Gargoyle's Quest II:RAM map

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0x40 - Room ID
 00: Overworld
 01: Town (outside)
 02: Town (building)
 03+: Battle scene (room #)
0xE4-0xE7 - RNG (Fibonacci LFSR)

Object attribute arrays:

X = object slot (20 total)
00: Firebrand
01-03: Firebrand's projectiles
04-13: Other objects
0x0300,X - Action script ID (00 = empty)
0x0314,X - X-subpixel
0x0328,X - X-pixel
0x033C,X - X-screen
0x0350,X - Y-subpixel
0x0364,X - Y-pixel
0x0378,X - Y-screen
0x038C,X - X-speed low (subpixels/frame)
0x03A0,X - X-speed high (pixels/frame)
0x03B4,X - Y-speed low
0x03C8,X - Y-speed high
0x03DC,X - Object attribute flags
 0x80: Damages Firebrand on contact
 0x40: Able to be damaged by Firebrand
0x03F0,X - Object movement flags
0x0418,X - Object HP
0x042C,X - Object local memory 1
0x0440,X - Object local memory 2
0x0454,X - Object local memory 3
0x0468,X - Object local memory 4

The purpose of these attributes varies, but they are most commonly used as counters/timers.

0x04CC,X - Object sprite flags
0x04E0,X - Object animation frame
0x04F4,X - Object animation ID
0x0508,X - Object animation timer
0x051C,X - Pointer to object's AI script (low byte)
0x0530,X - Pointer to object's AI script (high byte)

Note: These values are originally set to the beginning of an object's AI script ("Phase 0"), but can be overwritten within that object's script in order to switch to different phases.

Internal Data for Gargoyle's Quest II

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