Final Fantasy VI:ROM map/Assembly C1F

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C1/F01D unknow

C1/F01D:	297F    	AND #$7F
C1/F01F:	38      	SEC 
C1/F020:	E904    	SBC #$04
C1/F022:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F023:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F024:	B9F380  	LDA $80F3,Y
C1/F027:	597E61  	EOR $617E,Y
C1/F02A:	4901    	EOR #$01

C1/F02F unknow

C1/F02F:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 43)
C1/F032:	BD826F  	LDA $6F82,X
C1/F035:	8D1496  	STA $9614
C1/F038:	BD846F  	LDA $6F84,X
C1/F03B:	8D1596  	STA $9615
C1/F03E:	A45B    	LDY $5B
C1/F040:	88      	DEY 
C1/F041:	845B    	STY $5B
C1/F043:	60      	RTS

C1/F044 unknow

C1/F044:	20A1E7  	JSR $E7A1		(from C1/D9E3, X = 53)
C1/F047:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F049:	B9B761  	LDA $61B7,Y
C1/F04C:	18      	CLC 
C1/F04D:	79C561  	ADC $61C5,Y
C1/F050:	18      	CLC 
C1/F051:	79D461  	ADC $61D4,Y
C1/F054:	18      	CLC 
C1/F055:	690800  	ADC #$0008
C1/F058:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/F05A:	B9B961  	LDA $61B9,Y
C1/F05D:	18      	CLC 
C1/F05E:	79C761  	ADC $61C7,Y
C1/F061:	8524    	STA $24
C1/F063:	C65B    	DEC $5B
C1/F065:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F066:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F068:	A522    	LDA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/F06A:	8D1496  	STA $9614
C1/F06D:	A524    	LDA $24
C1/F06F:	8D1596  	STA $9615
C1/F072:	60      	RTS

C1/F073 unknow

C1/F073:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 28)
C1/F076:	BD7E6F  	LDA $6F7E,X
C1/F079:	8D1496  	STA $9614
C1/F07C:	BD806F  	LDA $6F80,X
C1/F07F:	8D1596  	STA $9615
C1/F082:	A45B    	LDY $5B
C1/F084:	88      	DEY 
C1/F085:	845B    	STY $5B
C1/F087:	60      	RTS

C1/F088 unknow

C1/F088:	20C71B  	JSR $1BC7		(from C1/D9E3, X = 27)
C1/F08B:	A45B    	LDY $5B
C1/F08D:	88      	DEY 
C1/F08E:	845B    	STY $5B
C1/F090:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F093:	60      	RTS

C1/F094 unknow

C1/F094:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]		(from C1/D9E3, X = 26)
C1/F096:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/F098:	A00100  	LDY #$0001
C1/F09B:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/F09D:	8524    	STA $24
C1/F09F:	C8      	INY 
C1/F0A0:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/F0A2:	8526    	STA $26
C1/F0A4:	A45B    	LDY $5B
C1/F0A6:	C8      	INY 
C1/F0A7:	C8      	INY 
C1/F0A8:	845B    	STY $5B
C1/F0AA:	A522    	LDA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/F0AC:	1007    	BPL $F0B5
C1/F0AE:	AD1496  	LDA $9614
C1/F0B1:	C921    	CMP #$21
C1/F0B3:	900E    	BCC $F0C3
C1/F0B5:	AD1496  	LDA $9614
C1/F0B8:	18      	CLC 
C1/F0B9:	6522    	ADC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/F0BB:	CD1796  	CMP $9617
C1/F0BE:	9003    	BCC $F0C3
C1/F0C0:	AD1796  	LDA $9617
C1/F0C3:	8D1496  	STA $9614
C1/F0C6:	AD1596  	LDA $9615
C1/F0C9:	18      	CLC 
C1/F0CA:	6524    	ADC $24
C1/F0CC:	CD1896  	CMP $9618
C1/F0CF:	9003    	BCC $F0D4
C1/F0D1:	AD1896  	LDA $9618
C1/F0D4:	8D1596  	STA $9615
C1/F0D7:	AD1396  	LDA $9613
C1/F0DA:	18      	CLC 
C1/F0DB:	6526    	ADC $26
C1/F0DD:	CD1696  	CMP $9616
C1/F0E0:	9003    	BCC $F0E5
C1/F0E2:	AD1696  	LDA $9616
C1/F0E5:	8D1396  	STA $9613
C1/F0E8:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F0EB:	60      	RTS

C1/F0EC unknow

C1/F0EC:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]		(from C1/D9E3, X = 25)
C1/F0EE:	8D1496  	STA $9614
C1/F0F1:	A00100  	LDY #$0001
C1/F0F4:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/F0F6:	8D1596  	STA $9615
C1/F0F9:	C8      	INY 
C1/F0FA:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/F0FC:	8D1396  	STA $9613
C1/F0FF:	C8      	INY 
C1/F100:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/F102:	8D1796  	STA $9617
C1/F105:	C8      	INY 
C1/F106:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/F108:	8D1896  	STA $9618
C1/F10B:	C8      	INY 
C1/F10C:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/F10E:	8D1696  	STA $9616
C1/F111:	C8      	INY 
C1/F112:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/F114:	8D1996  	STA $9619
C1/F117:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F11A:	BD386A  	LDA $6A38,X		(Caster's sprite position ID?_RuneLancer)
C1/F11D:	1011    	BPL $F130
C1/F11F:	297F    	AND #$7F
C1/F121:	38      	SEC 
C1/F122:	E904    	SBC #$04
C1/F124:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F125:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F126:	B9F380  	LDA $80F3,Y
C1/F129:	597E61  	EOR $617E,Y
C1/F12C:	4901    	EOR #$01
C1/F12E:	8004    	BRA $F134
C1/F130:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F131:	B9107B  	LDA $7B10,Y
C1/F134:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/F136:	F004    	BEQ $F13C
C1/F138:	A9C0    	LDA #$C0
C1/F13A:	8002    	BRA $F13E
C1/F13C:	A940    	LDA #$40
C1/F13E:	8D1A96  	STA $961A
C1/F141:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F143:	A55B    	LDA $5B
C1/F145:	18      	CLC 
C1/F146:	690600  	ADC #$0006
C1/F149:	855B    	STA $5B
C1/F14B:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F14C:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F14E:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F151:	60      	RTS

C1/F152 unknow

C1/F152:	DA      	PHX 
C1/F153:	0622    	ASL $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/F155:	6423    	STZ $23
C1/F157:	A522    	LDA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/F159:	AA      	TAX 
C1/F15A:	6425    	STZ $25
C1/F15C:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F15E:	A528    	LDA $28
C1/F160:	29F000  	AND #$00F0
C1/F163:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F164:	8528    	STA $28
C1/F166:	8A      	TXA 
C1/F167:	18      	CLC 
C1/F168:	6528    	ADC $28
C1/F16A:	AA      	TAX 
C1/F16B:	C624    	DEC $24
C1/F16D:	BD007E  	LDA $7E00,X
C1/F170:	48      	PHA 
C1/F171:	BD007C  	LDA $7C00,X
C1/F174:	48      	PHA 
C1/F175:	BD027E  	LDA $7E02,X
C1/F178:	9D007E  	STA $7E00,X
C1/F17B:	BD027C  	LDA $7C02,X
C1/F17E:	9D007C  	STA $7C00,X
C1/F181:	E8      	INX 
C1/F182:	E8      	INX 
C1/F183:	C624    	DEC $24
C1/F185:	D0EE    	BNE $F175
C1/F187:	68      	PLA 
C1/F188:	9D007C  	STA $7C00,X
C1/F18B:	68      	PLA 
C1/F18C:	9D007E  	STA $7E00,X
C1/F18F:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F190:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F192:	FA      	PLX 
C1/F193:	60      	RTS

C1/F194 unknow

C1/F194:	DA      	PHX 
C1/F195:	0622    	ASL $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/F197:	6423    	STZ $23
C1/F199:	C624    	DEC $24
C1/F19B:	A524    	LDA $24
C1/F19D:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F19E:	18      	CLC 
C1/F19F:	6522    	ADC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/F1A1:	AA      	TAX 
C1/F1A2:	6425    	STZ $25
C1/F1A4:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F1A6:	A528    	LDA $28
C1/F1A8:	29F000  	AND #$00F0
C1/F1AB:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F1AC:	8528    	STA $28
C1/F1AE:	8A      	TXA 
C1/F1AF:	18      	CLC 
C1/F1B0:	6528    	ADC $28
C1/F1B2:	AA      	TAX 
C1/F1B3:	BD007E  	LDA $7E00,X
C1/F1B6:	48      	PHA 
C1/F1B7:	BD007C  	LDA $7C00,X
C1/F1BA:	48      	PHA 
C1/F1BE:	9D007E  	STA $7E00,X
C1/F1C4:	9D007C  	STA $7C00,X
C1/F1C7:	CA      	DEX 
C1/F1C8:	CA      	DEX 
C1/F1C9:	C624    	DEC $24
C1/F1CB:	D0EE    	BNE $F1BB
C1/F1CD:	68      	PLA 
C1/F1CE:	9D007C  	STA $7C00,X
C1/F1D1:	68      	PLA 
C1/F1D2:	9D007E  	STA $7E00,X
C1/F1D5:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F1D6:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F1D8:	FA      	PLX 
C1/F1D9:	60      	RTS

C1/F1DA unknow

C1/F1DA:	A00100  	LDY #$0001
C1/F1DD:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/F1DF:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F1E0:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F1E1:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F1E2:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F1E3:	AA      	TAX 
C1/F1E4:	60      	RTS

C1/F1E5 unknow

C1/F1E5:	20DAF1  	JSR $F1DA		(from C1/D9E3, X = 23)
C1/F1E8:	BD8560  	LDA $6085,X
C1/F1EB:	D024    	BNE $F211
C1/F1ED:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/F1EF:	29F0    	AND #$F0
C1/F1F1:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F1F2:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F1F3:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F1F4:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F1F5:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/F1F7:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/F1F9:	290F    	AND #$0F
C1/F1FB:	8524    	STA $24
C1/F1FD:	A00100  	LDY #$0001
C1/F200:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/F202:	8528    	STA $28
C1/F204:	2094F1  	JSR $F194
C1/F207:	A00100  	LDY #$0001
C1/F20A:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/F20C:	290F    	AND #$0F
C1/F20E:	9D8560  	STA $6085,X
C1/F211:	DE8560  	DEC $6085,X
C1/F214:	A45B    	LDY $5B
C1/F216:	C8      	INY 
C1/F217:	845B    	STY $5B
C1/F219:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F21C:	60      	RTS

