Final Fantasy VI:ROM map/Assembly C11

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C1/102A unknow

C1/102A:	221500C0	JSL $C00015		(from only C1/01F0)
C1/102E:	7B      	TDC 
C1/102F:	AA      	TAX 
C1/1030:	A9E0    	LDA #$E0
C1/1032:	9D0003  	STA $0300,X
C1/1035:	E8      	INX 
C1/1036:	E00002  	CPX #$0200
C1/1039:	D0F7    	BNE $1032
C1/103B:	7B      	TDC 
C1/103C:	AA      	TAX 
C1/103D:	9E0005  	STZ $0500,X
C1/1040:	E8      	INX 
C1/1041:	E02000  	CPX #$0020
C1/1044:	D0F7    	BNE $103D
C1/1046:	A00040  	LDY #$4000
C1/1049:	A20020  	LDX #$2000
C1/104C:	204619  	JSR $1946
C1/104F:	A0002C  	LDY #$2C00
C1/1052:	A20004  	LDX #$0400
C1/1055:	204619  	JSR $1946
C1/1058:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/105A:	7B      	TDC 
C1/105B:	AA      	TAX 
C1/105C:	9F00A07F	STA $7FA000,X
C1/1060:	9F00A17F	STA $7FA100,X
C1/1064:	9F00A27F	STA $7FA200,X
C1/1068:	9F00A37F	STA $7FA300,X
C1/106C:	E8      	INX 
C1/106D:	E8      	INX 
C1/106E:	E00001  	CPX #$0100
C1/1071:	D0E9    	BNE $105C
C1/1073:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/1075:	AEE211  	LDX $11E2      (load background saved in the formation loading)
C1/1078:	8EB8EC  	STX $ECB8      (save as battle background ID)
C1/107B:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/107D:	8546    	STA $46
C1/107F:	9CEFE9  	STZ $E9EF
C1/1082:	20E00F  	JSR $0FE0
C1/1085:	AD442F  	LDA $2F44
C1/1088:	49FF    	EOR #$FF
C1/108A:	8DE6E9  	STA $E9E6
C1/108D:	20B60F  	JSR $0FB6
C1/1090:	20F30D  	JSR $0DF3
C1/1093:	20670E  	JSR $0E67
C1/1096:	201F0F  	JSR $0F1F
C1/1099:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/109B:	8DAB60  	STA $60AB
C1/109E:	8555    	STA $55
C1/10A0:	A951    	LDA #$51
C1/10A2:	8557    	STA $57
C1/10A4:	1A      	INC A
C1/10A5:	8559    	STA $59
C1/10A7:	7B      	TDC 
C1/10A8:	AA      	TAX 
C1/10A9:	A9C8    	LDA #$C8
C1/10AB:	9DCC04  	STA $04CC,X
C1/10AE:	A997    	LDA #$97
C1/10B0:	9DCD04  	STA $04CD,X
C1/10B3:	7B      	TDC 
C1/10B4:	9DCE04  	STA $04CE,X
C1/10B7:	9DCF04  	STA $04CF,X
C1/10BA:	E8      	INX 
C1/10BB:	E8      	INX 
C1/10BC:	E8      	INX 
C1/10BD:	E8      	INX 
C1/10BE:	E02400  	CPX #$0024
C1/10C1:	D0E6    	BNE $10A9
C1/10C3:	A980    	LDA #$80
C1/10C5:	8D1C05  	STA $051C
C1/10C8:	A9AA    	LDA #$AA
C1/10CA:	8D1D05  	STA $051D
C1/10CD:	8D1E05  	STA $051E
C1/10D0:	9C1F05  	STZ $051F
C1/10D3:	A20068  	LDX #$6800
C1/10D6:	A00008  	LDY #$0800
C1/10D9:	201619  	JSR $1916
C1/10DC:	A20070  	LDX #$7000
C1/10DF:	A00008  	LDY #$0800
C1/10E2:	201619  	JSR $1916
C1/10E5:	A2000C  	LDX #$0C00
C1/10E8:	A00004  	LDY #$0400
C1/10EB:	201F19  	JSR $191F
C1/10EE:	A20054  	LDX #$5400
C1/10F1:	A00004  	LDY #$0400
C1/10F4:	20A517  	JSR $17A5
C1/10F7:	A20078  	LDX #$7800
C1/10FA:	A00008  	LDY #$0800
C1/10FD:	20A517  	JSR $17A5
C1/1100:	200C6D  	JSR $6D0C
C1/1103:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1104:	AA      	TAX 
C1/1105:	BF43BFC2	LDA $C2BF43,X
C1/1109:	9DD2E9  	STA $E9D2,X
C1/110C:	E8      	INX 
C1/110D:	E00800  	CPX #$0008
C1/1110:	D0F3    	BNE $1105
C1/1112:	20AF1D  	JSR $1DAF
C1/1115:	207C25  	JSR $257C
C1/1118:	20DD22  	JSR $22DD
C1/111B:	20723E  	JSR $3E72
C1/111E:	208815  	JSR $1588
C1/1121:	20D125  	JSR $25D1
C1/1124:	203F40  	JSR $403F
C1/1127:	209C52  	JSR $529C
C1/112A:	20170F  	JSR $0F17
C1/112D:	20A203  	JSR $03A2
C1/1130:	20476B  	JSR $6B47
C1/1133:	206B49  	JSR $496B
C1/1136:	208F46  	JSR $468F
C1/1139:	20014A  	JSR $4A01
C1/113C:	205947  	JSR $4759
C1/113F:	EEBB7B  	INC $7BBB
C1/1142:	20273D  	JSR $3D27
C1/1145:	204D3E  	JSR $3E4D
C1/1148:	2017B5  	JSR $B517
C1/114B:	A200E0  	LDX #$E000
C1/114E:	86F3    	STX $F3
C1/1150:	A9D2    	LDA #$D2
C1/1152:	85F5    	STA $F5
C1/1154:	A200A4  	LDX #$A400
C1/1157:	86F6    	STX $F6
C1/1159:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/115B:	85F8    	STA $F8
C1/115D:	226DFFC2	JSL $C2FF6D
C1/1161:	A20004  	LDX #$0400
C1/1164:	8636    	STX $36
C1/1166:	A200B8  	LDX #$B800
C1/1169:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/116B:	A0002E  	LDY #$2E00
C1/116E:	202B1A  	JSR $1A2B
C1/1171:	A28000  	LDX #$0080
C1/1174:	8636    	STX $36
C1/1176:	A2AD5F  	LDX #$5FAD
C1/1179:	A97E    	LDA #$7E
C1/117B:	A00040  	LDY #$4000
C1/117E:	202B1A  	JSR $1A2B
C1/1181:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1182:	AA      	TAX 
C1/1183:	BD1F7A  	LDA $7A1F,X
C1/1186:	9D477A  	STA $7A47,X
C1/1189:	E8      	INX 
C1/118A:	E02800  	CPX #$0028
C1/118D:	D0F4    	BNE $1183
C1/118F:	A909    	LDA #$09
C1/1191:	8D6F89  	STA $896F
C1/1194:	A909    	LDA #$09
C1/1196:	8D7389  	STA $8973
C1/1199:	A902    	LDA #$02
C1/119B:	8D7789  	STA $8977
C1/119E:	9C7089  	STZ $8970
C1/11A1:	9C7489  	STZ $8974
C1/11A4:	9C7889  	STZ $8978
C1/11A7:	A90C    	LDA #$0C
C1/11A9:	8D7189  	STA $8971
C1/11AC:	A961    	LDA #$61
C1/11AE:	8D7289  	STA $8972
C1/11B1:	A954    	LDA #$54
C1/11B3:	8D7B89  	STA $897B
C1/11B6:	8D7C89  	STA $897C
C1/11B9:	A969    	LDA #$69
C1/11BB:	8D7589  	STA $8975
C1/11BE:	A96C    	LDA #$6C
C1/11C0:	8D7989  	STA $8979
C1/11C3:	A971    	LDA #$71
C1/11C5:	8D7689  	STA $8976
C1/11C8:	8D7A89  	STA $897A
C1/11CB:	A979    	LDA #$79
C1/11CD:	8D7F89  	STA $897F
C1/11D0:	8D8089  	STA $8980
C1/11D3:	8D8489  	STA $8984
C1/11D6:	A940    	LDA #$40
C1/11D8:	8D8389  	STA $8983
C1/11DB:	A910    	LDA #$10
C1/11DD:	8D7D89  	STA $897D
C1/11E0:	8D7D60  	STA $607D
C1/11E3:	A955    	LDA #$55
C1/11E5:	8D7E89  	STA $897E
C1/11E8:	A917    	LDA #$17
C1/11EA:	8D8D89  	STA $898D
C1/11ED:	8D9189  	STA $8991
C1/11F0:	9C8989  	STZ $8989
C1/11F3:	9C8A89  	STZ $898A
C1/11F6:	9C8E89  	STZ $898E
C1/11F9:	9C9289  	STZ $8992
C1/11FC:	A922    	LDA #$22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/11FE:	8D8189  	STA $8981
C1/1201:	8D8589  	STA $8985
C1/1204:	A955    	LDA #$55
C1/1206:	8D8289  	STA $8982
C1/1209:	8D8689  	STA $8986
C1/120C:	7B      	TDC 
C1/120D:	AA      	TAX 
C1/120E:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/1210:	A997FF  	LDA #$FF97
C1/1213:	9D32EA  	STA $EA32,X
C1/1216:	E8      	INX 
C1/1217:	E8      	INX 
C1/1218:	E0C001  	CPX #$01C0
C1/121B:	D0F6    	BNE $1213
C1/121D:	7B      	TDC 
C1/121E:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/1220:	A980    	LDA #$80
C1/1222:	8DF9E9  	STA $E9F9
C1/1225:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1226:	AA      	TAX 
C1/1227:	A908    	LDA #$08
C1/1229:	9D1F9A  	STA $9A1F,X
C1/122C:	9E219A  	STZ $9A21,X
C1/122F:	A9F7    	LDA #$F7
C1/1231:	9D209A  	STA $9A20,X
C1/1234:	9D229A  	STA $9A22,X
C1/1237:	E8      	INX 
C1/1238:	E8      	INX 
C1/1239:	E8      	INX 
C1/123A:	E8      	INX 
C1/123B:	E05C02  	CPX #$025C
C1/123E:	D0E7    	BNE $1227
C1/1240:	9E1F9A  	STZ $9A1F,X
C1/1243:	9E219A  	STZ $9A21,X
