Kid Icarus:RAM map

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RAM Purpose
0017 Button being held on Cont. I
0018 Button being held on Cont. II
0019 Button pressed on Cont. I
001A Button pressed on Cont. II
001F Delay before shooting an arrow
003E Amount of Time left for enemies to be Hammers
006B Current amount of boss health left
006F An Eggplant? 00-no 01-yes
00A5 Activated Weapons
00A6 Current amount of Health
00A7 Time left for Feather to be active
00AA Current number of Health Containers
0131-0133 Current Score
0134-0136 Current "Skill"
013A Have Torch? 00-no, 01-yes
013B Have Pencil? 00-no, 01-yes
013D-013F Current Weapons
0144-0146 Current Total Score
014A-014B Current Heart Piece currency
014C-014D Current Debt for Credit Card left
014E Have Credit Card? 00-no, 01-yes
014F Current number of Hammers left
0150 Current number of Feathers left
0151 Current number of Bottles left
0152 Current Strength Level
0153-0155 Current Treasures