C1/F21D unknow

C1/F21D:	20DAF1  	JSR $F1DA		(from C1/D9E3, X = 24)
C1/F220:	BD8560  	LDA $6085,X
C1/F223:	D024    	BNE $F249
C1/F225:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/F227:	29F0    	AND #$F0
C1/F229:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F22A:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F22B:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F22C:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F22D:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/F22F:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/F231:	290F    	AND #$0F
C1/F233:	8524    	STA $24
C1/F235:	A00100  	LDY #$0001
C1/F238:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/F23A:	8528    	STA $28
C1/F23C:	2052F1  	JSR $F152
C1/F23F:	A00100  	LDY #$0001
C1/F242:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/F244:	290F    	AND #$0F
C1/F246:	9D8560  	STA $6085,X
C1/F249:	DE8560  	DEC $6085,X
C1/F24C:	A45B    	LDY $5B
C1/F24E:	C8      	INY 
C1/F24F:	845B    	STY $5B
C1/F251:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F254:	60      	RTS

C1/F255 unknow

C1/F255:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 10)
C1/F258:	BD866F  	LDA $6F86,X
C1/F25B:	29CF    	AND #$CF
C1/F25D:	075B    	ORA [$5B]
C1/F25F:	9D866F  	STA $6F86,X
C1/F262:	60      	RTS

C1/F263 unknow

C1/F263:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = D or F)
C1/F266:	BD386A  	LDA $6A38,X		(Caster's sprite position ID?_RuneLancer)
C1/F269:	300E    	BMI $F279
C1/F26B:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F26C:	B9107B  	LDA $7B10,Y
C1/F26F:	5D886F  	EOR $6F88,X
C1/F272:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/F274:	D003    	BNE $F279
C1/F276:	4C77F3  	JMP $F377
C1/F279:	60      	RTS

C1/F27A unknow

C1/F27A:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = E)
C1/F27D:	BD386A  	LDA $6A38,X		(Caster's sprite position ID?_RuneLancer)
C1/F280:	301F    	BMI $F2A1
C1/F282:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F283:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/F285:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/F287:	8510    	STA $10
C1/F289:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/F28B:	3011    	BMI $F29E
C1/F28D:	2940    	AND #$40
C1/F28F:	F003    	BEQ $F294
C1/F291:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F292:	800A    	BRA $F29E
C1/F294:	B9107B  	LDA $7B10,Y
C1/F297:	5D886F  	EOR $6F88,X
C1/F29A:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/F29C:	4510    	EOR $10
C1/F29E:	9DE764  	STA $64E7,X
C1/F2A1:	60      	RTS

C1/F2A2 unknow

C1/F2A2:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 1C)
C1/F2A5:	BD396A  	LDA $6A39,X		(Target's sprite position ID?_RuneLancer)
C1/F2A8:	300B    	BMI $F2B5
C1/F2AA:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F2AB:	B9107B  	LDA $7B10,Y
C1/F2AE:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/F2B0:	D003    	BNE $F2B5
C1/F2B2:	4C77F3  	JMP $F377
C1/F2B5:	60      	RTS

C1/F2B6 unknow

C1/F2B6:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 1E)
C1/F2B9:	BD396A  	LDA $6A39,X		(Target's sprite position ID?_RuneLancer)
C1/F2BC:	301D    	BMI $F2DB
C1/F2BE:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F2BF:	B9107B  	LDA $7B10,Y
C1/F2C2:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/F2C4:	D006    	BNE $F2CC
C1/F2C6:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/F2C8:	8510    	STA $10
C1/F2CA:	8007    	BRA $F2D3
C1/F2CC:	A00100  	LDY #$0001
C1/F2CF:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/F2D1:	8510    	STA $10
C1/F2D3:	BD876F  	LDA $6F87,X
C1/F2D6:	4510    	EOR $10
C1/F2D8:	9D876F  	STA $6F87,X
C1/F2DB:	A45B    	LDY $5B
C1/F2DD:	C8      	INY 
C1/F2DE:	845B    	STY $5B
C1/F2E0:	60      	RTS

C1/F2E1 unknow

C1/F2E1:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 22)
C1/F2E4:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/F2E6:	8510    	STA $10
C1/F2E8:	BD876F  	LDA $6F87,X
C1/F2EB:	4510    	EOR $10
C1/F2ED:	9D876F  	STA $6F87,X
C1/F2F0:	60      	RTS

C1/F2F1 unknow

C1/F2F1:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 1D)
C1/F2F4:	BD396A  	LDA $6A39,X		(Target's sprite position ID?_RuneLancer)
C1/F2F7:	3015    	BMI $F30E
C1/F2F9:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F2FA:	B9107B  	LDA $7B10,Y
C1/F2FD:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/F2FF:	D006    	BNE $F307
C1/F301:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/F303:	859B    	STA $9B
C1/F305:	8007    	BRA $F30E
C1/F307:	A00100  	LDY #$0001
C1/F30A:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/F30C:	859B    	STA $9B
C1/F30E:	60      	RTS

C1/F30F unknow

C1/F30F:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 74)
C1/F312:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/F314:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/F316:	9DE764  	STA $64E7,X
C1/F319:	60      	RTS

C1/F31A unknow

C1/F31A:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 1B)
C1/F31D:	BD396A  	LDA $6A39,X		(Target's sprite position ID?_RuneLancer)
C1/F320:	301C    	BMI $F33E
C1/F322:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F323:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/F325:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/F327:	8510    	STA $10
C1/F329:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/F32B:	300E    	BMI $F33B
C1/F32D:	2940    	AND #$40
C1/F32F:	F003    	BEQ $F334
C1/F331:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F332:	8007    	BRA $F33B
C1/F334:	B9107B  	LDA $7B10,Y
C1/F337:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/F339:	4510    	EOR $10
C1/F33B:	9DE764  	STA $64E7,X
C1/F33E:	60      	RTS

C1/F33F unknow

C1/F33F:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 2)
C1/F342:	BD396A  	LDA $6A39,X		(Target's sprite position ID?_RuneLancer)
C1/F345:	8006    	BRA $F34D
C1/F347:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 1)
C1/F34A:	BD386A  	LDA $6A38,X		(Caster's sprite position ID?_RuneLancer)
C1/F34D:	3022    	BMI $F371
C1/F34F:	8510    	STA $10
C1/F351:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F352:	B9107B  	LDA $7B10,Y
C1/F355:	5D886F  	EOR $6F88,X
C1/F358:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/F35A:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F35B:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/F35D:	8512    	STA $12
C1/F35F:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/F361:	2903    	AND #$03
C1/F363:	8DAD7B  	STA $7BAD
C1/F366:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F367:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F368:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F369:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F36A:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F36B:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F36C:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/F36E:	99C161  	STA $61C1,Y
C1/F371:	A45B    	LDY $5B
C1/F373:	C8      	INY 
C1/F374:	845B    	STY $5B
C1/F376:	60      	RTS

C1/F377 unknow

C1/F377:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]		(from C1/D9E3, X = 3)
C1/F379:	8512    	STA $12
C1/F37B:	291F    	AND #$1F
C1/F37D:	1A      	INC A
C1/F37E:	8510    	STA $10
C1/F380:	6411    	STZ $11
C1/F382:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F385:	BD876F  	LDA $6F87,X
C1/F388:	F00C    	BEQ $F396
C1/F38A:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/F38C:	29E0    	AND #$E0
C1/F38E:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F38F:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F390:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F391:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F392:	AA      	TAX 
C1/F393:	7CB2F3  	JMP ($F3B2,X)

C1/F396 unknow

C1/F396:	A512    	LDA $12		(from C1/F388)
C1/F398:	29E0    	AND #$E0
C1/F39A:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F39B:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F39C:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F39D:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F39E:	AA      	TAX 
C1/F39F:	7CA2F3  	JMP ($F3A2,X)

C1/F3A2 pointers

		(function)	(value at)	(value at)
				(C1/F393)	(C1/F39F)
C1/F3A2:	C2F3    	(0)
C1/F3A4:	DDF3  	(1)
C1/F3A6:	EFF3   	(2)
C1/F3A8:	0AF4		(3)
C1/F3AA:	1CF4 		(4)
C1/F3AC:	2EF4		(5)
C1/F3AE:	49F4  	(6)
C1/F3BO:	5BF4  	(7)
C1/F3B2:	EFF3				(0)
C1/F3B4:	DDF3				(1)
C1/F3B6:	C2F3    			(2)
C1/F3B8:	1CF4  			(3)
C1/F3BA:	0AF4				(4)
C1/F3BC: 	5BF4  			(5)
C1/F3BE:	49F4  			(6)
C1/F3C0:	2EF4				(7)

C1/F3C2 unknow

Moves sprite (-$10, +$10) NW

C1/F3C2: 	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F3C5:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F3C7:	BD3A6A  	LDA $6A3A,X		(The X position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F3CA:	38      	SEC 
C1/F3CB:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F3CD:	9D3A6A  	STA $6A3A,X		(The X position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F3D0:	BD3C6A  	LDA $6A3C,X		(The Y position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F3D3:	18      	CLC 
C1/F3D4:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F3D6:	9D3C6A  	STA $6A3C,X		(The Y position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F3D9:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F3DA:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F3DC:	60      	RTS

C1/F3DD unknow

Moves sprite (0, +$10) N
C1/F3DD:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)(from C1/F393, X = 1; C1/F39F, X = 1)
C1/F3E0:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F3E2:	BD3C6A  	LDA $6A3C,X		(The Y position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F3E5:	18      	CLC 
C1/F3E6:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F3E8:	9D3C6A  	STA $6A3C,X		(The Y position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F3EB:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F3EC:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F3EE:	60      	RTS

C1/F3EF unknow

Moves sprite (+$10, +$10) NE

C1/F3EF:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)	(from C1/F393, X = 2; C1/F39F, X = 0)
C1/F3F2:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F3F4:	BD3A6A  	LDA $6A3A,X		(The X position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F3F7:	18      	CLC 
C1/F3F8:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F3FA:	9D3A6A  	STA $6A3A,X		(The X position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F3FD:	BD3C6A  	LDA $6A3C,X		(The Y position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F400:	18      	CLC 
C1/F401:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F403:	9D3C6A  	STA $6A3C,X		(The Y position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F406:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F407:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F409:	60      	RTS

C1/F40A unknow

Moves sprite (-$10, 0) W

C1/F40A:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)(from C1/F393, X = 3; C1/F39F, X = 4)
C1/F40D:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F40F:	BD3A6A  	LDA $6A3A,X		(The X position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F412:	38      	SEC 
C1/F413:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F415:	9D3A6A  	STA $6A3A,X		(The X position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F418:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F419:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F41B:	60      	RTS

C1/F41C unknow

Moves sprite (+$10, 0) E

C1/F41C:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)(from C1/F393, X = 4; C1/F39F, X = 3)
C1/F41F:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F421:	BD3A6A  	LDA $6A3A,X		(The X position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F424:	18      	CLC 
C1/F425:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F427:	9D3A6A  	STA $6A3A,X		(The X position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F42A:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F42B:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F42D:	60      	RTS