C1/1246:	A9F7    	LDA #$F7
C1/1248:	9D209A  	STA $9A20,X
C1/124B:	9D229A  	STA $9A22,X
C1/124E:	E8      	INX 
C1/124F:	E8      	INX 
C1/1250:	E8      	INX 
C1/1251:	E8      	INX 
C1/1252:	E00004  	CPX #$0400
C1/1255:	D0E9    	BNE $1240
C1/1257:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/1259:	8B      	PHB 
C1/125A:	A95F02  	LDA #$025F
C1/125D:	A21F9A  	LDX #$9A1F
C1/1260:	A01F9F  	LDY #$9F1F
C1/1263:	547E7E  	MVN $7E,$7E
C1/1266:	AB      	PLB 
C1/1267:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1268:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/126A:	7B      	TDC 
C1/126B:	AA      	TAX 
C1/126C:	A9E0    	LDA #$E0
C1/126E:	9D9689  	STA $8996,X
C1/1271:	E8      	INX 
C1/1272:	E8      	INX 
C1/1273:	E8      	INX 
C1/1274:	E8      	INX 
C1/1275:	E05C02  	CPX #$025C
C1/1278:	D0F4    	BNE $126E
C1/127A:	7B      	TDC 
C1/127B:	AA      	TAX 
C1/127C:	A9E0    	LDA #$E0
C1/127E:	8510    	STA $10
C1/1280:	641A    	STZ $1A
C1/1282:	A902    	LDA #$02
C1/1284:	9DF08B  	STA $8BF0,X
C1/1287:	A982    	LDA #$82
C1/1289:	9DF18B  	STA $8BF1,X
C1/128C:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/128E:	9DF28B  	STA $8BF2,X
C1/1291:	E61A    	INC $1A
C1/1293:	A51A    	LDA $1A
C1/1295:	C903    	CMP #$03
C1/1297:	D00A    	BNE $12A3
C1/1299:	641A    	STZ $1A
C1/129B:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/129D:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/129F:	F002    	BEQ $12A3
C1/12A1:	E610    	INC $10
C1/12A3:	E8      	INX 
C1/12A4:	E8      	INX 
C1/12A5:	E8      	INX 
C1/12A6:	E8      	INX 
C1/12A7:	E02001  	CPX #$0120
C1/12AA:	D0D6    	BNE $1282
C1/12AC:	7B      	TDC 
C1/12AD:	AA      	TAX 
C1/12AE:	A8      	TAY 
C1/12AF:	BDF68B  	LDA $8BF6,X
C1/12B2:	9963EB  	STA $EB63,Y
C1/12B5:	A982    	LDA #$82
C1/12B7:	9962EB  	STA $EB62,Y
C1/12BA:	E8      	INX 
C1/12BB:	E8      	INX 
C1/12BC:	E8      	INX 
C1/12BD:	E8      	INX 
C1/12BE:	C8      	INY 
C1/12BF:	C8      	INY 
C1/12C0:	C09000  	CPY #$0090
C1/12C3:	D0EA    	BNE $12AF
C1/12C5:	A2FFFF  	LDX #$FFFF     (LDX $02!)
C1/12C8:	8E0140  	STX $4001
C1/12CB:	8E0340  	STX $4003
C1/12CE:	7B      	TDC 
C1/12CF:	AA      	TAX 
C1/12D0:	3A      	DEC A
C1/12D1:	9D2D60  	STA $602D,X
C1/12D4:	E8      	INX 
C1/12D5:	E04000  	CPX #$0040
C1/12D8:	D0F7    	BNE $12D1
C1/12DA:	7B      	TDC 
C1/12DB:	AA      	TAX 
C1/12DC:	3A      	DEC A
C1/12DD:	8DAD7B  	STA $7BAD
C1/12E0:	9DAE2B  	STA $2BAE,X
C1/12E3:	E8      	INX 
C1/12E4:	E02000  	CPX #$0020
C1/12E7:	D0F7    	BNE $12E0
C1/12E9:	7B      	TDC 
C1/12EA:	AA      	TAX 
C1/12EB:	8E302F  	STX $2F30
C1/12EE:	8E322F  	STX $2F32
C1/12F1:	205C0D  	JSR $0D5C
C1/12F4:	20F61F  	JSR $1FF6
C1/12F7:	A2C004  	LDX #$04C0
C1/12FA:	8636    	STX $36
C1/12FC:	A27FA9  	LDX #$A97F
C1/12FF:	A97E    	LDA #$7E
C1/1301:	A0000C  	LDY #$0C00
C1/1304:	202B1A  	JSR $1A2B
C1/1307:	A94C    	LDA #$4C
C1/1309:	8DF7E9  	STA $E9F7
C1/130C:	9CF8E9  	STZ $E9F8
C1/130F:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/1311:	8DF6E9  	STA $E9F6
C1/1314:	A2FF21  	LDX #$21FF
C1/1317:	8E9062  	STX $6290
C1/131A:	8E9262  	STX $6292
C1/131D:	8E9462  	STX $6294
C1/1320:	8E9662  	STX $6296
C1/1323:	8E9862  	STX $6298
C1/1326:	208F0F  	JSR $0F8F
C1/1329:	207C95  	JSR $957C
C1/132C:	205906  	JSR $0659
C1/132F:	2252B6C2	JSL $C2B652
C1/1333:	AEE011  	LDX $11E0      (get enemy formation #)
C1/1336:	E0D701  	CPX #$01D7       
C1/1339:	D00B    	BNE $1346      (if it's not Short Arm, Long Arm, Face,then branch)
C1/133B:	EE8262  	INC $6282
C1/133E:	9CE6E9  	STZ $E9E6
C1/1341:	9C1E20  	STZ $201E		(Clear all monster targets)
C1/1344:	8024    	BRA $136A
C1/1346:	E0E501  	CPX #$01E5     
C1/1349:	D01F    	BNE $136A      (if it's not the 3 Soldiers Terra burns up during her flashback, branch)
C1/134B:	A20000  	LDX #$0000
C1/134E:	8618    	STX $18
C1/1350:	A20002  	LDX #$0200
C1/1353:	861A    	STX $1A
C1/1355:	2242B4C2	JSL $C2B442
C1/1359:	EE8A62  	INC $628A      (Set the game to flashback mode (yellow tint): 1 = yes)
C1/135C:	7B      	TDC 
C1/135D:	AA      	TAX 
C1/135E:	BD807F  	LDA $7F80,X
C1/1361:	9DAD81  	STA $81AD,X
C1/1364:	E8      	INX 
C1/1365:	E08000  	CPX #$0080
C1/1368:	D0F4    	BNE $135E
C1/136A:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/136C:	8D0D7B  	STA $7B0D
C1/136F:	8D0E7B  	STA $7B0E
C1/1372:	8D0F7B  	STA $7B0F
C1/1375:	9C677B  	STZ $7B67
C1/1378:	9C6B7B  	STZ $7B6B
C1/137B:	A917    	LDA #$17
C1/137D:	8F2C2100	STA $00212C
C1/1381:	8F2E2100	STA $00212E
C1/1385:	6446    	STZ $46
C1/1387:	EE9761  	INC $6197
C1/138A:	222491C1	JSL $C19124
C1/138E:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/1390:	2258B2C2	JSL $C2B258
C1/1394:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1395:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/1397:	AD1E20  	LDA $201E		(Load valid monster targets)
C1/139A:	48      	PHA 
C1/139B:	9C1E20  	STZ $201E		(Clear all monster targets)
C1/139E:	AF104200	LDA $004210
C1/13A2:	10FA    	BPL $139E
C1/13A4:	AF104200	LDA $004210
C1/13A8:	10FA    	BPL $13A4
C1/13AA:	A981    	LDA #$81
C1/13AC:	8F004200	STA $004200
C1/13B0:	58      	CLI 
C1/13B1:	EE8C62  	INC $628C
C1/13B4:	EEEFE9  	INC $E9EF
C1/13B7:	7B      	TDC 
C1/13B8:	AA      	TAX 
C1/13B9:	BF3114C1	LDA $C11431,X
C1/13BD:	9D6E2D  	STA $2D6E,X      (Battle dyamics command?)
C1/13C0:	E8      	INX 
C1/13C1:	E00900  	CPX #$0009
C1/13C4:	D0F3    	BNE $13B9
C1/13C6:	68      	PLA 
C1/13C7:	8D712D  	STA $2D71        (Battle Dynamics param. 3)
C1/13CA:	ADAB61  	LDA $61AB
C1/13CD:	48      	PHA 
C1/13CE:	9CAB61  	STZ $61AB
C1/13D1:	AD482F  	LDA $2F48	     (Monst. Form. Aux. Byte 1)
C1/13D4:	290F    	AND #$0F         (Isolate "appearance effects")
C1/13D6:	8D6F2D  	STA $2D6F        (Battle Dynamics param. 1)
C1/13D9:	AA      	TAX 
C1/13DA:	BF2014C1	LDA $C11420,X
C1/13DE:	F01C    	BEQ $13FC
C1/13E0:	AE6E2D  	LDX $2D6E        (Battle Dynamics command?)
C1/13E3:	DA      	PHX 
C1/13E4:	AE702D  	LDX $2D70        (Battle Dynamics param. 2)
C1/13E7:	DA      	PHX 
C1/13E8:	AE722D  	LDX $2D72
C1/13EB:	8E6E2D  	STX $2D6E        (Battle Dynamics command?)
C1/13EE:	AE742D  	LDX $2D74
C1/13F1:	8E702D  	STX $2D70        (Battle Dynamics param. 2)
C1/13F4:	FA      	PLX 
C1/13F5:	8E742D  	STX $2D74
C1/13F8:	FA      	PLX 
C1/13F9:	8E722D  	STX $2D72
C1/13FC:	221295C1	JSL $C19512
C1/1400:	68      	PLA 
C1/1401:	8DAB61  	STA $61AB
C1/1404:	202A02  	JSR $022A
C1/1407:	ADF6E9  	LDA $E9F6
C1/140A:	D0F8    	BNE $1404
C1/140C:	7B      	TDC 
C1/140D:	AA      	TAX 
C1/140E:	8610    	STX $10
C1/1410:	203CC2  	JSR $C23C
C1/1413:	EE967B  	INC $7B96
C1/1416:	9CEFE9  	STZ $E9EF
C1/1419:	9C8C62  	STZ $628C
C1/141C:	9C0FEC  	STZ $EC0F
C1/141F:	60      	RTS

