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RAM Function Details
0x0007 Key Pressed
0x000F Title screen cursor position
0x0015 Pause Boolean $00 = Unpaused, $01 = Paused
0x0020 Lives
0x0040 Speed
0x0041 Missiles enabled
0x0042 Power up bar location
0x0044 Weapon $00 = Normal, $01 = Laser, $02 = Double
0x0045 Number of Options Keep <= $02. Any other number causes glitches.
0x0046 Shield Strength
0x004C Time before screen transition.
0x0060 enemy load? $02 when enemies is being loaded and goes to $00 when you died
0x0100 determines Vic Viper's status... $01 = alive, $02 = dead.
0x07A0-0x07B7 Horizontal Location of Vic Viper From Least to Most Recent
0x07B0-0x07C7 Vertical Location of Vic Viper From Least to Most Recent
0x07E4 Low Digit of High Score
0x07E5 Middle Digit of High Score
0x07E6 High Digit of High Score

Internal Data for Gradius

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