C1/F42E unknow

Moves sprite (-$10, -$10) SW

C1/F42E:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)(from C1/F393, X = 5; C1/F39F, X = 7)
C1/F431:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F433:	BD3A6A  	LDA $6A3A,X		(The X position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F436:	38      	SEC 
C1/F437:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F439:	9D3A6A  	STA $6A3A,X		(The X position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F43C:	BD3C6A  	LDA $6A3C,X		(The Y position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F43F:	38      	SEC 
C1/F440:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F442:	9D3C6A  	STA $6A3C,X		(The Y position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F445:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F446:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F448:	60      	RTS

C1/F449 unknow

Moves sprite (0, -$10) S

C1/F449:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)(from C1/F393, X = 6; C1/F39F, X = 6)
C1/F44C:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F44E:	BD3C6A  	LDA $6A3C,X		(The Y position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F451:	38      	SEC 
C1/F452:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F454:	9D3C6A  	STA $6A3C,X		(The Y position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F457:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F458:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F45A:	60      	RTS

C1/F45B unknow

Moves sprite (-$10, -$10) SE

C1/F45B:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)(from C1/F393, X = 7; C1/F39F, X = 5)
C1/F45E:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F460:	BD3A6A  	LDA $6A3A,X		(The X position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F463:	18      	CLC 
C1/F464:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F466:	9D3A6A  	STA $6A3A,X		(The X position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F469:	BD3C6A  	LDA $6A3C,X		(The Y position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F46C:	38      	SEC 
C1/F46D:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F46F:	9D3C6A  	STA $6A3C,X		(The Y position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F472:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F473:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F475:	60      	RTS

C1/F476 unknow

C1/F476:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]		(from C1/D9E3, X = 7)
C1/F478:	8512    	STA $12
C1/F47A:	291F    	AND #$1F
C1/F47C:	1A      	INC A
C1/F47D:	8510    	STA $10
C1/F47F:	6411    	STZ $11
C1/F481:	A904    	LDA #$04
C1/F483:	8DDC64  	STA $64DC
C1/F486:	9CDD64  	STZ $64DD
C1/F489:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F48C:	BD396A  	LDA $6A39,X		(Target's sprite position ID?_RuneLancer)
C1/F48F:	8017    	BRA $F4A8

C1/F491 unknow

C1/F491:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]		(from C1/D9E3, X = 6)
C1/F493:	8512    	STA $12
C1/F495:	291F    	AND #$1F
C1/F497:	1A      	INC A
C1/F498:	8510    	STA $10
C1/F49A:	6411    	STZ $11
C1/F49C:	9CDC64  	STZ $64DC
C1/F49F:	9CDD64  	STZ $64DD
C1/F4A2:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F4A5:	BD386A  	LDA $6A38,X		(Caster's sprite position ID?_RuneLancer)
C1/F4A8:	302B    	BMI $F4D5
C1/F4AA:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F4AB:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F4AC:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F4AD:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F4AE:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F4AF:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F4B0:	BD876F  	LDA $6F87,X
C1/F4B3:	F010    	BEQ $F4C5
C1/F4B5:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/F4B7:	29E0    	AND #$E0
C1/F4B9:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F4BA:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F4BB:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F4BC:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F4BD:	AA      	TAX 
C1/F4BE:	FC11F5  	JSR ($F511,X)
C1/F4C1:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F4C4:	60      	RTS

C1/F4C5 unknow

C1/F4C5:	A512    	LDA $12		(from C1/F4B3)
C1/F4C7:	29E0    	AND #$E0
C1/F4C9:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F4CA:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F4CB:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F4CC:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F4CD:	AA      	TAX 
C1/F4CE:	FC01F5  	JSR ($F501,X)
C1/F4D1:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F4D4:	60      	RTS

C1/F4D5 unknow

C1/F4D5:	297F    	AND #$7F		(from C1/F4A8)
C1/F4D7:	38      	SEC 
C1/F4D8:	E904    	SBC #$04
C1/F4DA:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F4DB:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F4DC:	BD876F  	LDA $6F87,X
C1/F4DF:	F010    	BEQ $F4F1
C1/F4E1:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/F4E3:	29E0    	AND #$E0
C1/F4E5:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F4E6:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F4E7:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F4E8:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F4E9:	AA      	TAX 
C1/F4EA:	FC31F5  	JSR ($F531,X)
C1/F4ED:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F4F0:	60      	RTS

C1/F4F1 unknow

C1/F4F1:	A512    	LDA $12		(from C1/F4DF)
C1/F4F3:	29E0    	AND #$E0
C1/F4F5:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F4F6:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F4F7:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F4F8:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F4F9:	AA      	TAX 
C1/F4FA:	FC21F5  	JSR ($F521,X)
C1/F4FD:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F500:	60      	RTS

C1/F501 pointers

		(function)	(value)
C1/F501:	89F6    	
C1/F503:	A0F6  	
C1/F505:	AEF6  
C1/F507:	C5F6    
C1/F509:	D3F6    	
C1/F50B:	E1F6    
C1/F50D:	F8F6    
C1/F50F:	06F7   
C1/F511:	AEF6    	
C1/F513:	A0F6    
C1/F515:	89F6    	
C1/F517:	D3F6    
C1/F519:	C5F6    
C1/F51B:	06F7   
C1/F51D:	F8F6  
C1/F51F:	E1F6    
C1/F521:	41F5    
C1/F523:	73F5    	
C1/F525:	93F5    	
C1/F527:	C5F5   
C1/F529:	E5F5    
C1/F52B:	05F6    
C1/F52D:	37F6    	
C1/F52F:	57F6   	
C1/F531:	93F5    	
C1/F533:	73F5    	
C1/F535:	41F5    	
C1/F537:	E5F5    	
C1/F539:	C5F5   
C1/F53B:	57F6    
C1/F53D:	37F6   
C1/F53F:	05F6

C1/F541 unknow

C1/F541: 	C220		REP #$20	
C1/F543:	B9C380  	LDA $80CF,Y
C1/F546:	38    	SEC
C1/F547:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F549:	99C380  	STA $80C3,Y		(Store to enemy's X-coord.)
C1/F54C:	B9CF80  	LDA $80CF,Y
C1/F54F:	18      	CLC 
C1/F550:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F552:	99CF80  	STA $80CF,Y
C1/F555:	ADF67A  	LDA $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F558:	18      	CLC 
C1/F559:	6DDC64  	ADC $64DC
C1/F55C:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F55D:	B97E6F  	LDA $6F7E,Y
C1/F560:	38      	SEC 
C1/F561:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F563:	997E6F  	STA $6F7E,Y
C1/F566:	B9806F  	LDA $6F80,Y
C1/F569:	18      	CLC 
C1/F56A:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F56C:	99806F  	STA $6F80,Y
C1/F56F:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F570:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F572:	60      	RTS

C1/F573 unknow

C1/F573:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F575:	B9CF80  	LDA $80CF,Y
C1/F578:	18      	CLC 
C1/F579:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F57B:	99CF80  	STA $80CF,Y
C1/F57E:	ADF67A  	LDA $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F581:	18      	CLC 
C1/F582:	6DDC64  	ADC $64DC
C1/F585:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F586:	B9806F  	LDA $6F80,Y
C1/F589:	18      	CLC 
C1/F58A:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F58C:	99806F  	STA $6F80,Y
C1/F58F:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F590:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F592:	60      	RTS

C1/F593 unknow

C1/F593:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F595:	B9C380  	LDA $80C3,Y		(Load enemy's X-coord.)
C1/F598:	18      	CLC 
C1/F599:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F59B:	99C380  	STA $80C3,Y		(Store updated enemy's X-coord.)
C1/F59E:	B9CF80  	LDA $80CF,Y
C1/F5A1:	18      	CLC 
C1/F5A2:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F5A4:	99CF80  	STA $80CF,Y
C1/F5A7:	ADF67A  	LDA $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F5AA:	18      	CLC 
C1/F5AB:	6DDC64  	ADC $64DC
C1/F5AE:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F5AF:	B97E6F  	LDA $6F7E,Y
C1/F5B2:	18      	CLC 
C1/F5B3:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F5B5:	997E6F  	STA $6F7E,Y
C1/F5B8:	B9806F  	LDA $6F80,Y
C1/F5BB:	18      	CLC 
C1/F5BC:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F5BE:	99806F  	STA $6F80,Y
C1/F5C1:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F5C2:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F5C4:	60      	RTS

C1/F5C5 unknow

C1/F5C5:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F5C7:	B9C380  	LDA $80C3,Y		(Load enemy's X-coord.)
C1/F5CA:	38      	SEC 
C1/F5CB:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F5CD:	99C380  	STA $80C3,Y		(Store updated enemy's X-coord.)
C1/F5D0:	ADF67A  	LDA $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F5D3:	18      	CLC 
C1/F5D4:	6DDC64  	ADC $64DC
C1/F5D7:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F5D8:	B97E6F  	LDA $6F7E,Y
C1/F5DB:	38      	SEC 
C1/F5DC:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F5DE:	997E6F  	STA $6F7E,Y
C1/F5E1:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F5E2:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F5E4:	60      	RTS

C1/F5E5 unknow

C1/F5E5:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F5E7:	B9C380  	LDA $80C3,Y		(Load enemy's X-coord.)
C1/F5EA:	18      	CLC 
C1/F5EB:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F5ED:	99C380  	STA $80C3,Y		(Store updated enemy's X-coord.)
C1/F5F0:	ADF67A  	LDA $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F5F3:	18      	CLC 
C1/F5F4:	6DDC64  	ADC $64DC
C1/F5F7:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F5F8:	B97E6F  	LDA $6F7E,Y
C1/F5FB:	18      	CLC 
C1/F5FC:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F5FE:	997E6F  	STA $6F7E,Y
C1/F601:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F602:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F604:	60      	RTS

C1/F605 unknow

C1/F605:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F607:	B9C380  	LDA $80C3,Y		(Load enemy's X-coord.)
C1/F60A:	38      	SEC 
C1/F60B:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F60D:	99C380  	STA $80C3,Y		(Store updated enemy's X-coord.)
C1/F610:	B9CF80  	LDA $80CF,Y
C1/F613:	38      	SEC 
C1/F614:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F616:	99CF80  	STA $80CF,Y
C1/F619:	ADF67A  	LDA $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F61C:	18      	CLC 
C1/F61D:	6DDC64  	ADC $64DC
C1/F620:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F621:	B97E6F  	LDA $6F7E,Y
C1/F624:	38      	SEC 
C1/F625:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F627:	997E6F  	STA $6F7E,Y
C1/F62A:	B9806F  	LDA $6F80,Y
C1/F62D:	38      	SEC 
C1/F62E:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F630:	99806F  	STA $6F80,Y
C1/F633:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F634:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F636:	60      	RTS