C1/1420 unknow

C1/1420: 00
C1/1421: 01
C1/1422: 00
C1/1423: 01
C1/1424: 01
C1/1425: 01
C1/1426: 01
C1/1427: 00
C1/1428: 00
C1/1429: 00
C1/142A: 00
C1/142B: 00
C1/142C: 00
C1/142D: 00
C1/142E: 00
C1/142F: 00
C1/1430: 00   (junk?)

C1/1431 unknow

C1/1431: 13
C1/1432: 00
C1/1433: 00
C1/1434: 00
C1/1435: 0F
C1/1436: 00
C1/1437: 00
C1/1438: 00
C1/1439: FF

C1/143A setup battle participants based on formation (2-byte pointers)

C1/143A: 81 14 front
C1/143C: 9A 14 back
C1/143E: D7 14 pincer
C1/1440: 33 15 side

C1/1442 unknow

C1/1442: 7B           TDC
C1/1443: AA           TAX          (X = 0)
C1/1444: 3A           DEC          (A = 255)
C1/1445: 9D 86 7A     STA $7A86,X  (null char/monster)
C1/1448: E8           INX 
C1/1449: E0 18 00     CPX #$0018
C1/144C: D0 F7        BNE $1445    (loop through all enemy and character clumps)
C1/144E: 7B           TDC 
C1/144F: AA           TAX          
C1/1450: 9E 7B 80     STZ $807B,X  (store 0 as the enemy's width)
C1/1453: E8           INX 
C1/1454: E0 0C 00     CPX #$000C
C1/1457: D0 F7        BNE $1450    (loop for all enemies)
C1/1459: 60           RTS 

C1/145A unknow

C1/145A: 7B           TDC 
C1/145B: AA           TAX          (clear A and X)
C1/145C: 8A           TXA 
C1/145D: 9D 86 7A     STA $7A86,X  (store X at $7A86 + X)
C1/1460: E8           INX 
C1/1461: E0 06 00     CPX #$0006
C1/1464: D0 F6        BNE $145C    (loop 6 times)
C1/1466: 60           RTS 

C1/1467 unknow

C1/1467: 7B           TDC 
C1/1468: AA           TAX          (clear A and X)
C1/1469: 8A           TXA 
C1/146A: 9D 92 7A     STA $7A92,X  (store X at $7A92 + X)
C1/146D: E8           INX 
C1/146E: E0 06 00     CPX #$0006
C1/1471: D0 F6        BNE $1469    (loop 6 times)
C1/1473: 60           RTS 

C1/1474 unknow

C1/1474: 7B           TDC 
C1/1475: AA           TAX          (clear A and X)
C1/1476: 8A           TXA 
C1/1477: 9D 8C 7A     STA $7A8C,X  (store X at $7A8C + X)
C1/147A: E8           INX 
C1/147B: E0 04 00     CPX #$0004
C1/147E: D0 F6        BNE $1476    (loop 4 times)
C1/1480: 60           RTS 

C1/1481 unknow

C1/1481: 20 5A 14     JSR $145A     (initialize left enemy clump)
C1/1484: 20 74 14     JSR $1474     (initialize some character clump)
C1/1487: 7B           TDC 
C1/1488: AA           TAX           (X = 0)
C1/1489: BD 2F 81     LDA $812F,X   (adjusted enemy width/8)
C1/148C: 0A           ASL 
C1/148D: 0A           ASL 
C1/148E: 0A           ASL           
C1/148F: 9D 7B 80     STA $807B,X   (store width)
C1/1492: E8           INX 
C1/1493: E8           INX 
C1/1494: E0 0C 00     CPX #$000C    (we past 6th enemy yet?)
C1/1497: D0 F0        BNE $1489     (if not, loop for all enemies)
C1/1499: 60           RTS 

C1/149A setup back attack for battle

C1/149A: 20 67 14     JSR $1467    (initialize right enemy clump)
C1/149D: 20 74 14     JSR $1474    (initialize some character clump)
C1/14A0: 7B           TDC 
C1/14A1: AA           TAX 
C1/14A2: A9 20        LDA #$20
C1/14A4: 9D 9F 80     STA $809F,X  (store 32 somewhere.  maybe 32 is character width?)
C1/14A7: E8           INX 
C1/14A8: E8           INX 
C1/14A9: E0 08 00     CPX #$0008   (loop 4 times.  perhaps for characters?)
C1/14AC: D0 F6        BNE $14A4
C1/14AE: 7B           TDC 
C1/14AF: AA           TAX 
C1/14B0: BD 2F 81     LDA $812F,X  (adjusted enemy width/8)
C1/14B3: 0A           ASL 
C1/14B4: 0A           ASL 
C1/14B5: 0A           ASL 
C1/14B6: 85 10        STA $10      (store width)
C1/14B8: BD C3 80     LDA $80C3,X  (get monster's X coord)
C1/14BB: 49 FF        EOR #$FF
C1/14BD: 1A           INC          (invert monster's X coordinate, and add 1)
C1/14BE: 38           SEC 
C1/14BF: E5 10        SBC $10      (subtract the width)  
C1/14C1: 9D C3 80     STA $80C3,X  (store updated X-coord. NewX = (256 - OldX) - Width.)
C1/14C4: BD F3 80     LDA $80F3,X
C1/14C7: 5D 7E 61     EOR $617E,X
C1/14CA: 49 01        EOR #$01
C1/14CC: 9D F3 80     STA $80F3,X  (flip the enemy's image?)
C1/14CF: E8           INX 
C1/14D0: E8           INX 
C1/14D1: E0 0C 00     CPX #$000C   
C1/14D4: D0 DA        BNE $14B0    (loop for all 6 enemies)
C1/14D6: 60           RTS 

C1/14D7 setup pincer attack for battle

C1/14D7: 20 74 14     JSR $1474     (initialize some character clump)  
C1/14DA: 7B           TDC 
C1/14DB: AA           TAX 
C1/14DC: 64 10        STZ $10
C1/14DE: 64 12        STZ $12
C1/14E0: 64 16        STZ $16 
C1/14E2: BD 2F 81     LDA $812F,X   (adjusted enemy width/8)
C1/14E5: 0A           ASL 
C1/14E6: 0A           ASL 
C1/14E7: 0A           ASL             
C1/14E8: 85 14        STA $14       (store width)
C1/14EA: BD C3 80     LDA $80C3,X   (monster's X coordinate)
C1/14ED: 18           CLC 
C1/14EE: 65 14        ADC $14       (add width to it)
C1/14F0: C9 68        CMP #$68      
C1/14F2: 90 26        BCC $151A	    (branch if result is < 104, otherwise adjust position)
C1/14F4: BD C3 80     LDA $80C3,X   (get monster's X coordinate)
C1/14F7: 38           SEC 
C1/14F8: E9 40        SBC #$40      (subtract 64)
C1/14FA: 18           CLC 
C1/14FB: 65 14        ADC $14       (result = Xcoordinate - 64 + width)
C1/14FD: 49 FF        EOR #$FF
C1/14FF: 1A           INC           (invert it and add 1)
C1/1500: 9D C3 80     STA $80C3,X   (store updated X-coordinate.NewX = (256 - OldX) - Width + 64)
C1/1503: BD F3 80     LDA $80F3,X
C1/1506: 5D 7E 61     EOR $617E,X
C1/1509: 49 01        EOR #$01
C1/150B: 9D F3 80     STA $80F3,X   (flip the enemy's image?)
C1/150E: A5 12        LDA $12
C1/1510: A8           TAY 
C1/1511: A5 16        LDA $16
C1/1513: 99 92 7A     STA $7A92,Y   (store enemy index in right enemy clump?)
C1/1516: E6 12        INC $12       (increment index into right clump)
C1/1518: 80 0F        BRA $1529     (branch, skipping update to left clump and width storage)
C1/151A: A5 14        LDA $14
C1/151C: 9D 7B 80     STA $807B,X   (store enemy width)
C1/151F: A5 10        LDA $10
C1/1521: A8           TAY 
C1/1522: A5 16        LDA $16
C1/1524: 99 86 7A     STA $7A86,Y   (store enemy index in left enemy clump?)
C1/1527: E6 10        INC $10       (increment index into left clump)
C1/1529: E6 16        INC $16       (increment enemy index)
C1/152B: E8           INX 
C1/152C: E8           INX 
C1/152D: E0 0C 00     CPX #$000C    
C1/1530: D0 B0        BNE $14E2     (loop for all 6 enemies)
C1/1532: 60           RTS 

C1/1533 setup side attack for battle

C1/1533: 20 67 14     JSR $1467    (initialize right enemy clump?)
C1/1536: 7B           TDC 
C1/1537: 8D 98 7A     STA $7A98    (store 0 at first position in some stucture?)
C1/153A: 1A           INC 
C1/153B: 8D 99 7A     STA $7A99    (store 1 at second position in some structure?)
C1/153E: 1A           INC 
C1/153F: 8D 8C 7A     STA $7A8C    (store 2 at first position in character clump)
C1/1542: 1A           INC 
C1/1543: 8D 8D 7A     STA $7A8D    (store 3 at second position in character clump)
C1/1546: A9 20        LDA #$20
C1/1548: 8D A3 80     STA $80A3
C1/154B: 8D A5 80     STA $80A5
C1/154E: 7B           TDC 
C1/154F: AA           TAX 
C1/1550: BD 2F 81     LDA $812F,X  (adjusted enemy width/8)
C1/1553: 0A           ASL 
C1/1554: 0A           ASL 
C1/1555: 0A           ASL 
C1/1556: 85 12        STA $12      (width)
C1/1558: 4A           LSR 
C1/1559: 85 10        STA $10      (width / 2)
C1/155B: BD C3 80     LDA $80C3,X  (get enemy's X-coordinate)
C1/155E: 18           CLC 
C1/155F: 69 30        ADC #$30     (add 48)
C1/1561: 9D C3 80     STA $80C3,X  (update X coord)
C1/1564: 18           CLC 
C1/1565: 65 10        ADC $10      (add width/2 to updated X position)
C1/1567: 30 0D        BMI $1576    (if the center of the enemy is past the halfway point
				    on the screen, leave it facing right)
C1/1569: BD F3 80     LDA $80F3,X
C1/156C: 5D 7E 61     EOR $617E,X
C1/156F: 49 01        EOR #$01
C1/1571: 9D F3 80     STA $80F3,X  (otherwise, flip its image?)
C1/1574: 80 05        BRA $157B
C1/1576: A5 12        LDA $12
C1/1578: 9D 7B 80     STA $807B,X  (store enemy width)
C1/157B: E8           INX 
C1/157C: E8           INX 
C1/157D: E0 0C 00     CPX #$000C
C1/1580: D0 CE        BNE $1550    (loop for all 6 enemies) 
C1/1582: 60           RTS 
C1/1583: 60           RTS 

C1/1584 adjust enemy position in colosseum battles (data)

