Gargoyle's Quest II:Notes

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Action IDs

Appearing in the memory array 0300-0313.

0x00: Empty slot
0x01: Do nothing
0x02: Fireband's default projectile
0x10: Bat Eye
0x13: Jumping Cyclops
0x14: Shado F
0x16: Wall Bug
0x19: Brown Jumper
0x1B: Nagus - Red projectiles
0x3A: Nagus - Main body
0x3C: Nagus - Bouncing spiral projectile
0x3D: Melted Iron
0x56: Red jar
0x5A: Tan jar
0x6D: Nagus - Blue face on chest

Animation IDs

0x01: Shado F - Emerging
0x1B: Beetle Ghost - Spawning
0x1C: Beetle Ghost - Moving toward player
0x23: Bat Eye - Flying
0x7C: Nagus - Attacking (3 Fireballs)
0x7D: Nagus - Attacking (Spiral)
0x7E: Nagus - Jumping
0x86: Nagus - Stationary

Internal Data for Gargoyle's Quest II

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