C1/F637 unknow

C1/F637:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F639:	B9CF80  	LDA $80CF,Y
C1/F63C:	38      	SEC 
C1/F63D:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F63F:	99CF80  	STA $80CF,Y
C1/F642:	ADF67A  	LDA $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F645:	18      	CLC 
C1/F646:	6DDC64  	ADC $64DC
C1/F649:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F64A:	B9806F  	LDA $6F80,Y
C1/F64D:	38      	SEC 
C1/F64E:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F650:	99806F  	STA $6F80,Y
C1/F653:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F654:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F656:	60      	RTS

C1/F657 unknow

C1/F657:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F659:	B9C380  	LDA $80C3,Y		(Load enemy's X-coord.)
C1/F65C:	18      	CLC 
C1/F65D:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F65F:	99C380  	STA $80C3,Y		(Store update enemy's X-coord.)
C1/F662:	B9CF80  	LDA $80CF,Y
C1/F665:	38      	SEC 
C1/F666:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F668:	99CF80  	STA $80CF,Y
C1/F66B:	ADF67A  	LDA $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F66E:	18      	CLC 
C1/F66F:	6DDC64  	ADC $64DC
C1/F672:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F673:	B97E6F  	LDA $6F7E,Y
C1/F676:	18      	CLC 
C1/F677:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F679:	997E6F  	STA $6F7E,Y
C1/F67C:	B9806F  	LDA $6F80,Y
C1/F67F:	18      	CLC 
C1/F680:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F682:	99806F  	STA $6F80,Y
C1/F685:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F686:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F688:	60      	RTS

C1/F689 unknow

C1/F689:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F68B:	B9D461  	LDA $61D4,Y
C1/F68E:	38      	SEC 
C1/F68F:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F691:	99D461  	STA $61D4,Y
C1/F694:	B9C761  	LDA $61C7,Y
C1/F697:	18      	CLC 
C1/F698:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F69A:	99C761  	STA $61C7,Y
C1/F69D:	4C55F5  	JMP $F555

C1/F6A0 unknow

C1/F6A0:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F6A2:	B9C761  	LDA $61C7,Y
C1/F6A5:	18      	CLC 
C1/F6A6:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F6A8:	99C761  	STA $61C7,Y
C1/F6AB:	4C7EF5  	JMP $F57E

C1/F6AE unknow

C1/F6AE:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F6B0:	B9D461  	LDA $61D4,Y
C1/F6B3:	18      	CLC 
C1/F6B4:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F6B6:	99D461  	STA $61D4,Y
C1/F6B9:	B9C761  	LDA $61C7,Y
C1/F6BC:	18      	CLC 
C1/F6BD:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F6BF:	99C761  	STA $61C7,Y
C1/F6C2:	4CA7F5  	JMP $F5A7

C1/F6C5 unknow

C1/F6C5:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F6C7:	B9D461  	LDA $61D4,Y
C1/F6CA:	38      	SEC 
C1/F6CB:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F6CD:	99D461  	STA $61D4,Y
C1/F6D0:	4CD0F5  	JMP $F5D0

C1/F6D3 unknow

C1/F6D3:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F6D5:	B9D461  	LDA $61D4,Y
C1/F6D8:	18      	CLC 
C1/F6D9:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F6DB:	99D461  	STA $61D4,Y
C1/F6DE:	4CF0F5  	JMP $F5F0

C1/F6E1 unknow

C1/F6E1:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F6E3:	B9D461  	LDA $61D4,Y
C1/F6E6:	38      	SEC 
C1/F6E7:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F6E9:	99D461  	STA $61D4,Y
C1/F6EC:	B9C761  	LDA $61C7,Y
C1/F6EF:	38      	SEC 
C1/F6F0:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F6F2:	99C761  	STA $61C7,Y
C1/F6F5:	4C19F6  	JMP $F619

C1/F6F8 unknow

C1/F6F8:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F6FA:	B9C761  	LDA $61C7,Y
C1/F6FD:	38      	SEC 
C1/F6FE:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F700:	99C761  	STA $61C7,Y
C1/F703:	4C42F6  	JMP $F642

C1/F706 unknow

C1/F706:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F708:	B9D461  	LDA $61D4,Y
C1/F70B:	18      	CLC 
C1/F70C:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F70E:	99D461  	STA $61D4,Y
C1/F711:	B9C761  	LDA $61C7,Y
C1/F714:	38      	SEC 
C1/F715:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F717:	99C761  	STA $61C7,Y
C1/F71A:	4C6BF6  	JMP $F66B

C1/F71D unknow

C1/F71D:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 8)
C1/F720:	BD386A  	LDA $6A38,X		(Caster's sprite position ID?_RuneLancer)
C1/F723:	300B    	BMI $F730
C1/F725:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F726:	B9AE16  	LDA $61AE,Y
C1/F729:	C901    	CMP #$01
C1/F72B:	F004AE    	
C1/F72E:	F67A    	INC $7A,X
C1/F730:	60      	RTS

C1/F731 unknow

C1/F731:	ADF67A  	LDA $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F734:	2970    	AND #$70
C1/F736:	F031    	
C1/F738:	ADBA64  	LDA $64BA
C1/F73B:	F00C    	
C1/F73D:	A00100  	LDY #$0001
C1/F740:	8410		STY $10
C1/F742:	A960      	LDA #$60
C1/F744:	8512    	STA $12
C1/F746:	4C82F3  	JMP $F382

C1/F749 unknow

C1/F749:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/F74B:	AA      	TAX 
C1/F74C:	BFA3F7C1	LDA $C1F7A3,X
C1/F750:	8510    	STA $10
C1/F752:	6411    	STZ $11
C1/F758:	8512    	STA $12
C1/F75A:	2082F3  	JSR $F382
C1/F75D:	A00300  	LDY #$0003
C1/F760:	8410    	STY $10
C1/F762:	A96085  	LDA #$8560
C1/F765:	124C    	ORA ($4C)
C1/F767:	82F3AD  	BRL $A55D
C1/F76A:	BA      	TSX 
C1/F76B:	64F0    	STZ $F0
C1/F76D:	0FA00100	ORA $0001A0
C1/F771:	8410    	STY $10
C1/F773:	A96085  	LDA #$8560
C1/F776:	1220    	ORA ($20)
C1/F778:	9CF44C  	STZ $4CF4
C1/F77B:	82F3A7  	BRL $9F71
C1/F77E:	5B      	TCD 
C1/F77F:	AA      	TAX 
C1/F780:	BFA3F7C1	LDA $C1F7A3,X
C1/F784:	8510    	STA $10
C1/F786:	6411    	STZ $11
C1/F78C:	8512    	STA $12
C1/F78E:	209CF4  	JSR $F49C
C1/F791:	2082F3  	JSR $F382
C1/F794:	A00300  	LDY #$0003
C1/F797:	8410    	STY $10
C1/F799:	A96085  	LDA #$8560
C1/F79C:	1220    	ORA ($20)
C1/F79E:	9CF44C  	STZ $4CF4
C1/F7A1:	82F3

C1/F7A3 unknow data

C1/F7A3	03  	
C1/F7A4:	0302    	ORA $02,S
C1/F7A6:	0100    	ORA ($00,X)
C1/F7A8:	0203    	COP #$03
C1/F7AA:	04C0    	TSB $C0
C1/F7AC:	C0C0C0  	CPY #$C0C0
C1/F7AF:	C02020  	CPY #$2020
C1/F7B2:	20

C1/F7B3 unknow

C1/F7B3:	AEF67A   	LDX $7AF6		(from C1/D9E3, X = 4)
C1/F7B6:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/F7B8:	9D346A  	STA $6A34,X	  	(Sprite animation speed?_RuneLancer)
C1/F7BB:	60      	RTS

C1/F7BC unknow

C1/F7BC:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 9)
C1/F7BF:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F7C1:	A55B    	LDA $5B
C1/F7C3:	9D896F  	STA $6F89,X		(Store Loop start address for this animation)
C1/F7C6:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F7C7:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F7C9:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/F7CB:	9D8B6F  	STA $6F8B,X		(Store to Loop count variable for this animation)
C1/F7CE:	60      	RTS

C1/F7CF unknow

C1/F7CF:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 1F)
C1/F7D2:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F7D4:	A55B    	LDA $5B
C1/F7D6:	9D896F  	STA $6F89,X		(Store Loop start address for this animation)
C1/F7D9:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F7DA:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F7DC:	AD8460  	LDA $6084
C1/F7DF:	9D8B6F  	STA $6F8B,X		(Store to Loop count variable for this animation)
C1/F7E2:	9E8C6F  	STZ $6F8C,X
C1/F7E5:	60      	RTS

C1/F7E6 unknow

C1/F7E6:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = B)
C1/F7E9:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F7EB:	A55B    	LDA $5B
C1/F7ED:	9D896F  	STA $6F89,X		(Store Loop start address for this animation)
C1/F7F0:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F7F1:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F7F3:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/F7F5:	9D8B6F  	STA $6F8B,X		(Store to Loop count variable for this animation)
C1/F7F8:	9E8C6F  	STZ $6F8C,X
C1/F7FB:	60      	RTS

C1/F7FC unknow

C1/F7FC:	7B      	TDC 			(from C1/D9E3, X = 75)
C1/F7FD:	AA      	TAX 
C1/F7FE:	6422    	STZ $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/F800:	A522    	LDA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/F802:	1D2E6A  	ORA $6A2E,X
C1/F805:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/F807:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F809:	8A      	TXA 
C1/F80A:	18      	CLC 
C1/F80B:	691000  	ADC #$0010
C1/F80E:	AA      	TAX 
C1/F80F:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F810:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F812:	E01005  	CPX #$0510
C1/F815:	D0E9    	BNE $F800
C1/F817:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F81A:	A522    	LDA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/F81C:	F00B    	BEQ $F829
C1/F81E:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F820:	BD896F  	LDA $6F89,X		(Load loop start address)
C1/F823:	855B    	STA $5B
C1/F825:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F826:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F828:	60      	RTS
C1/F829:	A45B    	LDY $5B
C1/F82B:	88      	DEY 
C1/F82C:	845B    	STY $5B
C1/F82E:	60      	RTS

C1/F82F unknow

C1/F82F:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = A)
C1/F832:	BD8B6F  	LDA $6F8B,X		(Load Loop count variable for this animation)
C1/F835:	F00E    	BEQ $F845
C1/F837:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F839:	BD896F  	LDA $6F89,X		(Load loop start address)
C1/F83C:	855B    	STA $5B
C1/F83E:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F83F:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F841:	DE8B6F  	DEC $6F8B,X		(Decrement Loop count variable)
C1/F844:	60      	RTS
C1/F845:	A45B    	LDY $5B
C1/F847:	88      	DEY 
C1/F848:	845B    	STY $5B
C1/F84A:	60      	RTS