C1/1584: 00
C1/1585: F8
C1/1586: 08
C1/1587: D8

C1/1588 unknow

C1/1588: 20 42 14     JSR $1442    (null out all enemy and character clumps, and set all enemy widths to zero)
C1/158B: 9C 79 7B     STZ $7B79    (mark binary array of left clump of enemies as empty)
C1/158E: 9C 7A 7B     STZ $7B7A    (mark ' ' ' left clump of characters as empty)
C1/1591: 9C 7B 7B     STZ $7B7B    (mark ' ' ' right clump of enemies as empty)
C1/1594: 9C 7C 7B     STZ $7B7C    (mark ' ' ' right clump of characters as empty)
C1/1597: 7B           TDC 
C1/1598: AA           TAX 
C1/1599: 9E F3 80     STZ $80F3,X  (clear whatever flips the enemy's image)
C1/159C: E8           INX 
C1/159D: E0 0C 00     CPX #$000C   
C1/15A0: D0 F7        BNE $1599    (loop for all enemies)
C1/15A2: AD 1F 20     LDA $201F    (get encounter type?  0 = front, 1 = back, 2 = pincer, 3 = side)
C1/15A5: 0A           ASL 
C1/15A6: AA           TAX          (multiply by 2, so it acts as index into function ptrs)
C1/15A7: 20 04 16     JSR $1604
C1/15AA: 20 07 16     JSR $1607
C1/15AD: AD 79 7B     LDA $7B79
C1/15B0: 8D AC 2E     STA $2EAC    (copy bit array of left enemy clump)
C1/15B3: AD 7B 7B     LDA $7B7B
C1/15B6: 8D AD 2E     STA $2EAD    (copy bit array of right enemy clump)
C1/15B9: AE E0 11     LDX $11E0    (get enemy formation number)
C1/15BC: E0 3F 02     CPX #$023F
C1/15BF: D0 42        BNE $1603    (if it's not Pugs formation 575, then exit)
C1/15C1: AD 2F 81     LDA $812F    (adjusted width/8 of enemy from slot #0)
C1/15C4: 0A           ASL 
C1/15C5: 0A           ASL 
C1/15C6: 0A           ASL 
C1/15C7: 85 10        STA $10      (store width)
C1/15C9: AD 30 81     LDA $8130    (adjusted height/8 of enemy from slot #0)
C1/15CC: 0A           ASL 
C1/15CD: 0A           ASL 
C1/15CE: 0A           ASL 
C1/15CF: 85 12        STA $12      (store height)
C1/15D1: A9 80        LDA #$80
C1/15D3: 38           SEC 
C1/15D4: E5 12        SBC $12
C1/15D6: AA           TAX 
C1/15D7: 8E CF 80     STX $80CF    (store result as Y coordinate for 1st monster)
C1/15DA: AD 01 20     LDA $2001    (get monster # of 1st enemy in formation)
C1/15DD: AA           TAX 
C1/15DE: BF 00 E8 EC  LDA $ECE800,X  (mystery value from 256-byte block, value from 0 to 4)
C1/15E2: D0 05        BNE $15E9      (if mystery index isn't 0, branch)
C1/15E4: 9C CF 80     STZ $80CF      (set Y coordinate to zero for 1st monster - enemy "hangs")
C1/15E7: 80 0D        BRA $15F6
C1/15E9: 3A           DEC            (decrement mystery index)
C1/15EA: AA           TAX            (put it in X)
C1/15EB: AD CF 80     LDA $80CF      (retrieve Y coordinate)
C1/15EE: 18           CLC 
C1/15EF: 7F 84 15 C1  ADC $C11584,X  (Vertically adjust enemy using a little table.)
C1/15F3: 8D CF 80     STA $80CF      (update Y coordinate)
C1/15F6: A9 80        LDA #$80      
C1/15F8: 38           SEC 
C1/15F9: E5 10        SBC $10        (subtract width from 128)
C1/15FB: 4A           LSR            (divide by 2)
C1/15FC: 18           CLC 
C1/15FD: 69 18        ADC #$18       (add 24)
C1/15FF: AA           TAX 
C1/1600: 8E C3 80     STX $80C3      (centers the enemy)
C1/1603: 60           RTS 

C1/1604 unknow

C1/1604: 7C 3A 14     JMP ($143A,X)

C1/1607 unknow

C1/1607: 7B           TDC 
C1/1608: AA           TAX          (Clear A and X)
C1/1609: 3A           DEC          (A = FF)
C1/160A: 9D 9E 7A     STA $7A9E,X
C1/160D: E8           INX 
C1/160E: E0 30 00     CPX #$0030
C1/1611: D0 F7        BNE $160A    (loop 48 times, nulling out $7A9E through $7ACD)
C1/1613: 7B           TDC 
C1/1614: AA           TAX          (Clear A and X)
C1/1615: 85 10        STA $10
C1/1617: A9 03        LDA #$03
C1/1619: 85 12        STA $12
C1/161B: A5 10        LDA $10
C1/161D: 9D B6 7A     STA $7AB6,X
C1/1620: 9D C2 7A     STA $7AC2,X
C1/1623: A5 12        LDA $12
C1/1625: 9D BC 7A     STA $7ABC,X
C1/1628: 9D C8 7A     STA $7AC8,X
C1/162B: E6 10        INC $10      (increment one counter)
C1/162D: C6 12        DEC $12      (... while decrementing another)
C1/162F: E8           INX 
C1/1630: E0 04 00     CPX #$0004
C1/1633: D0 E6        BNE $161B    (loop 4 times)
C1/1635: 7B           TDC 
C1/1636: AA           TAX 
C1/1637: A8           TAY          (Clear A, X and Y)
C1/1638: C2 20        REP #$20     (set 16-bit Accumulator)
C1/163A: BD C3 80     LDA $80C3,X  (get  monster starting X-coordinate)
C1/163D: 99 D0 7A     STA $7AD0,Y  (store it in 32-bit field instead of 16-bit one)
C1/1640: E8           INX 
C1/1641: E8           INX 
C1/1642: C8           INY 
C1/1643: C8           INY 
C1/1644: C8           INY 
C1/1645: C8           INY 
C1/1646: E0 0C 00     CPX #$000C
C1/1649: D0 EF        BNE $163A    (loop for all 6 monsters)
C1/164B: 7B           TDC 
C1/164C: E2 20        SEP #$20     (set 8-bit Accumulator)
C1/164E: 20 52 17     JSR $1752    (put the 0 through 5 formation(?) index in 7AD2)
C1/1651: 7B           TDC 
C1/1652: AA           TAX 
C1/1653: A8           TAY          (Clear A, X and Y)
C1/1654: BD D2 7A     LDA $7AD2,X
C1/1657: 99 9E 7A     STA $7A9E,Y  (store the enemy indices in an array of bytes)
C1/165A: C8           INY 
C1/165B: E8           INX 
C1/165C: E8           INX 
C1/165D: E8           INX 
C1/165E: E8           INX 
C1/165F: C0 06 00     CPY #$0006
C1/1662: D0 F0        BNE $1654    (loop for all 6 enemies)
C1/1664: 7B	       TDC
C1/1665: AA           TAX 
C1/1666: A8           TAY          (Clear A, X and Y)
C1/1667: C2 20        REP #$20     (set 16-bit Accumulator)
C1/1669: BD 2F 81     LDA $812F,X  (adjusted enemy width/8)
C1/166C: 29 FF 00     AND #$00FF   (just the width, clear out the height)
C1/166F: 0A           ASL 
C1/1670: 0A           ASL 
C1/1671: 0A           ASL          (multiply by 8 to get actual width)
C1/1672: 18           CLC 
C1/1673: 7D C3 80     ADC $80C3,X  (add to enemy starting X coordinate)
C1/1676: 99 D0 7A     STA $7AD0,Y  (now we have the ending X-coordinate of the enemy)
C1/1679: E8           INX 
C1/167A: E8           INX 
C1/167B: C8           INY 
C1/167C: C8           INY 
C1/167D: C8           INY 
C1/167E: C8           INY 
C1/167F: E0 0C 00     CPX #$000C   
C1/1682: D0 E5        BNE $1669    (loop for all 6 enemies)
C1/1684: 7B           TDC          
C1/1685: E2 20        SEP #$20     (Clear Accumulator, set to 8-bit)
C1/1687: 20 52 17     JSR $1752    (Sort the 7AD0 list by ENDING enemy X-coordinate)
C1/168A: 7B           TDC 
C1/168B: AA           TAX          (clear A and X)
C1/168C: A0 05 00     LDY #$0005
C1/168F: BD D2 7A     LDA $7AD2,X
C1/1692: 99 A4 7A     STA $7AA4,Y  (store the enemy indices [sorted by ending X-coordinate] in an array of bytes IN REVERSE ORDER)
C1/1695: 88           DEY 
C1/1696: E8           INX 
C1/1697: E8           INX 
C1/1698: E8           INX 
C1/1699: E8           INX 
C1/169A: E0 18 00     CPX #$0018
C1/169D: D0 F0        BNE $168F    (loop for all 6 enemies)
C1/169F: 7B           TDC 
C1/16A0: AA           TAX 
C1/16A1: A8           TAY          (Clear A, X and Y)
C1/16A2: C2 20        REP #$20     (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C1/16A4: BD CF 80     LDA $80CF,X  (get enemy starting Y-coordinate)
C1/16A7: 99 D0 7A     STA $7AD0,Y
C1/16AA: E8           INX 
C1/16AB: E8           INX 
C1/16AC: C8           INY 
C1/16AD: C8           INY 
C1/16AE: C8           INY 
C1/16AF: C8           INY 
C1/16B0: E0 0C 00     CPX #$000C
C1/16B3: D0 EF        BNE $16A4    (loop for all 6 enemies)
C1/16B5: 7B           TDC 
C1/16B6: E2 20        SEP #$20     (Clear A, set to 8-bit)
C1/16B8: 20 52 17     JSR $1752    (Sort the 7AD0 list by starting enemy Y-coordinate)
C1/16BB: 7B           TDC 
C1/16BC: AA           TAX 
C1/16BD: A8           TAY          (Clear A, X and Y)
C1/16BE: BD D2 7A     LDA $7AD2,X
C1/16C1: 99 AA 7A     STA $7AAA,Y  (store the enemy indices [sorted by starting Y-coordinate])
C1/16C4: C8           INY 
C1/16C5: E8           INX 
C1/16C6: E8           INX 
C1/16C7: E8           INX 
C1/16C8: E8           INX 
C1/16C9: C0 06 00     CPY #$0006
C1/16CC: D0 F0        BNE $16BE    (loop for all 6 enemies)
C1/16CE: 7B           TDC
C1/16CF: AA           TAX 
C1/16D0: A8           TAY          (Clear A, X and Y) 
C1/16D1: C2 20        REP #$20     (Set 16-bit Accumulator)
C1/16D3: BD 30 81     LDA $8130,X  (adjusted enemy height/8)
C1/16D6: 29 FF 00     AND #$00FF   (get just the height, not whatever's in byte after it)
C1/16D9: 0A           ASL 
C1/16DA: 0A           ASL 
C1/16DB: 0A           ASL          (multiply by 8 to get actual height)
C1/16DC: 18           CLC 
C1/16DD: 7D CF 80     ADC $80CF,X  (add to enemy starting Y-coordinate)
C1/16E0: 99 D0 7A     STA $7AD0,Y  (we now have the ending Y-coordinate of the enemy)
C1/16E3: E8           INX 
C1/16E4: E8           INX 
C1/16E5: C8           INY 
C1/16E6: C8           INY 
C1/16E7: C8           INY 
C1/16E8: C8           INY 
C1/16E9: E0 0C 00     CPX #$000C
C1/16EC: D0 E5        BNE $16D3    (loop for all 6 enemies)
C1/16EE: 7B           TDC 
C1/16EF: E2 20        SEP #$20     (Clear A, set to 8-bit)
C1/16F1: 20 52 17     JSR $1752    (Sort the 7AD0 list by ENDING enemy Y-coordinate)
C1/16F4: 7B           TDC 
C1/16F5: AA           TAX          (Clear A and X)
C1/16F6: A0 05 00     LDY #$0005
C1/16F9: BD D2 7A     LDA $7AD2,X
C1/16FC: 99 B0 7A     STA $7AB0,Y  (store the enemy indices [sorted by ending Y-coordinate] in REVERSE ORDER)
C1/16FF: 88           DEY 
C1/1700: E8           INX 
C1/1701: E8           INX 
C1/1702: E8           INX 
C1/1703: E8           INX 
C1/1704: E0 18 00     CPX #$0018   
C1/1707: D0 F0        BNE $16F9    (loop for all 6 enemies)
C1/1709: 7B           TDC 
C1/170A: A8           TAY            (Clear A and Y)
C1/170B: B9 86 7A     LDA $7A86,Y    (enemy formation index in "left enemy clump". should be 0 thru 5)
C1/170E: 30 0B        BMI $171B      (if there is no enemy there, we have FFh.  so branch)
C1/1710: AA           TAX          
C1/1711: BF 61 77 C1  LDA $C17761,X  (get 2^x from table)
C1/1715: 0D 79 7B     ORA $7B79
C1/1718: 8D 79 7B     STA $7B79      (so $7B79 is bit array of all enemies in left clump)
C1/171B: B9 8C 7A     LDA $7A8C,Y    (get character index in "left character clump."  should be 0 thru 3)
C1/171E: 30 0B        BMI $172B      (if it's FFh, it's empty, so branch)
C1/1720: AA           TAX 
C1/1721: BF 61 77 C1  LDA $C17761,X  (get 2^x)
C1/1725: 0D 7A 7B     ORA $7B7A
C1/1728: 8D 7A 7B     STA $7B7A      (so $7B7A is bit array of all characters in left clump)
C1/172B: B9 92 7A     LDA $7A92,Y    (enemy formation index in "right enemy clump", s/b 0 thru 5)
C1/172E: 30 0B        BMI $173B      (if there's no enemy, it's FFh, so branch)
C1/1730: AA           TAX 
C1/1731: BF 61 77 C1  LDA $C17761,X  (get 2^x)
C1/1735: 0D 7B 7B     ORA $7B7B
C1/1738: 8D 7B 7B     STA $7B7B      (so $7B7B is bit array of all enemies in right clump)
C1/173B: B9 98 7A     LDA $7A98,Y    (get character index in "right character clump", s/b 0 thru 3)
C1/173E: 30 0B        BMI $174B      (if there's no character there, it's FFh, branch)
C1/1740: AA           TAX 
C1/1741: BF 61 77 C1  LDA $C17761,X  (get 2^x)
C1/1745: 0D 7C 7B     ORA $7B7C
C1/1748: 8D 7C 7B     STA $7B7C      (so $7B7C is bit array of all characters in right clump)
C1/174B: C8           INY 
C1/174C: C0 06 00     CPY #$0006
C1/174F: D0 BA        BNE $170B      (loop for all 6 slots of all 4 clumps)
C1/1751: 60           RTS 

