Friday the 13th:RAM map

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The corresponding ROM Map.

Zero Page Function Details
0x0031 Frame Counter
0x0037 Current CHR-ROM Page

RAM Function Details
0x0100 Stack
0x0200 Sprites
0x0420 Player Status
0x0505 Active Counselor Health
0x0507 Active Counselor
  • 0x00 = GEORGE
  • 0x01 = MARK
  • 0x02 = PAUL
  • 0x03 = LAURA
  • 0x04 = DEBBIE
  • 0x05 = CRISSY
0x0574 Pressed Joypad #1 Buttons RLDU-SZBA (reverse of standard format)
0x0575 Held Joypad #1 Buttons (ditto)