C1/F84B unknow

C1/F84B:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = C)
C1/F84E:	BD8B6F  	LDA $6F8B,X		(Load Loop count variable for this animation)
C1/F851:	F011    	BEQ $F864
C1/F853:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F855:	BD896F  	LDA $6F89,X		(Load loop start address)
C1/F858:	855B    	STA $5B
C1/F85A:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F85B:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F85D:	DE8B6F  	DEC $6F8B,X		(Decrement Loop count variable)
C1/F860:	FE8C6F  	INC $6F8C,X
C1/F863:	60      	RTS
C1/F864:	A45B    	LDY $5B
C1/F866:	88      	DEY 
C1/F867:	845B    	STY $5B
C1/F869:	9E8C6F  	STZ $6F8C,X
C1/F86C:	60      	RTS

C1/F86D unknow

C1/F86D:	C220    	REP #$20		(from C1/D9E3, X = 52)
C1/F86F:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F872:	BD876F  	LDA $6F87,X
C1/F875:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF
C1/F878:	D00A    	BNE $F884
C1/F87A:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/F87C:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF
C1/F87F:	9D826F  	STA $6F82,X
C1/F882:	800B    	BRA $F88F
C1/F884:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/F886:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF
C1/F889:	49FF00  	EOR #$00FF
C1/F88C:	9D826F  	STA $6F82,X
C1/F88F:	E65B    	INC $5B
C1/F891:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/F893:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF
C1/F896:	9D846F  	STA $6F84,X
C1/F899:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F89A:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F89C:	60      	RTS

C1/F89D unknow

C1/F89D:	C220    	REP #$20		(from C1/D9E3, X = 5)
C1/F89F:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F8A2:	BD7E6F  	LDA $6F7E,X
C1/F8A5:	9D3A6A  	STA $6A3A,X		(The X position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F8A8:	BD806F  	LDA $6F80,X
C1/F8AB:	9D3C6A  	STA $6A3C,X		(The Y position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F8AE:	C65B    	DEC $5B
C1/F8B0:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F8B1:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F8B3:	60      	RTS

C1/F8B4 unknow

C1/F8B4:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 11)
C1/F8B7:	BD386A  	LDA $6A38,X		(Caster's sprite position ID?_RuneLancer)
C1/F8BA:	297F    	AND #$7F
C1/F8BC:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F8BD:	AA      	TAX 
C1/F8BE:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F8C4:	A8      	TAY 
C1/F8C5:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F8C8:	B97E6F  	LDA $6F7E,Y
C1/F8CB:	9D7E6F  	STA $6F7E,X
C1/F8CE:	9D3A6A  	STA $6A3A,X		(The X position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F8D1:	B9806F  	LDA $6F80,Y
C1/F8D4:	9D806F  	STA $6F80,X
C1/F8D7:	9D3C6A  	STA $6A3C,X		(The Y position of the sprite?_RuneLancer)
C1/F8DA:	C65B    	DEC $5B
C1/F8DC:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F8DD:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F8DF:	60      	RTS

C1/F8E0 unknow

C1/F8E0:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 14)
C1/F8E3:	BD7E6F  	LDA $6F7E,X
C1/F8E6:	857D    	STA $7D
C1/F8E8:	BD806F  	LDA $6F80,X
C1/F8EB:	857E    	STA $7E
C1/F8ED:	205B18  	JSR $185B		(Random number generator)
C1/F8F0:	EB      	XBA 
C1/F8F1:	BDD274  	LDA $74D2,X
C1/F8F4:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F8F5:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F8F6:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F8F7:	8510    	STA $10
C1/F8F9:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F8FA:	20CA18  	JSR $18CA
C1/F8FD:	AF174200	LDA $004217
C1/F901:	38      	SEC 
C1/F902:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F904:	8510    	STA $10
C1/F906:	BD826F  	LDA $6F82,X
C1/F909:	8512    	STA $12
C1/F90B:	204EF9  	JSR $F94E
C1/F90E:	857F    	STA $7F
C1/F910:	205B18  	JSR $185B		(Random number generator)
C1/F913:	EB      	XBA 
C1/F914:	BDD374  	LDA $74D3,X
C1/F917:	4A      	LSR A
C1/F918:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F919:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F91A:	8510    	STA $10
C1/F91C:	0A      	ASL A
C1/F91D:	20CA18  	JSR $18CA
C1/F920:	AF174200	LDA $004217
C1/F924:	38      	SEC 
C1/F925:	E510    	SBC $10
C1/F927:	8510    	STA $10
C1/F929:	BD846F  	LDA $6F84,X
C1/F92C:	8512    	STA $12
C1/F92E:	204EF9  	JSR $F94E
C1/F931:	8580    	STA $80
C1/F933:	20916C  	JSR $6C91
C1/F936:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F939:	A585    	LDA $85
C1/F93B:	9DDB74  	STA $74DB,X
C1/F93E:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F940:	A586    	LDA $86
C1/F942:	9DDC74  	STA $74DC,X
C1/F945:	C65B    	DEC $5B
C1/F947:	9ED974  	STZ $74D9,X
C1/F94A:	7B      	TDC 
C1/F94B:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/F94D:	60      	RTS

C1/F94E unknow

C1/F94E:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/F950:	100D    	BPL $F95F
C1/F952:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/F954:	18      	CLC 
C1/F955:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F957:	8514    	STA $14
C1/F959:	A900    	LDA #$00
C1/F95B:	6901    	ADC #$01
C1/F95D:	800B    	BRA $F96A

C1/F95F unknow

C1/F95F:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/F961:	18      	CLC 
C1/F962:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/F964:	8514    	STA $14
C1/F966:	A900    	LDA #$00
C1/F968:	6900    	ADC #$00
C1/F96A:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/F96C:	F009    	BEQ $F977
C1/F96E:	A514    	LDA $14
C1/F970:	C9F8    	CMP #$F8
C1/F972:	B00B    	BCS $F97F
C1/F974:	4C7DF9  	JMP $F97D
C1/F977:	A514    	LDA $14
C1/F979:	C9F8    	CMP #$F8
C1/F97B:	9002    	BCC $F97F
C1/F97D:	A9F8    	LDA #$F8
C1/F97F:	60      	RTS

C1/F980 unknow

C1/F980:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 72)
C1/F983:	BD7E6F  	LDA $6F7E,X
C1/F986:	857F    	STA $7F
C1/F988:	BD806F  	LDA $6F80,X
C1/F98B:	8580    	STA $80
C1/F98D:	BD826F  	LDA $6F82,X
C1/F990:	857D    	STA $7D
C1/F992:	BD846F  	LDA $6F84,X
C1/F995:	857E    	STA $7E
C1/F997:	8050    	BRA $F9E9

C1/F999 unknow

C1/F999:	20A2F9  	JSR $F9A2		(from C2/C1B3, C2/C247)
C1/F99C:	20916C  	JSR $6C91
C1/F99F:	A585    	LDA $85
C1/F9A1:	6B      	RTL

C1/F9A2 unknow

C1/F9A2:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F9A5:	BD7E6F  	LDA $6F7E,X
C1/F9A8:	857D    	STA $7D
C1/F9AA:	BD7F6F  	LDA $6F7F,X
C1/F9AD:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/F9AF:	F004    	BEQ $F9B5
C1/F9B1:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/F9B3:	857D    	STA $7D
C1/F9B5:	BD806F  	LDA $6F80,X
C1/F9B8:	857E    	STA $7E
C1/F9BA:	BD816F  	LDA $6F81,X
C1/F9BD:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/F9BF:	F004    	BEQ $F9C5
C1/F9C1:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/F9C3:	857E    	STA $7E
C1/F9C5:	BD826F  	LDA $6F82,X
C1/F9C8:	857F    	STA $7F
C1/F9CA:	BD836F  	LDA $6F83,X
C1/F9CD:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/F9CF:	F004    	BEQ $F9D5
C1/F9D1:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/F9D3:	857F    	STA $7F
C1/F9D5:	BD846F  	LDA $6F84,X
C1/F9D8:	8580    	STA $80
C1/F9DA:	BD856F  	LDA $6F85,X
C1/F9DD:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/F9DF:	F004    	BEQ $F9E5
C1/F9E1:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/F9E3:	8580    	STA $80
C1/F9E5:	60      	RTS

C1/F9E6 unknow

C1/F9E6:	20A2F9  	JSR $F9A2		(from C1/D9E3, X = 15)
C1/F9E9:	20916C  	JSR $6C91
C1/F9EC:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/F9EF:	A588    	LDA $88
C1/F9F1:	9DD774  	STA $74D7,X
C1/F9F4:	A585    	LDA $85
C1/F9F6:	9DDB74  	STA $74DB,X
C1/F9F9:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/F9FB:	A586    	LDA $86
C1/F9FD:	9DDC74  	STA $74DC,X
C1/FA00:	C65B    	DEC $5B
C1/FA02:	9ED974  	STZ $74D9,X
C1/FA05:	7B      	TDC 
C1/FA06:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/FA08:	60      	RTS

C1/FA09 unknow

C1/FA09:	BDD974  	LDA $74D9,X
C1/FA0C:	8524    	STA $24
C1/FA0E:	BDDA74  	LDA $74DA,X
C1/FA11:	8525    	STA $25
C1/FA13:	BDDB74  	LDA $74DB,X
C1/FA16:	18      	CLC 
C1/FA17:	6940    	ADC #$40
C1/FA19:	20676C  	JSR $6C67
C1/FA1C:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/FA1F:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/FA21:	A528    	LDA $28
C1/FA23:	9DCE74  	STA $74CE,X
C1/FA26:	7B      	TDC 
C1/FA27:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/FA29:	BDDB74  	LDA $74DB,X
C1/FA2C:	20676C  	JSR $6C67
C1/FA2F:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/FA32:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/FA34:	A528    	LDA $28
C1/FA36:	9DD074  	STA $74D0,X
C1/FA39:	7B      	TDC 
C1/FA3A:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/FA3C:	60      	RTS

C1/FA3D unknow

C1/FA3D:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 13)
C1/FA40:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/FA42:	9DD974  	STA $74D9,X
C1/FA45:	9EDA74  	STZ $74DA,X
C1/FA48:	4C09FA  	JMP $FA09