C1/1752 order enemies based on X or Y position

(Order enemies by their starting or ending X or Y-coordinate
 7AD0 = X or Y coordinate              (16 bits)
 7AD2 = 0 thru 5 formation index?      (16 bits)
 afterwards: $7AD0,X <= $7AD4,X <= $7AD8,X <= etc )
C1/1752: C2 20        REP #$20     (set 16-bit Accumulator)
C1/1754: 7B           TDC 
C1/1755: AA           TAX          (clear A and X)
C1/1756: 64 10        STZ $10
C1/1758: A5 10        LDA $10
C1/175A: 9D D2 7A     STA $7AD2,X  (so 7AD0 = coordinate, 7AD2 = 0 thru 5 formation index?)
C1/175D: E6 10        INC $10
C1/175F: E8           INX 
C1/1760: E8           INX 
C1/1761: E8           INX 
C1/1762: E8           INX 
C1/1763: E0 18 00     CPX #$0018   
C1/1766: D0 F0        BNE $1758    (loop for all 6 monsters)
C1/1768: 7B           TDC 
C1/1769: AA           TAX          (Clear A and X)
C1/176A: 64 14        STZ $14      (counter of how many enemy swaps we made?)
C1/176C: BD D0 7A     LDA $7AD0,X  (get coordinate of enemy)
C1/176F: DD D4 7A     CMP $7AD4,X  (does it match coordinate of next one?)
C1/1772: F0 20        BEQ $1794    (if so, branch)
C1/1774: 90 1E        BCC $1794    (if it's less than coordinate of next enemy, also branch)
C1/1776: E6 14        INC $14      (if the enemies compared weren't ordered by coordinate,
				    increment counter)
C1/1778: BD D4 7A     LDA $7AD4,X  
C1/177B: 48           PHA          (save coord of next enemy)
C1/177C: BD D0 7A     LDA $7AD0,X  
C1/177F: 9D D4 7A     STA $7AD4,X  (put current coord in coord for next enemy)
C1/1782: 68           PLA 
C1/1783: 9D D0 7A     STA $7AD0,X  (put coord of next enemy in current one)
C1/1786: BD D6 7A     LDA $7AD6,X  
C1/1789: 48           PHA          (save index of next enemy)
C1/178A: BD D2 7A     LDA $7AD2,X  (now swap the 0 thru 5 index of current enemy with that of next one)
C1/178D: 9D D6 7A     STA $7AD6,X
C1/1790: 68           PLA 
C1/1791: 9D D2 7A     STA $7AD2,X
C1/1794: E8           INX 
C1/1795: E8           INX 
C1/1796: E8           INX 
C1/1797: E8           INX 
C1/1798: E0 14 00     CPX #$0014   
C1/179B: D0 CF        BNE $176C    (loop for first 5 enemies)
C1/179D: A5 14        LDA $14
C1/179F: D0 C7        BNE $1768
C1/17A1: 7B           TDC          (clear Accumulator)
C1/17A2: E2 20        SEP #$20     (set 8-bit Accumulator)
C1/17A4: 60           RTS 

C1/17A5 unknow

C1/17A5:	8B      	PHB 			(from C1/10F4, C1/10FD)
C1/17A6:	A900    	LDA #$00
C1/17A8:	48      	PHA 
C1/17A9:	AB      	PLB 
C1/17AA:	8E1621  	STX $2116
C1/17AD:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/17AF:	A9EE01  	LDA #$01EE
C1/17B2:	8D1821  	STA $2118
C1/17B5:	88      	DEY 
C1/17B6:	D0FA    	BNE $17B2
C1/17B8:	7B      	TDC 
C1/17B9:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/17BB:	AB      	PLB 
C1/17BC:	60      	RTS

C1/17BD unknow

C1/17BD:	A922    	LDA #$22		(Animation Script pointer)
C1/17BF:	8F402100	STA $002140
C1/17C3:	6495    	STZ $95
C1/17C5:	60      	RTS

C1/17C6 unknow

C1/17C6:	A921    	LDA #$21		(from only C1/183D)
C1/17C8:	8F402100	STA $002140
C1/17CC:	6494    	STZ $94
C1/17CE:	60      	RTS

C1/17CF unknow

C1/17CF:	A920    	LDA #$20		(from only C1/184B)
C1/17D1:	8F402100	STA $002140
C1/17D5:	6496    	STZ $96
C1/17D7:	60      	RTS

C1/17D8 unknow

C1/17D8:	ADCA62  	LDA $62CA		(from only C1/1836)
C1/17DB:	2903    	AND #$03
C1/17DD:	AA      	TAX 
C1/17DE:	BD9861  	LDA $6198,X
C1/17E1:	18      	CLC 
C1/17E2:	6928    	ADC #$28
C1/17E4:	8F402100	STA $002140
C1/17E8:	6493    	STZ $93
C1/17EA:	60      	RTS

C1/17EB unknow

C1/17EB:	20EF17  	JSR $17EF		(from C2/E654)
C1/17EE:	6B      	RTL

C1/17EF unknow

C1/17EF:	8DE9E9  	STA $E9E9		(Store parameter 3 to $E9E9 if this's BDS 14)
C1/17F2:	A510    	LDA $10		($10 held parameter 2 if we're in BDS 14)
C1/17F4:	8DEAE9  	STA $E9EA		(Store parameter 2 to $E9EA)
C1/17F7:	A918    	LDA #$18		(Load #$18 into A)
C1/17F9:	8DE8E9  	STA $E9E8		(Store #$18 into $E9E8)
C1/17FC:	EEECE9  	INC $E9EC		(Increment $E9EC)
C1/17FF:	60      	RTS

C1/1800 unknow

C1/1800:	ADEDE9  	LDA $E9ED		(from only C1/0CF7)
C1/1803:	D055    	BNE $185A
C1/1805:	ADECE9  	LDA $E9EC
C1/1808:	F019    	BEQ $1823
C1/180A:	ADEAE9  	LDA $E9EA
C1/180D:	8F422100	STA $002142
C1/1811:	ADE9E9  	LDA $E9E9
C1/1814:	8F412100	STA $002141
C1/1818:	ADE8E9  	LDA $E9E8
C1/181B:	8F402100	STA $002140
C1/181F:	9CECE9  	STZ $E9EC
C1/1822:	60      	RTS

C1/1823 unknow

C1/1823:	AD8162  	LDA $6281		(from only C1/1808)
C1/1826:	F00A    	BEQ $1832
C1/1828:	A92C    	LDA #$2C		
C1/182A:	8F402100	STA $002140
C1/182E:	9C8162  	STZ $6281
C1/1831:	60      	RTS
C1/1832:	A593    	LDA $93		(from only C1/1826)
C1/1834:	F003    	BEQ $1839
C1/1836:	4CD817  	JMP $17D8
C1/1839:	A594    	LDA $94		(from only C1/1832)
C1/183B:	F003    	BEQ $1840
C1/183D:	4CC617  	JMP $17C6
C1/1840:	A595    	LDA $95		(from only C1/183B)
C1/1842:	F003    	BEQ $1847
C1/1844:	4CBD17  	JMP $17BD
C1/1847:	A596    	LDA $96		(from only C1/1842)
C1/1849:	F003    	BEQ $184E
C1/184B:	4CCF17  	JMP $17CF
C1/184E:	A597    	LDA $97		(from only C1/1849)
C1/1850:	F008    	BEQ $185A
C1/1852:	A989    	LDA #$89		
C1/1854:	8F402100	STA $002140
C1/1858:	6497    	STZ $97
C1/185A:	60      	RTS

C1/185B unknow

C1/185B:	DA      	PHX
C1/185C:	A572    	LDA $72		
C1/185E:	AA      	TAX 
C1/185F:	E672    	INC $72
C1/1861:	BF00FDC0	LDA $C0FD00,X	(Random number table)
C1/1865:	FA      	PLX 
C1/1866:	60      	RTS

C1/1867 unknow

C1/1867:	6430    	STZ $30		(from C1/3AA6, C1/3AB0, C1/89A7)
C1/1869:	6432    	STZ $32
C1/186B:	6434    	STZ $34
C1/186D:	A20800  	LDX #$0008
C1/1870:	462C    	LSR $2C
C1/1872:	900D    	BCC $1881
C1/1874:	A530    	LDA $30
C1/1876:	18      	CLC 
C1/1877:	652E    	ADC $2E
C1/1879:	8530    	STA $30
C1/187B:	A532    	LDA $32
C1/187D:	6534    	ADC $34
C1/187F:	8532    	STA $32
C1/1881:	062E    	ASL $2E
C1/1883:	2634    	ROL $34
C1/1885:	CA      	DEX 
C1/1886:	D0E8    	BNE $1870
C1/1888:	60      	RTS

