.

Text location:

00027B30 = Credits

External Links

"How To Draw Kirby" Table File

Note for below; Copy&paste these(separately) to notepad, and save file as "<name you want>.TBL" and make sure you change "save as type" to "all files" to use 'em.

"How To Draw Kirby" Table File mirror

"Other upper&lowercase" Table File

"Copyright" Table File

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"Abilities&HUD text" Table File

"16x8 Text #1" Table File

"16x8 Text #2" Table FIle

Internal Data for Kirby's Adventure

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