C1/FA4B unknow

C1/FA4B:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 20)
C1/FA4E:	2019E9  	JSR $E919
C1/FA51:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/FA53:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FA55:	6423    	STZ $23
C1/FA57:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/FA59:	BDD974  	LDA $74D9,X
C1/FA5C:	DDDC74  	CMP $74DC,X
C1/FA5F:	9008    	BCC $FA69
C1/FA61:	E65B    	INC $5B
C1/FA63:	7B      	TDC 
C1/FA64:	99D261  	STA $61D2,Y
C1/FA67:	8020    	BRA $FA89
C1/FA69:	18      	CLC 
C1/FA6A:	6522    	ADC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FA6C:	9DD974  	STA $74D9,X
C1/FA6F:	BDD074  	LDA $74D0,X
C1/FA72:	18      	CLC 
C1/FA73:	6528    	ADC $28
C1/FA75:	9DD074  	STA $74D0,X
C1/FA78:	A00100  	LDY #$0001
C1/FA7B:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/FA7D:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF
C1/FA80:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FA82:	A55B    	LDA $5B
C1/FA84:	38      	SEC 
C1/FA85:	E522    	SBC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FA87:	855B    	STA $5B
C1/FA89:	7B      	TDC 
C1/FA8A:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/FA8C:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/FA8F:	60      	RTS

C1/FA90 unknow

C1/FA90:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 21)
C1/FA93:	2019E9  	JSR $E919
C1/FA96:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/FA98:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FA9A:	6423    	STZ $23
C1/FA9C:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/FA9E:	BDD974  	LDA $74D9,X
C1/FAA1:	38      	SEC 
C1/FAA2:	E522    	SBC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FAA4:	9DD974  	STA $74D9,X
C1/FAA7:	1011    	BPL $FABA
C1/FAA9:	E65B    	INC $5B
C1/FAAE:	7B      	TDC 
C1/FAAF:	99C561  	STA $61C5,Y
C1/FAB2:	99C761  	STA $61C7,Y
C1/FAB5:	99D261  	STA $61D2,Y
C1/FAB8:	801A    	BRA $FAD4
C1/FABA:	BDD074  	LDA $74D0,X
C1/FABD:	18      	CLC 
C1/FABE:	6528    	ADC $28
C1/FAC0:	9DD074  	STA $74D0,X
C1/FAC3:	A00100  	LDY #$0001
C1/FAC6:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/FAC8:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF
C1/FACB:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FACD:	A55B    	LDA $5B
C1/FACF:	38      	SEC 
C1/FAD0:	E522    	SBC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FAD2:	855B    	STA $5B
C1/FAD4:	7B      	TDC 
C1/FAD5:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/FAD7:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/FADA:	60      	RTS

C1/FADB unknow

C1/FADB:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 12)
C1/FADE:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/FAE0:	9DD874  	STA $74D8,X
C1/FAE3:	2009FA  	JSR $FA09
C1/FAE6:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/FAE8:	BDD874  	LDA $74D8,X
C1/FAEB:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF
C1/FAEE:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FAF0:	BDD974  	LDA $74D9,X
C1/FAF3:	18      	CLC 
C1/FAF4:	6522    	ADC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FAF6:	9DD974  	STA $74D9,X
C1/FAF9:	DDDC74  	CMP $74DC,X
C1/FAFC:	9004    	BCC $FB02
C1/FAFE:	E65B    	INC $5B
C1/FB00:	8017    	BRA $FB19
C1/FB02:	A00100  	LDY #$0001
C1/FB05:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/FB07:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF
C1/FB0A:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FB0C:	D004    	BNE $FB12
C1/FB0E:	E65B    	INC $5B
C1/FB10:	8007    	BRA $FB19
C1/FB12:	A55B    	LDA $5B
C1/FB14:	38      	SEC 
C1/FB15:	E522    	SBC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FB17:	855B    	STA $5B
C1/FB19:	7B      	TDC 
C1/FB1A:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/FB1C:	60      	RTS

C1/FB1D unknow

C1/FB1D:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/FB20:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/FB22:	BDDC74  	LDA $74DC,X
C1/FB25:	8524    	STA $24
C1/FB27:	7B      	TDC 
C1/FB28:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/FB2A:	BDD874  	LDA $74D8,X
C1/FB2D:	20676C  	JSR $6C67
C1/FB30:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/FB33:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/FB35:	A528    	LDA $28
C1/FB37:	9DD974  	STA $74D9,X
C1/FB3A:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/FB3C:	2009FA  	JSR $FA09
C1/FB3F:	A01800  	LDY #$0018
C1/FB42:	8424    	STY $24
C1/FB44:	BDD874  	LDA $74D8,X
C1/FB47:	18      	CLC 
C1/FB48:	6940    	ADC #$40
C1/FB4A:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FB4B:	18      	CLC 
C1/FB4C:	6990    	ADC #$90
C1/FB4E:	20676C  	JSR $6C67
C1/FB51:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/FB54:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/FB56:	BDD074  	LDA $74D0,X
C1/FB59:	18      	CLC 
C1/FB5A:	6528    	ADC $28
C1/FB5C:	9DD074  	STA $74D0,X
C1/FB5F:	7B      	TDC 
C1/FB60:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/FB62:	60      	RTS

C1/FB63 unknow

C1/FB63:	201DFB  	JSR $FB1D		(from C1/D9E3, X = 16)
C1/FB66:	BDD774  	LDA $74D7,X
C1/FB69:	4A      	LSR A
C1/FB6A:	4A      	LSR A
C1/FB6B:	4A      	LSR A
C1/FB6C:	4A      	LSR A
C1/FB6D:	4A      	LSR A
C1/FB6E:	4A      	LSR A
C1/FB6F:	4A      	LSR A
C1/FB70:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FB72:	A903    	LDA #$03
C1/FB74:	38      	SEC 
C1/FB75:	E522    	SBC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FB77:	18      	CLC 
C1/FB78:	7DD874  	ADC $74D8,X
C1/FB7B:	9DD874  	STA $74D8,X
C1/FB7E:	C980    	CMP #$80
C1/FB80:	9006    	BCC $FB88
C1/FB82:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/FB84:	E65B    	INC $5B
C1/FB86:	801C    	BRA $FBA4
C1/FB88:	C94090  	CMP #$9040
C1/FB8B:	05A9    	ORA $A9
C1/FB8D:	019D    	ORA ($9D,X)
C1/FB8F:	E764    	SBC [$64]
C1/FB91:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/FB93:	A00100  	LDY #$0001
C1/FB96:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/FB98:	29FF00  	AND #$00FF
C1/FB9B:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FB9D:	A55B    	LDA $5B
C1/FB9F:	38      	SEC 
C1/FBA0:	E522    	SBC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FBA2:	855B    	STA $5B
C1/FBA4:	7B      	TDC 
C1/FBA5:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/FBA7:	60      	RTS

C1/FBA8 unknow

C1/FBA8:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 18)
C1/FBAE:	D021    	BNE $FBD1
C1/FBB0:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/FBB2:	9D8D6F  	STA $6F8D,X
C1/FBB5:	A00100  	LDY #$0001
C1/FBB8:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/FBBA:	290F    	AND #$0F
C1/FBBC:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FBC1:	BD8C6F  	LDA $6F8C,X
C1/FBC4:	C522    	CMP $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FBC6:	D009    	BNE $FBD1
C1/FBC8:	B75B    	LDA [$5B],Y
C1/FBCA:	4A      	LSR A
C1/FBCB:	4A      	LSR A
C1/FBCC:	4A      	LSR A
C1/FBCD:	4A      	LSR A
C1/FBCE:	9D8C6F  	STA $6F8C,X
C1/FBD1:	A45B    	LDY $5B
C1/FBD3:	C8      	INY 
C1/FBD4:	845B    	STY $5B
C1/FBD6:	60      	RTS

C1/FBD7 unknow

C1/FBD7:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 17)
C1/FBDA:	BDD274  	LDA $74D2,X
C1/FBDD:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FBDE:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FBDF:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FBE1:	BD7E6F  	LDA $6F7E,X
C1/FBE4:	857D    	STA $7D
C1/FBE6:	BD806F  	LDA $6F80,X
C1/FBE9:	857E    	STA $7E
C1/FBEB:	BD826F  	LDA $6F82,X
C1/FBEE:	857F    	STA $7F
C1/FBF0:	BD846F  	LDA $6F84,X
C1/FBF3:	8580    	STA $80
C1/FBF5:	A57F    	LDA $7F
C1/FBF7:	C57D    	CMP $7D
C1/FBF9:	900F    	BCC $FC0A
C1/FBFB:	A57F    	LDA $7F
C1/FBFD:	18      	CLC 
C1/FBFE:	6522    	ADC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FC00:	857F    	STA $7F
C1/FC02:	900D    	BCC $FC11
C1/FC04:	A9F8    	LDA #$F8
C1/FC06:	857F    	STA $7F
C1/FC08:	8007    	BRA $FC11
C1/FC0A:	A57F    	LDA $7F
C1/FC0C:	38      	SEC 
C1/FC0D:	E522    	SBC $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FC0F:	857F    	STA $7F
C1/FC11:	20916C  	JSR $6C91
C1/FC14:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)
C1/FC17:	A588    	LDA $88
C1/FC19:	9DD774  	STA $74D7,X
C1/FC1C:	A585    	LDA $85
C1/FC1E:	9DDB74  	STA $74DB,X
C1/FC21:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/FC23:	A586    	LDA $86
C1/FC25:	9DDC74  	STA $74DC,X
C1/FC28:	9ED974  	STZ $74D9,X
C1/FC2B:	7B      	TDC 
C1/FC2C:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/FC2E:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/FC30:	9DD874  	STA $74D8,X
C1/FC33:	201DFB  	JSR $FB1D
C1/FC36:	60      	RTS

C1/FC37 unknow

C1/FC37:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 19)
C1/FC3A:	A75B    	LDA [$5B]
C1/FC3C:	9DD574  	STA $74D5,X
C1/FC3F:	60      	RTS

C1/FC40 unknow

C1/FC40:	AEF67A  	LDX $7AF6		(animation ID)		(from C1/D9E3, X = 1A)
C1/FC43:	BD396A  	LDA $6A39,X		(Target's sprite position ID?_RuneLancer)
C1/FC46:	1011    	BPL $FC59
C1/FC48:	290F    	AND #$0F
C1/FC4A:	38      	SEC 
C1/FC4B:	E904    	SBC #$04
C1/FC4D:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FC4E:	A8      	TAY 
C1/FC4F:	B9F380  	LDA $80F3,Y
C1/FC52:	597E61  	EOR $617E,Y
C1/FC55:	4901    	EOR #$01
C1/FC57:	8004    	BRA $FC5D
C1/FC59:	A8      	TAY 
C1/FC5A:	B9107B  	LDA $7B10,Y
C1/FC5D:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FC5E:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FC5F:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FC60:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FC61:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FC62:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FC63:	2940    	AND #$40
C1/FC65:	9D876F  	STA $6F87,X
C1/FC68:	A45B    	LDY $5B
C1/FC6A:	88      	DEY 
C1/FC6B:	845B    	STY $5B
C1/FC6D:	60      	RTS