C1/1889 unknow

C1/1889:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/188B:	6430    	STZ $30
C1/188D:	6432    	STZ $32
C1/188F:	6434    	STZ $34
C1/1891:	A21000  	LDX #$0010
C1/1894:	462C    	LSR $2C
C1/1896:	900D    	BCC $18A5
C1/1898:	A530    	LDA $30
C1/189A:	18      	CLC 
C1/189B:	652E    	ADC $2E
C1/189D:	8530    	STA $30
C1/189F:	A532    	LDA $32
C1/18A1:	6534    	ADC $34
C1/18A3:	8532    	STA $32
C1/18A5:	062E    	ASL $2E
C1/18A7:	2634    	ROL $34
C1/18A9:	CA      	DEX 
C1/18AA:	D0E8    	BNE $1894
C1/18AC:	7B      	TDC 
C1/18AD:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/18AF:	60      	RTS

C1/18B0 unknow

C1/18B0:	A600    	LDX $00	
C1/18B2:	8630    	STX $30
C1/18B4:	A20800  	LDX #$0008
C1/18B7:	662E    	ROR $2E
C1/18B9:	9007    	BCC $18C2
C1/18BB:	A52C    	LDA $2C
C1/18BD:	18      	CLC 
C1/18BE:	6531    	ADC $31
C1/18C0:	8531    	STA $31
C1/18C2:	6631    	ROR $31
C1/18C4:	6630    	ROR $30
C1/18C6:	CA      	DEX 
C1/18C7:	D0EE    	BNE $18B7
C1/18C9:	60      	RTS

C1/18CA half multiplier

C1/18CA:	8F024200	STA $004202
C1/18CE:	EB      	XBA 
C1/18CF:	8F034200	STA $004203
C1/18D3:	7B      	TDC 
C1/18D4:	60      	RTS

C1/18D5 multiplier (JSL)

C1/18D5:	20D918  	JSR $18D9		(from C2/BD70, C2/BB52)
C1/18D8:	6B      	RTL

C1/18D9 multiplier

C1/18D9:	A522    	LDA $22
C1/18DB:	8F024200	STA $004202
C1/18DF:	A524    	LDA $24		
C1/18E1:	8F034200	STA $004203
C1/18E5:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/18E7:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/18E9:	EA      	NOP 
C1/18EA:	AF164200	LDA $004216
C1/18EE:	8526    	STA $26		(obviously, $26 holds the product)
C1/18F0:	7B      	TDC 
C1/18F1:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/18F3:	60      	RTS

C1/18F4 unknow

C1/18F4:	6426    	STZ $26
C1/18F6:	6428    	STZ $28
C1/18F8:	642A    	STZ $2A
C1/18FA:	A20800  	LDX #$0008
C1/18FD:	4622    	LSR $22		
C1/18FF:	900D    	BCC $190E
C1/1901:	A526    	LDA $26
C1/1903:	18      	CLC 
C1/1904:	6524    	ADC $24
C1/1906:	8526    	STA $26
C1/1908:	A528    	LDA $28
C1/190A:	652A    	ADC $2A
C1/190C:	8528    	STA $28
C1/190E:	0624    	ASL $24
C1/1910:	262A    	ROL $2A
C1/1912:	CA      	DEX 
C1/1913:	D0E8    	BNE $18FD
C1/1915:	60      	RTS

C1/1916 unknow

C1/1916:	DA      	PHX 
C1/1917:	A2EE00  	LDX #$00EE
C1/191A:	8610    	STX $10
C1/191C:	FA      	PLX 
C1/191D:	8010    	BRA $192F
C1/191F:	DA      	PHX 
C1/1920:	A2EE02  	LDX #$02EE
C1/1923:	8610    	STX $10
C1/1925:	FA      	PLX 
C1/1926:	8007    	BRA $192F
C1/1928:	DA      	PHX 
C1/1929:	A2EE01  	LDX #$01EE
C1/192C:	8610    	STX $10
C1/192E:	FA      	PLX 
C1/192F:	8B      	PHB 
C1/1930:	A900    	LDA #$00
C1/1932:	48      	PHA 
C1/1933:	AB      	PLB 
C1/1934:	8E1621  	STX $2116
C1/1937:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/1939:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/193B:	8D1821  	STA $2118
C1/193E:	88      	DEY 
C1/193F:	D0FA    	BNE $193B
C1/1941:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1942:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/1944:	AB      	PLB 
C1/1945:	60      	RTS

C1/1946 unknow

C1/1946:	8B      	PHB 			(from C1/104C, C1/1055)
C1/1947:	A900    	LDA #$00
C1/1949:	48      	PHA 
C1/194A:	AB      	PLB 
C1/194B:	8C1621  	STY $2116
C1/194E:	8E7543  	STX $4375
C1/1951:	A26D19  	LDX #$196D
C1/1954:	8E7243  	STX $4372
C1/1957:	A909    	LDA #$09
C1/1959:	8D7043  	STA $4370
C1/195C:	A918    	LDA #$18
C1/195E:	8D7143  	STA $4371
C1/1961:	A9C1    	LDA #$C1
C1/1963:	8D7443  	STA $4374
C1/1966:	A980    	LDA #$80
C1/1968:	8D0B42  	STA $420B
C1/196B:	AB      	PLB 
C1/196C:	60      	RTS

C1/196D unknow

C1/196D:	0000    	BRK #$00
C1/196F:	AD0080  	LDA $8000
C1/1972:	F014    	BEQ $1988
C1/1974:	AE0680  	LDX $8006
C1/1977:	8636    	STX $36
C1/1979:	AE0180  	LDX $8001
C1/197C:	AC0480  	LDY $8004
C1/197F:	AD0380  	LDA $8003
C1/1982:	202B1A  	JSR $1A2B
C1/1985:	9C0080  	STZ $8000
C1/1988:	60      	RTS

C1/1989 unknow

C1/1989:	208D19  	JSR $198D      (from C2/A9F8)
C1/198C:	6B      	RTL

C1/198D unknow

C1/198D:	DA      	PHX 			(from C1/1989, C1/1F33, C1/24C5, C1/BEF4)
C1/198E:	5A      	PHY 
C1/198F:	48      	PHA 
C1/1990:	A610    	LDX $10
C1/1992:	DA      	PHX 
C1/1993:	AD0080  	LDA $8000
C1/1996:	F005    	BEQ $199D
C1/1998:	202A02  	JSR $022A
C1/199B:	80F6    	BRA $1993
C1/199D:	FA      	PLX 
C1/199E:	8E0880  	STX $8008
C1/19A1:	68      	PLA 
C1/19A2:	8D0380  	STA $8003
C1/19A5:	7A      	PLY 
C1/19A6:	8C0480  	STY $8004
C1/19A9:	FA      	PLX 
C1/19AA:	8E0180  	STX $8001
C1/19AD:	9C0A80  	STZ $800A
C1/19B0:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/19B2:	AD0880  	LDA $8008
C1/19B5:	C90004  	CMP #$0400
C1/19B8:	F00A    	BEQ $19C4
C1/19BA:	9008    	BCC $19C4
C1/19BC:	A90004  	LDA #$0400
C1/19BF:	8D0680  	STA $8006
C1/19C2:	8006    	BRA $19CA
C1/19C4:	8D0680  	STA $8006
C1/19C7:	EE0A80  	INC $800A
C1/19CA:	7B      	TDC 
C1/19CB:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/19CD:	EE0080  	INC $8000
C1/19D0:	202A02  	JSR $022A
C1/19D3:	AD0080  	LDA $8000
C1/19D6:	D0F8    	BNE $19D0
C1/19D8:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/19DA:	AD0180  	LDA $8001
C1/19DD:	18      	CLC 
C1/19DE:	690004  	ADC #$0400
C1/19E1:	8D0180  	STA $8001
C1/19E4:	AD0480  	LDA $8004
C1/19E7:	18      	CLC 
C1/19E8:	690002  	ADC #$0200
C1/19EB:	8D0480  	STA $8004
C1/19EE:	AD0880  	LDA $8008
C1/19F1:	38      	SEC 
C1/19F2:	E90004  	SBC #$0400
C1/19F5:	8D0880  	STA $8008
C1/19F8:	7B      	TDC 
C1/19F9:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/19FB:	AD0A80  	LDA $800A
C1/19FE:	F0B0    	BEQ $19B0
C1/1A00:	60      	RTS

C1/1A01 unknow

C1/1A01:	01
C1/1A02:	02 
C1/1A03:	04
C1/1A04:	08 
C1/1A05:	10
C1/1A06:	20 
C1/1A07:	40 
C1/1A08:	80

C1/1A09 unknow

C1/1A09:	AA      	TAX			(from C1/2C04)
C1/1A0A:	BF011AC1	LDA $C11A01,X
C1/1A0E:	60      	RTS

C1/1A0F unknow

C1/1A0F:	A600    	LDX $00
C1/1A11:	4A      	LSR A
C1/1A12:	B008    	BCS $1A1C
C1/1A14:	E8      	INX 
C1/1A15:	E00800  	CPX #$0008
C1/1A18:	D0F7    	BNE $1A11
C1/1A1A:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1A1B:	60      	RTS
C1/1A1C:	8A      	TXA 
C1/1A1D:	2907    	AND #$07
C1/1A1F:	60      	RTS

C1/1A20 unknow

C1/1A20:	20241A  	JSR $1A24	
C1/1A23:	60      	RTS

C1/1A24 wait for NMI routine

C1/1A24:	E647    	INC $47		(from C1/01FD, C1/022C, C1/1A20)
C1/1A26:	A547    	LDA $47
C1/1A28:	D0FC    	BNE $1A26
C1/1A2A:	60      	RTS

C1/1A2B unknow

C1/1A2B:	8B      	PHB 			(from C1/0500, C1/1982, C1/1CE0)
C1/1A2C:	48      	PHA 
C1/1A2D:	A900    	LDA #$00
C1/1A2F:	48      	PHA 
C1/1A30:	AB      	PLB 
C1/1A31:	68      	PLA 
C1/1A32:	8C1621  	STY $2116
C1/1A35:	8E7243  	STX $4372
C1/1A38:	8D7443  	STA $4374
C1/1A3B:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/1A3D:	8D7043  	STA $4370
C1/1A40:	A918    	LDA #$18
C1/1A42:	8D7143  	STA $4371
C1/1A45:	A636    	LDX $36
C1/1A47:	8E7543  	STX $4375
C1/1A4A:	A980    	LDA #$80
C1/1A4C:	8D0B42  	STA $420B
C1/1A4F:	AB      	PLB 
C1/1A50:	60      	RTS

