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{{title|Graal: the Adventure}}
{{GB| title = Graal: The Adventure
{{GB| title = Graal: The Adventure
|image = [[Image:Graal_GB.png|center]]
|image = [[Image:Graal_GB.png|center]]
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(Note: I don't know how to make the programs, however, I do have everything about the levels.)

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Graal: The Adventure
Internal Name GRAAL
Region Code Public Domain
Type Color
SGB Support Unknown
Cartridge Type N/A
License Code N/A (Public Domain)
ROM Size 2 Mbit
ROM Checksum N/A
Header Checksum N/A
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Graal: The Adventure is a demo based off of GraalOnline, a PC game. This demo is made by the same person who made the PC version, Stefan Knorr.

Known Dumps

  • Graal: The Adventure (PD)

External Links

Information on the PC version