C1/FC6E unknow

C1/FC6E:	6422    	STZ $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FC70:	6424    	STZ $24
C1/FC72:	6426    	STZ $26
C1/FC74:	A514    	LDA $14
C1/FC76:	291F00    	AND #$001F
C1/FC79:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FC7B:	A516		LDA $16
C1/FC7D:	291F00  	AND #$001F
C1/FC80:	0A		ASL A
C1/FC81:	0A		ASL A
C1/FC82:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FC83:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FC84:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FC85:	8524    	STA $24
C1/FC87:	A518    	LDA $18
C1/FC89:	291F00    	AND #$001F
C1/FC8C:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FC8D:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FC8E:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FC8F:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FC90:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FC91:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FC92:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FC93:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FC94:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FC95:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FC96:	8526    	STA $26
C1/FC98:	60      	RTS

C1/FC99 unknow

$C1/FC99 29 FF 7F    AND #$7FFF  
$C1/FC9C 85 2A       STA $2A    [$00:002A]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FC9E 29 1F 00    AND #$001F              A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCA1 38          SEC                     A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCA2 E5 22       SBC $22    [$00:0022]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCA4 85 28       STA $28    [$00:0028]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCA6 29 E0 7F    AND #$7FE0              A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCA9 D0 0B       BNE $0B    [$FCB6]      A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCAB A5 2A       LDA $2A    [$00:002A]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCAD 29 E0 7F    AND #$7FE0              A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCB0 05 28       ORA $28    [$00:0028]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCB2 85 2A       STA $2A    [$00:002A]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCB4 80 07       BRA $07    [$FCBD]      A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCB6 A5 2A       LDA $2A    [$00:002A]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCB8 29 E0 7F    AND #$7FE0              A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCBB 85 2A       STA $2A    [$00:002A]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCBD A5 2A       LDA $2A    [$00:002A]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCBF 29 E0 03    AND #$03E0              A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCC2 38          SEC                     A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCC3 E5 24       SBC $24    [$00:0024]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCC5 85 28       STA $28    [$00:0028]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCC7 29 1F 7C    AND #$7C1F              A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCCA D0 0B       BNE $0B    [$FCD7]      A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCCC A5 2A       LDA $2A    [$00:002A]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCCE 29 1F 7C    AND #$7C1F              A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCD1 05 28       ORA $28    [$00:0028]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCD3 85 2A       STA $2A    [$00:002A]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCD5 80 07       BRA $07    [$FCDE]      A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCD7 A5 2A       LDA $2A    [$00:002A]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCD9 29 1F 7C    AND #$7C1F              A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCDC 85 2A       STA $2A    [$00:002A]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCDE A5 2A       LDA $2A    [$00:002A]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCE0 29 00 7C    AND #$7C00              A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCE3 38          SEC                     A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCE4 E5 26       SBC $26    [$00:0026]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCE6 85 28       STA $28    [$00:0028]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCE8 29 FF 83    AND #$83FF              A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCEB D0 0B       BNE $0B    [$FCF8]      A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCED A5 2A       LDA $2A    [$00:002A]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCEF 29 FF 03    AND #$03FF              A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCF2 05 28       ORA $28    [$00:0028]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCF4 85 2A       STA $2A    [$00:002A]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCF6 80 07       BRA $07    [$FCFF]      A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCF8 A5 2A       LDA $2A    [$00:002A]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCFA 29 FF 03    AND #$03FF              A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCFD 85 2A       STA $2A    [$00:002A]   A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc
$C1/FCFF 60          RTS                     A:0000 X:0000 Y:0000 P:EnvmXdIzc

C1/FD00 unknow

C1/FD00 29 FF 7F    AND #$7FFF 
C1/FD03 85 2A       STA $2A    
C1/FD05 29 1F 00    AND #$001F 
C1/FD08 18          CLC        
C1/FD09 65 22       ADC $22    
C1/FD0B 85 28       STA $28    
C1/FD0D 29 E0 7F    AND #$7FE0 
C1/FD10 D0 0B       BNE $FD1D     
C1/FD12 A5 2A       LDA $2A    
C1/FD14 29 E0 7F    AND #$7FE0 
C1/FD17 05 28       ORA $28    
C1/FD19 85 2A       STA $2A    
C1/FD1B 80 07       BRA $FD24  
C1/FD1D A5 2A       LDA $2A    
C1/FD1F 09 1F 00    ORA #$001F 
C1/FD22 85 2A       STA $2A    
C1/FD24 A5 2A       LDA $2A    
C1/FD26 29 E0 03    AND #$03E0 
C1/FD29 18          CLC        
C1/FD2A 65 24       ADC $24    
C1/FD2C 85 28       STA $28    
C1/FD2E 29 1F 7C    AND #$7C1F 
C1/FD31 D0 0B       BNE $FD3E  
C1/FD33 A5 2A       LDA $2A    
C1/FD35 29 1F 7C    AND #$7C1F 
C1/FD38 05 28       ORA $28    
C1/FD3A 85 2A       STA $2A    
C1/FD3C 80 07       BRA $FD45  
C1/FD3E A5 2A       LDA $2A    
C1/FD40 09 E0 03    ORA #$03E0 
C1/FD43 85 2A       STA $2A    
C1/FD45 A5 2A       LDA $2A    
C1/FD47 29 00 7C    AND #$7C00 
C1/FD4A 18          CLC        
C1/FD4B 65 26       ADC $26    
C1/FD4D 85 28       STA $28    
C1/FD4F 29 FF 83    AND #$83FF 
C1/FD52 D0 0B       BNE $FD5F  
C1/FD54 A5 2A       LDA $2A    
C1/FD56 29 FF 03    AND #$03FF 
C1/FD59 05 28       ORA $28     
C1/FD5B 85 2A       STA $2A     
C1/FD5D 80 07       BRA $FD66    
C1/FD5F A5 2A       LDA $2A     
C1/FD61 09 00 7C    ORA #$7C00            
C1/FD64 85 2A       STA $2A    
C1/FD66 60          RTS                   

C1/FD67 battle dynamics - command 0F

-perform battle events (param. 1 is event to do)
C1/FD67:	A00100  	LDY #$0001		(from C1/956B, X = F)
C1/FD6A:	B176    	LDA ($76),Y		(load param. 1 for 0F)
C1/FD6C:	C91B    	CMP #$1B          (Is this battle event 1B?)
C1/FD6E:	F007    	BEQ $FD77
C1/FD70:	C91F    	CMP #$1F		(Is this battle event 1F?)
C1/FD72:	F003    	BEQ $FD77
C1/FD77:	AD8C62  	LDA $628C
C1/FD7A:	D013    	BNE $FD8F
C1/FD7C:	20F30D  	JSR $0DF3
C1/FD7F:	22FB01C1	JSL $C101FB
C1/FD83:	22FB01C1	JSL $C101FB
C1/FD87:	22FB01C1	JSL $C101FB
C1/FD8B:	22FB01C1	JSL $C101FB
C1/FD92:	A00100  	LDY #$0001
C1/FD95:	B176    	LDA ($76),Y		(load param. 1 for 0F)
C1/FD97:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/FD99:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FD9A:	AA      	TAX 
C1/FD9B:	BF0098D0	LDA $D09800,X	(Load pointer to battle event script)
C1/FD9F:	858F    	STA $8F
C1/FDA1:	7B      	TDC 
C1/FDA2:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/FDA4:	A9D0    	LDA #$D0
C1/FDA6:	8591    	STA $91
C1/FDA8:	A78F    	LDA [$8F]
C1/FDAA:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/FDAE:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FDAF:	AA      	TAX 
C1/FDB0:	FCBEFD  	JSR ($FDBE,X)	(Go to subroutine for battle event command x)
C1/FDB3:	A48F    	LDY $8F
C1/FDB5:	C8      	INY 
C1/FDB6:	848F    	STY $8F
C1/FDB8:	80EE    	BRA $FDA8
C1/FDBD:	60      	RTS

C1/FDBE pointers for battle event commands

		(location)	(value)
C1/FDBE:	0C97    	(00)    (display text at top of screen)
C1/FDC0:	C196    	(01)    (display dialogue at bottom of screen)
C1/FDC2:	E3FF		(02)
C1/FDC4:	78FF		(03)
C1/FDC6:	78FF		(04)
C1/FDC8:	78FF		(05)
C1/FDCA:	78FF		(06)
C1/FDCC:	60FF		(07)
C1/FDCE:	60FF		(08)
C1/FDD0:	60FF		(09)
C1/FDD2:	60FF		(0A)
C1/FDD4:	60FF		(0B)
C1/FDD6:	60FF		(0C)
C1/FDD8:	2DFE		(0D)
C1/FDDA:	47FF		(0E)
C1/FDDC:	55FF		(0F)    (execute animation queues)
C1/FDDE:	AD96 		(10)    (close a dialogue box at bottom of screen)
C1/FDE0:	AA96    	(11)    (opens a dialogue box at bottom of screen)
C1/FDE2:	B9FE		(12)    (set pointers to animation scripts for each sprite; parameters are 24 2-byte pointers for each sprite)
C1/FDE4: 	E8FD    	(13)
C1/FDE6:	EDFD    	(14)

C1/FDE8 battle event script 13

C1/FDE8:	22E2BAC2	JSL $C2BAE2       (from C1/FDB0, X = 13)	
C1/FDEC:	60		RTS

C1/FDED battle event script 14

C1/FDED:	224BBAC2	JSL $C2BA4B		(from C1/FDB0, X = 14)
C1/FDF1:	208F4A  	JSR $4A8F
C1/FDF4:	228701C1	JSL $C10187
C1/FDF8:	60      	RTS

C1/FDF9 unknow

C1/FDF9:	0E0E1C  	ASL $1C0E
C1/FDFC:	0E2A0E  	ASL $0E2A
C1/FDFF:	38      	SEC 
C1/FE00:	0E460E  	ASL $0E46
C1/FE03:	540E62  	MVN $0E,$62
C1/FE06:	0E700E  	ASL $0E70
C1/FE09:	7E0E8C  	ROR $8C0E,X
C1/FE0C:	0E9A0E  	ASL $0E9A
C1/FE0F:	A8      	TAY 
C1/FE10:	0EB60E  	ASL $0EB6
C1/FE13:	C40E    	CPY $0E
C1/FE15:	D20E    	CMP ($0E)
C1/FE17:	1410    	TRB $10
C1/FE19:	0015    	BRK #$15
C1/FE1B:	0E15EE  	ASL $EE15

C1/FE21 unknow

C1/FE21:	7B      	TDC 
C1/FE22:	AA      	TAX 
C1/FE23:	9D6E2C  	STA $2C6E,X
C1/FE26:	E8      	INX 
C1/FE27:	E01000    	CPX #$0010
C1/FE29:	D0F7    	BNE $FE23 
C1/FE2C:	6B      	RTL