C1/1A51 unknow

C1/1A51:	8B      	PHB 
C1/1A52:	48      	PHA 
C1/1A53:	A900    	LDA #$00
C1/1A55:	48      	PHA 
C1/1A56:	AB      	PLB 
C1/1A57:	68      	PLA 
C1/1A58:	8E7243  	STX $4372
C1/1A5B:	8D7443  	STA $4374
C1/1A5E:	A901    	LDA #$01
C1/1A60:	8D7043  	STA $4370
C1/1A63:	A918    	LDA #$18
C1/1A65:	8D7143  	STA $4371
C1/1A68:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/1A6A:	E210    	SEP #$10
C1/1A6C:	A020    	LDY #$20
C1/1A6E:	A280    	LDX #$80
C1/1A70:	A91000  	LDA #$0010
C1/1A73:	8538    	STA $38
C1/1A75:	A536    	LDA $36
C1/1A77:	8D1621  	STA $2116
C1/1A7A:	8C7543  	STY $4375
C1/1A7D:	8E0B42  	STX $420B
C1/1A80:	18      	CLC 
C1/1A81:	692000  	ADC #$0020
C1/1A84:	C638    	DEC $38
C1/1A86:	D0EF    	BNE $1A77
C1/1A88:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1A89:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/1A8B:	C210    	REP #$10
C1/1A8D:	AB      	PLB 
C1/1A8E:	60      	RTS

C1/1A8F unknow

C1/1A8F:	A600    	LDX $00
C1/1A91:	B569    	LDA $69,X
C1/1A93:	38      	SEC 
C1/1A94:	E568    	SBC $68
C1/1A96:	D00A    	BNE $1AA2
C1/1A98:	A9FF    	LDA #$FF
C1/1A9A:	9569    	STA $69,X
C1/1A9C:	E8      	INX 
C1/1A9D:	E00300  	CPX #$0003
C1/1AA0:	D0EF    	BNE $1A91
C1/1AA2:	60      	RTS

C1/1AA3 unknow

C1/1AA3:	80 96 98 00	(10,000,000)
		40 42 0F 00	(1,000,000)
		A0 86 01 00	(100,000)
		10 27 00 00	(10,000)
		E8 03 00 00	(1,000)
		64 00 00 00	(100)
		0A 00 00 00	(10)

C1/1ABF unknow

C1/1ABF:	7B              TDC
C1/1AC0:	AA      	TAX 
C1/1AC1:	9569    	STA $69,X
C1/1AC3:	E8      	INX 
C1/1AC4:	E00800  	CPX #$0008
C1/1AC7:	D0F8    	BNE $1AC1
C1/1AC9:	A20000  	LDX #$0000
C1/1ACC:	DA      	PHX 
C1/1ACD:	8A      	TXA 
C1/1ACE:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1ACF:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1AD0:	AA      	TAX 
C1/1AD1:	BFA31AC1	LDA $C11AA3,X
C1/1AD5:	8514    	STA $14
C1/1AD7:	BFA41AC1	LDA $C11AA4,X
C1/1ADB:	8515    	STA $15
C1/1AE1:	8516    	STA $16
C1/1AE3:	20FC1A  	JSR $1AFC
C1/1AE6:	FA      	PLX 
C1/1AE7:	A518    	LDA $18
C1/1AE9:	18      	CLC 
C1/1AEA:	6568    	ADC $68
C1/1AEC:	9569    	STA $69,X
C1/1AEE:	E8      	INX 
C1/1AEF:	E00700  	CPX #$0007
C1/1AF2:	D0D8    	BNE $1ACC
C1/1AF4:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/1AF6:	18      	CLC 
C1/1AF7:	6568    	ADC $68
C1/1AF9:	8570    	STA $70
C1/1AFB:	60      	RTS

C1/1AFC unknow

C1/1AFC:	6418    	STZ $18		(from only C1/1AE3)
C1/1AFE:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/1B00:	38      	SEC 
C1/1B01:	E514    	SBC $14
C1/1B03:	8510    	STA $10
C1/1B05:	A511    	LDA $11
C1/1B07:	E515    	SBC $15
C1/1B09:	8511    	STA $11
C1/1B0B:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/1B0D:	E516    	SBC $16
C1/1B0F:	8512    	STA $12
C1/1B11:	E618    	INC $18
C1/1B13:	B0E9    	BCS $1AFE
C1/1B15:	C618    	DEC $18
C1/1B17:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/1B19:	18      	CLC 
C1/1B1A:	6514    	ADC $14
C1/1B1C:	8510    	STA $10
C1/1B1E:	A511    	LDA $11
C1/1B20:	6515    	ADC $15
C1/1B22:	8511    	STA $11
C1/1B24:	A512    	LDA $12
C1/1B26:	6516    	ADC $16
C1/1B28:	8512    	STA $12
C1/1B2A:	60      	RTS

C1/1B2B unknow

C1/1B2B:	C220    	REP #$20		(from C1/693F, C1/6957, C1/A53F, C1/A663)
C1/1B2D:	6422    	STZ $22	
C1/1B2F:	6424    	STZ $24
C1/1B31:	6426    	STZ $26
C1/1B33:	6428    	STZ $28
C1/1B35:	8A      	TXA 
C1/1B36:	38      	SEC 
C1/1B37:	E9E803  	SBC #$03E8	(Subtract 1000)
C1/1B3A:	9005    	BCC $1B41	(Branch if now less than 1000)
C1/1B3C:	E622    	INC $22	(Increment the value for this digit)
C1/1B3E:	4C361B  	JMP $1B36	(why not BRA?)
C1/1B41:	18      	CLC 		
C1/1B42:	69E803  	ADC #$03E8	(Add 1000)
C1/1B45:	38      	SEC 
C1/1B46:	E96400  	SBC #$0064	(Subtract 100)
C1/1B49:	9005    	BCC $1B50	(Branch if now less than 100)
C1/1B4B:	E624    	INC $24	(Increment the value for this digit)
C1/1B4D:	4C451B  	JMP $1B45	(why not BRA?)
C1/1B50:	18      	CLC 
C1/1B51:	696400  	ADC #$0064	(Add 100)
C1/1B54:	38      	SEC 
C1/1B55:	E90A00  	SBC #$000A	(Subtract 10)
C1/1B58:	9005    	BCC $1B5F	(Branch if now less than 10)
C1/1B5A:	E626    	INC $26	(Increment the value for this digit)
C1/1B5C:	4C541B  	JMP $1B54	(why not BRA?)
C1/1B5F:	18      	CLC 		
C1/1B60:	690A00  	ADC #$000A	(Add 10)
C1/1B63:	8528    	STA $28	(Store the value for this digit)
C1/1B65:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1B66:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/1B68:	A522    	LDA $22	
C1/1B6A:	18      	CLC 
C1/1B6B:	6568    	ADC $68
C1/1B6D:	8569    	STA $69
C1/1B6F:	A524    	LDA $24
C1/1B71:	18      	CLC 
C1/1B72:	6568    	ADC $68
C1/1B74:	856A    	STA $6A
C1/1B76:	A526    	LDA $26
C1/1B78:	18      	CLC 
C1/1B79:	6568    	ADC $68
C1/1B7B:	856B    	STA $6B
C1/1B7D:	A528    	LDA $28
C1/1B7F:	18      	CLC 
C1/1B80:	6568    	ADC $68
C1/1B82:	856C    	STA $6C
C1/1B84:	60      	RTS

C1/1B85 unknow

C1/1B85:	8B      	PHB 			(from only C1/0D3B)
C1/1B86:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1B87:	48      	PHA 
C1/1B88:	AB      	PLB 
C1/1B89:	AFCA627E	LDA $7E62CA
C1/1B8D:	2903    	AND #$03
C1/1B8F:	8F010200	STA $000201
C1/1B93:	220300C3	JSL $C30003
C1/1B97:	AB      	PLB 
C1/1B98:	A604    	LDX $04
C1/1B9A:	DA      	PHX 
C1/1B9B:	A60A    	LDX $0A
C1/1B9D:	8604    	STX $04
C1/1B9F:	FA      	PLX 
C1/1BA0:	860A    	STX $0A
C1/1BA2:	8E6862  	STX $6268
C1/1BA5:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/1BA7:	AD6662  	LDA $6266
C1/1BAD:	2D6862  	AND $6268
C1/1BB0:	29F0F0  	AND #$F0F0
C1/1BB3:	8D6862  	STA $6268
C1/1BB6:	8A      	TXA 
C1/1BB7:	290F0F  	AND #$0F0F
C1/1BBA:	0D6862  	ORA $6268
C1/1BBD:	8D6862  	STA $6268
C1/1BC0:	8E6662  	STX $6266
C1/1BC3:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1BC4:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/1BC6:	60      	RTS

C1/1BC7 unknow

C1/1BC7:	22DDD8C2	JSL $C2D8DD		(from C1/D612, C1/F088)
C1/1BCB:	60      	RTS

C1/1BCC unknow

C1/1BCC:	226DDAC2	JSL $C2DA6D		(from C1/E496, C1/E4FD)
C1/1BD0:	60      	RTS

C1/1BD1 unknow

C1/1BD1:	9CDFE9  	STZ $E9DF		(from C1/928A)
C1/1BD4:	9CDEE9  	STZ $E9DE
C1/1BDA:	8006    	BRA $1BE2
C1/1BE2:	9CDCE9  	STZ $E9DC
C1/1BE8:	9CDDE9  	STZ $E9DD
C1/1BEB:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/1BED:	D003    	BNE $1BF2
C1/1BEF:	4C771C  	JMP $1C77
C1/1BF2:	8522    	STA $22		
C1/1BF4:	A906    	LDA #$06
C1/1BF6:	8524    	STA $24
C1/1BF8:	20D918  	JSR $18D9
C1/1BFB:	A626    	LDX $26
C1/1BFD:	A00010  	LDY #$1000
C1/1C00:	20F51C  	JSR $1CF5
C1/1C03:	E8      	INX 
C1/1C04:	A00018  	LDY #$1800
C1/1C07:	20F51C  	JSR $1CF5
C1/1C0A:	E8      	INX 
C1/1C0E:	A00048  	LDY #$4800
C1/1C11:	20F51C  	JSR $1CF5
C1/1C14:	E8      	INX 
C1/1C15:	A00060  	LDY #$6000
C1/1C18:	207B1C  	JSR $1C7B
C1/1C1B:	E8      	INX 
C1/1C1F:	D00B    	BNE $1C2C
C1/1C21:	ADDEE9  	LDA $E9DE
C1/1C24:	D006    	BNE $1C2C
C1/1C26:	A00064  	LDY #$6400
C1/1C29:	207B1C  	JSR $1C7B
C1/1C2C:	E8      	INX 
C1/1C2D:	BF0000E7	LDA $E70000,X	(Loads Unknown )
C1/1C31:	2980    	AND #$80
C1/1C33:	8D8362  	STA $6283
C1/1C36:	BF0000E7	LDA $E70000,X	(Loads Unknown )
C1/1C3A:	297F    	AND #$7F
C1/1C3C:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/1C3E:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1C3F:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1C40:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1C41:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1C42:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1C43:	8522    	STA $22		
C1/1C45:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1C46:	18      	CLC 
C1/1C47:	6522    	ADC $22		
C1/1C49:	AA      	TAX 
C1/1C4A:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1C4B:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/1C4D:	A8      	TAY 
C1/1C51:	F013    	BEQ $1C66
C1/1C53:	BF5001E7	LDA $E70150,X	(Loads bottom battle background palatte X)
C1/1C57:	99607E  	STA $7E60,Y
C1/1C5A:	99607C  	STA $7C60,Y
C1/1C5D:	E8      	INX 
C1/1C5E:	C8      	INY 
C1/1C5F:	C04000  	CPY #$0040
C1/1C62:	D0EF    	BNE $1C53
C1/1C64:	8011    	BRA $1C77
C1/1C66:	BF5001E7	LDA $E70150,X	(Loads bottom battle background palatte X)
C1/1C6A:	99A07E  	STA $7EA0,Y
C1/1C6D:	99A07C  	STA $7CA0,Y
C1/1C70:	E8      	INX 
C1/1C71:	C8      	INY 
C1/1C72:	C06000  	CPY #$0060
C1/1C75:	D0EF    	BNE $1C66
C1/1C77:	20E203  	JSR $03E2
C1/1C7A:	60      	RTS

