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RAM Function Details
0x0007 Key Pressed
0x000F Title screen cursor position
0x0015 Pause Boolean $00 = Unpaused, $01 = Paused
0x0020 Lives
0x0040 Speed
0x0041 Missiles enabled
0x0042 Power up bar location
0x0044 Weapon $00 = Normal, $01 = Laser, $02 = Double
0x0045 Number of Options Keep <= $02. Any other number causes glitches.
0x0046 Shield Strength
0x004C Time before screen transition.
0x0060 enemy load? $02 when enemies is being loaded and goes to $00 when you died
0x0100 determines Vic Viper's status... $01 = alive, $02 = dead.
0x07A0-0x07B7 Horizontal Location of Vic Viper From Least to Most Recent
0x07B0-0x07C7 Vertical Location of Vic Viper From Least to Most Recent
0x07E4 Low Digit of High Score
0x07E5 Middle Digit of High Score
0x07E6 High Digit of High Score