C1/FE2D battle event script 0D

C1/FE2D:	2221FEC1	JSR $C1FE21		(from C1/FDB0, X = D)
C1/FE31:	A00100    	LDY #$01
C1/FE34:	B78F    	LDA [$8F],Y
C1/FE36:	C220		REP #$20
C1/FE38:	0A		ASL
C1/FE39:	AA      	TAX 
C1/FE3E:	851E    	STA $1E
C1/FE40:	7B      	TDC 
C1/FE41:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/FE43:	C8      	INY 
C1/FE44:	B78F    	LDA [$8F],Y
C1/FE46:	2099FE  	JSR $FE99
C1/FE49:	8D6F2C  	STA $2C6F
C1/FE4C:	C8      	INY 
C1/FE4D:	B78F    	LDA [$8F],Y
C1/FE4F:	1029    	BPL $FE7A
C1/FE51:	AD6F2C  	LDA $2C6F
C1/FE54:	20091A  	JSR $1A09
C1/FE57:	8D702C  	STA $2C70
C1/FE5A:	8D722C  	STA $2C72
C1/FE5D:	8D3D61  	STA $613D
C1/FE60:	9C3E61  	STZ $613E
C1/FE63:	A900    	LDA #$00
C1/FE65:	8D6E2C  	STA $2C6E
C1/FE68:	B78F    	LDA [$8F],Y
C1/FE6A:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/FE6C:	D01D    	BNE $FE8B
C1/FE6E:	A980    	LDA #$80
C1/FE70:	8D6E2C  	STA $2C6E
C1/FE73:	A904    	LDA #$04
C1/FE75:	8D6F2C  	STA $2C6F
C1/FE78:	8011    	BRA $FE8B
C1/FE7A:	8D712C  	STA $2C71
C1/FE7D:	8D732C  	STA $2C73
C1/FE80:	8D3E61  	STA $613E
C1/FE83:	9C3D61  	STZ $613D
C1/FE86:	A940    	LDA #$40
C1/FE88:	8D6E2C  	STA $2C6E
C1/FE8B:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/FE8D:	E68F    	INC $8F
C1/FE8F:	E68F    	INC $8F
C1/FE91:	E68F    	INC $8F
C1/FE93:	7B      	TDC 
C1/FE94:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/FE96:	4C84B8  	JMP $B884

C1/FE99 unknow

C1/FE99:	8510    	STA $10
C1/FE9B:	7B      	TDC 
C1/FE9C:	AA      	TAX 
C1/FE9D:	6412    	STZ $12
C1/FE9F:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/FEA1:	DDC62E  	CMP $2EC6,X
C1/FEA4:	F00E    	BEQ $FEB4
C1/FEA6:	E612    	INC $12
C1/FEA8:	8A      	TXA 
C1/FEA9:	18      	CLC 
C1/FEAA:	6920    	ADC #$20
C1/FEAC:	AA      	TAX 
C1/FEAD:	E08000    	CPX #$0080
C1/FEB0:	D0ED    	BNE $FE94
C1/FEB2:	7B		TDC
C1/FEB3:	60  		RTS
C1/FEB4:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/FEB6:	2903    	AND #$03
C1/FEB8:	60      	RTS

C1/FEB9 battle event script 12

(parameters are 24 2-byte pointers to animation scripts for character sprites)
C1/FEB9:	7B      	TDC 			(from C1/FDB0, X = 12)
C1/FEBA:	AA      	TAX 
C1/FEBB:	A8      	TAY 
C1/FEBC:	AD9261  	LDA $6192
C1/FEBF:	3F011AC1	AND $C11A01,X
C1/FEC3:	F03D    	BEQ $FF02
C1/FEC8:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/FECA:	F036    	BEQ $FF02
C1/FECC:	AD8D62  	LDA $628D
C1/FECF:	D009    	BNE $FEDA
C1/FED1:	ADBA64  	LDA $64BA
C1/FED4:	F004    	BEQ $FEDA
C1/FED6:	A916    	LDA #$16
C1/FED8:	8015    	BRA $FEEF
C1/FEDA:	B9C72E  	LDA $2EC7,Y
C1/FEDD:	D007    	BNE $FEE6
C1/FEE2:	29C0    	AND #$C0
C1/FEE4:	F004    	BEQ $FEEA
C1/FEE6:	A917    	LDA #$17
C1/FEE8:	8005    	BRA $FEEF
C1/FEED:	291F    	AND #$1F
C1/FEEF:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FEF0:	1A      	INC A
C1/FEF1:	5A      	PHY 
C1/FEF2:	A8      	TAY 
C1/FEF3:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/FEF5:	B78F    	LDA [$8F],Y
C1/FEF7:	8524    	STA $24
C1/FEF9:	7B      	TDC 
C1/FEFA:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/FEFC:	DA      	PHX 
C1/FF00:	FA      	PLX 
C1/FF01:	7A      	PLY 
C1/FF02:	E8      	INX 
C1/FF03:	98      	TYA 
C1/FF04:	18      	CLC 
C1/FF05:	6920    	ADC #$20
C1/FF07:	A8      	TAY 
C1/FF08:	C08000    	CPY #$0080
C1/FF0D:	C220		REP #$20
C1/FF0F:	A58F		LDA $8F		(Battle event script pointer)
C1/FF11:	18		CLC 
C1/FF12:	693000  	ADC #$0030		(Add 30h (48) to the pointer)
C1/FF15:	858F    	STA $8F		(Store new battle event script pointer)
C1/FF17:	7B		TDC
C1/FF18:	E220		SEP #$20
C1/FF1A:	60      	RTS

C1/FF1B unknow

C1/FF1B:	8A      	TXA 
C1/FF1C:	8510    	STA $10
C1/FF1E:	8D3F61  	STA $613F
C1/FF21:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/FF23:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FF24:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FF25:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FF26:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FF27:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FF28:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FF29:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FF2A:	AA      	TAX 
C1/FF2B:	A90101  	LDA #$0101
C1/FF2E:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FF30:	7B      	TDC 
C1/FF31:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/FF33:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/FF35:	8D6F2C  	STA $2C6F
C1/FF38:	9C6E2C  	STZ $2C6E
C1/FF3B:	A9D0    	LDA #$D0
C1/FF3D:	8526    	STA $26
C1/FF3F:	20C4B1  	JSR $B1C4
C1/FF42:	60      	RTS

C1/FF43 long access to C1/FF47

C1/FF43:	2047FF  	JSR $FF47
C1/FF46:	6B      	RTL

C1/FF47 battle event script 0E

C1/FF47:	222491C1	JSL $C19124		(from C1/FDB0, X = E)
C1/FF4B:	2033A0  	JSR $A033
C1/FF4E:	4C9E9C  	JMP $9C9E

C1/FF51 long access to C1/FF55

C1/FF51:	2055FF  	JSR $FF55
C1/FF54:	6B      	RTL

C1/FF55 battle event script 0F

Execute queues
C1/FF55:	2053C6  	JSR $C653		(from C1/FDB0, X = F)
C1/FF58:	9C7D62  	STZ $627D
C1/FF5B:	223791C1	JSL $C19137
C1/FF5F:	60      	RTS

C1/FF60 battle event script 07-0C

C1/FF60:	A78F    	LDA [$8F]		(from C1/FDB0, X = 7, 8, 9, A, B, or C)
C1/FF62:	38      	SEC 
C1/FF63:	E903    	SBC #$03
C1/FF65:	48      	PHA 
C1/FF66:	A00100    	LDY #$0001
C1/FF69:	B78F		LDA [$8F],Y
C1/FF6B:	18		CLC
C1/FF6C:	6904		ADC #$04
C1/FF6E:	8510    	STA $10
C1/FF70:	0980    	ORA #$80
C1/FF72:	8D3F61  	STA $613F
C1/FF75:	4CA9FF  	JMP $FFA9

C1/FF78 battle event script 03-06

C1/FF78:	A78F    	LDA [$8F]		(from C1/FDB0, X = 3, 4, 5, or 6)	
C1/FF7A:	38      	SEC 
C1/FF7B:	E903    	SBC #$03
C1/FF7D:	48      	PHA 
C1/FF7E:	A00100    	LDY #$0001
C1/FF81:	B78F 		LDA [$8F],Y
C1/FF83:	8510		STA $10
C1/FF85:	7B		TDC
C1/FF86:	AA      	TAX 
C1/FF87:	A8      	TAY 
C1/FF88:	B9C62E  	LDA $2EC6,Y
C1/FF8B:	C510    	CMP $10
C1/FF8D:	F014    	BEQ $FFA3
C1/FF8F:	98      	TYA 
C1/FF90:	18      	CLC 
C1/FF91:	6920    	ADC #$20
C1/FF93:	A8      	TAY 
C1/FF94:	E8      	INX 
C1/FF95:	E00400    	CPX #$0004
C1/FF98:	D0EE    	BNE $FF88
C1/FF9A:	68		PLA
C1/FF9B:	A48F    	LDY $8F
C1/FF9D:	C8		INY
C1/FF9E:	C8		INY
C1/FF9F:	C8		INY
C1/FFA0:	848F    	STY $8F		(Add 3 to the Battle event script pointer)
C1/FFA2:	60      	RTS

C1/FFA3 unknow

C1/FFA3:	8A      	TXA 
C1/FFA4:	8510    	STA $10
C1/FFA6:	8D3F61  	STA $613F
C1/FFA9:	68      	PLA 
C1/FFAA:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/FFAC:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FFAD:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FFAE:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FFAF:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FFB0:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FFB1:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FFB2:	0A      	ASL A
C1/FFB3:	AA      	TAX 
C1/FFB4:	A90101  	LDA #$0101
C1/FFB7:	8522    	STA $22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/FFB9:	E68F    	INC $8F
C1/FFBB:	E68F    	INC $8F
C1/FFBD:	A78F    	LDA [$8F]
C1/FFBF:	8524    	STA $24
C1/FFC1:	E68F    	INC $8F
C1/FFC3:	7B      	TDC 
C1/FFC4:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/FFC6:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/FFC8:	8D6F2C  	STA $2C6F
C1/FFCB:	C904    	CMP #$04
C1/FFCD:	9008    	BCC $FFD7
C1/FFCF:	0980    	ORA #$80
C1/FFD1:	8510    	STA $10
C1/FFD3:	A9C0    	LDA #$C0
C1/FFD5:	8001    	BRA $FFD8
C1/FFD7:	7B      	TDC 
C1/FFD8:	8D6E2C  	STA $2C6E
C1/FFDB:	A9D0    	LDA #$D0
C1/FFDD:	8526    	STA $26
C1/FFDF:	20C4B1  	JSR $B1C4
C1/FFE2:	60      	RTS
C1/FFE3:	60      	RTS
C1/FFE4:	60      	RTS

C1/FFE5 unknow