C1/1C7B unknow

C1/1C7B:	DA      	PHX 			(from C1/1C18, C1/1C29, C1/1DDE)
C1/1C7C:	5A      	PHY 
C1/1C7D:	BF0000E7	LDA $E70000,X	(Loads Unknown)
C1/1C81:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/1C83:	F06D    	BEQ $1CF2
C1/1C85:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1C86:	AA      	TAX 
C1/1C87:	BF4818E7	LDA $E71848,X
C1/1C8B:	85F3    	STA $F3
C1/1C8D:	BF4918E7	LDA $E71849,X
C1/1C91:	85F4    	STA $F4
C1/1C93:	A9E7    	LDA #$E7
C1/1C95:	85F5    	STA $F5
C1/1C97:	202F1E  	JSR $1E2F
C1/1C9A:	5A      	PHY 
C1/1C9B:	226DFFC2	JSR $C2FF6D
C1/1C9F:	7A      	PLY 
C1/1CA3:	F02C    	BEQ $1CD1
C1/1CA5:	8B      	PHB 
C1/1CA6:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/1CA8:	48      	PHA 
C1/1CA9:	AB      	PLB 
C1/1CAA:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1CAB:	AA      	TAX 
C1/1CAC:	BD01C4  	LDA $C401,X
C1/1CAF:	1A      	INC A
C1/1CB0:	1A      	INC A
C1/1CB1:	38      	SEC 
C1/1CB2:	E908    	SBC #$08
C1/1CB4:	9D01C4  	STA $C401,X
C1/1CB7:	E8      	INX 
C1/1CB8:	E8      	INX 
C1/1CB9:	E00008  	CPX #$0800
C1/1CBC:	D0EE    	BNE $1CAC
C1/1CBE:	AB      	PLB 
C1/1CBF:	A2C004  	LDX #$04C0
C1/1CC2:	8610    	STX $10
C1/1CC4:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/1CC6:	A200C4  	LDX #$C400
C1/1CC9:	A0A065  	LDY #$65A0
C1/1CCC:	208D19  	JSR $198D
C1/1CCF:	8021    	BRA $1CF2
C1/1CD4:	D00F    	BNE $1CE5
C1/1CD6:	A20008  	LDX #$0800
C1/1CD9:	8636    	STX $36
C1/1CDB:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/1CDD:	A200C4  	LDX #$C400
C1/1CE0:	202B1A  	JSR $1A2B
C1/1CE3:	800D    	BRA $1CF2
C1/1CE5:	A20008  	LDX #$0800
C1/1CE8:	8610    	STX $10
C1/1CEA:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/1CEC:	A200C4  	LDX #$C400
C1/1CEF:	208D19  	JSR $198D
C1/1CF2:	7A      	PLY 
C1/1CF3:	FA      	PLX 
C1/1CF4:	60      	RTS

C1/1CF5 unknow

C1/1CF5:	DA      	PHX
C1/1CF6:	5A      	PHY 
C1/1CF7:	BF0000E7	LDA $E70000,X	(Loads Unknown)
C1/1CFB:	C9FF    	CMP #$FF
C1/1CFD:	D003    	BNE $1D02
C1/1D02:	DA      	PHX 
C1/1D03:	297F    	AND #$7F
C1/1D05:	85F3    	STA $F3
C1/1D07:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1D08:	18      	CLC 
C1/1D09:	65F3    	ADC $F3
C1/1D0B:	AA      	TAX 
C1/1D0C:	BF5016E7	LDA $E71650,X	(Pointer to top battle background palettes)
C1/1D10:	85F3    	STA $F3
C1/1D12:	BF5116E7	LDA $E71651,X
C1/1D16:	85F4    	STA $F4
C1/1D18:	BF5216E7	LDA $E71652,X
C1/1D1C:	85F5    	STA $F5
C1/1D1E:	C9E7    	CMP #$E7
C1/1D20:	9002    	BCC $1D24
C1/1D22:	8028    	BRA $1D4C
C1/1D24:	5A      	PHY 
C1/1D25:	8B      	PHB 
C1/1D26:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/1D28:	48      	PHA 
C1/1D29:	AB      	PLB 
C1/1D2A:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/1D2C:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1D2D:	A8      	TAY 
C1/1D2E:	B7F3    	LDA [$F3],Y
C1/1D30:	9900C4  	STA $C400,Y
C1/1D33:	C8      	INY 
C1/1D34:	C8      	INY 
C1/1D35:	C00020  	CPY #$2000
C1/1D38:	D0F4    	BNE $1D2E
C1/1D3A:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1D3B:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/1D3D:	AB      	PLB 
C1/1D3E:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/1D40:	8DF4E9  	STA $E9F4
C1/1D43:	A200C4  	LDX #$C400
C1/1D46:	8EF2E9  	STX $E9F2
C1/1D49:	7A      	PLY 
C1/1D4A:	8014    	BRA $1D60
C1/1D4C:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/1D4E:	8DF4E9  	STA $E9F4
C1/1D51:	A200C4  	LDX #$C400
C1/1D54:	8EF2E9  	STX $E9F2
C1/1D57:	202F1E  	JSR $1E2F
C1/1D5A:	5A      	PHY 
C1/1D5B:	226DFFC2	JSR $C2FF6D
C1/1D5F:	7A      	PLY 
C1/1D60:	FA      	PLX 
C1/1D61:	BF0000E7	LDA $E70000,X	(Loads Unknown)
C1/1D65:	3005    	BMI $1D6C
C1/1D67:	A20010  	LDX #$1000
C1/1D6A:	8003    	BRA $1D6F
C1/1D6C:	A20020  	LDX #$2000
C1/1D72:	F00B    	BEQ $1D7F
C1/1D74:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/1D76:	8A      	TXA 
C1/1D77:	38      	SEC 
C1/1D78:	E92000  	SBC #$0020
C1/1D7B:	AA      	TAX 
C1/1D7C:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1D7D:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/1D82:	D00D    	BNE $1D91
C1/1D84:	8636    	STX $36
C1/1D86:	AEF2E9  	LDX $E9F2
C1/1D89:	ADF4E9  	LDA $E9F4
C1/1D8C:	202B1A  	JSR $1A2B
C1/1D8F:	801B    	BRA $1DAC
C1/1D91:	8610    	STX $10
C1/1D93:	ADDEE9  	LDA $E9DE
C1/1D96:	F00B    	BEQ $1DA3
C1/1D98:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/1D9A:	98      	TYA 
C1/1D9B:	18      	CLC 
C1/1D9C:	690020  	ADC #$2000
C1/1D9F:	A8      	TAY 
C1/1DA0:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1DA1:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/1DA3:	AEF2E9  	LDX $E9F2
C1/1DA6:	ADF4E9  	LDA $E9F4
C1/1DA9:	208D19  	JSR $198D
C1/1DAC:	7A      	PLY 
C1/1DAD:	FA      	PLX 
C1/1DAE:	60      	RTS

C1/1DAF unknow

C1/1DAF:	9CDCE9  	STZ $E9DC		(from only C1/1112)
C1/1DB2:	9CDDE9  	STZ $E9DD
C1/1DB5:	9CDEE9  	STZ $E9DE
C1/1DB8:	ADB8EC  	LDA $ECB8      (battle background ID)
C1/1DBB:	8522    	STA $22		
C1/1DBD:	A906    	LDA #$06
C1/1DBF:	8524    	STA $24
C1/1DC1:	20D918  	JSR $18D9
C1/1DC4:	A626    	LDX $26
C1/1DC6:	A00010  	LDY #$1000
C1/1DC9:	20F51C  	JSR $1CF5
C1/1DCC:	E8      	INX 
C1/1DCD:	A00018  	LDY #$1800
C1/1DD0:	20F51C  	JSR $1CF5
C1/1DD3:	E8      	INX 
C1/1DD4:	A00048  	LDY #$4800
C1/1DD7:	20F51C  	JSR $1CF5
C1/1DDA:	E8      	INX 
C1/1DDB:	A00060  	LDY #$6000
C1/1DDE:	207B1C  	JSR $1C7B
C1/1DE1:	E8      	INX 
C1/1DE2:	A00064  	LDY #$6400
C1/1DE5:	207B1C  	JSR $1C7B
C1/1DE8:	E8      	INX 
C1/1DE9:	BF0000E7	LDA $E70000,X	(Loads Unknown)
C1/1DED:	2980    	AND #$80
C1/1DEF:	8D8362  	STA $6283
C1/1DF2:	BF0000E7	LDA $E70000,X	(Loads Unknown)
C1/1DF6:	297F    	AND #$7F
C1/1DF8:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/1DFA:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1DFB:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1DFC:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1DFD:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1DFE:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1DFF:	8522    	STA $22		
C1/1E01:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1E02:	18      	CLC 
C1/1E03:	6522    	ADC $22		
C1/1E05:	AA      	TAX 
C1/1E06:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1E07:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/1E09:	A8      	TAY 
C1/1E0A:	BF5001E7	LDA $E70150,X	(Bottom battle background palettes)
C1/1E0E:	99A07E  	STA $7EA0,Y
C1/1E11:	E8      	INX 
C1/1E12:	C8      	INY 
C1/1E13:	C06000  	CPY #$0060
C1/1E16:	D0F2    	BNE $1E0A
C1/1E18:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/1E1A:	A9F057  	LDA #$57F0
C1/1E1D:	8F162100	STA $002116
C1/1E21:	A21000  	LDX #$0010
C1/1E24:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1E25:	8F182100	STA $002118
C1/1E29:	CA      	DEX 
C1/1E2A:	D0F9    	BNE $1E25
C1/1E2C:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/1E2E:	60      	RTS

C1/1E2F unknow

C1/1E2F:	A900    	LDA #$00		(from C1/1C97)
C1/1E31:	85F6    	STA $F6
C1/1E33:	A9C4    	LDA #$C4
C1/1E35:	85F7    	STA $F7
C1/1E37:	A97F    	LDA #$7F
C1/1E39:	85F8    	STA $F8
C1/1E3B:	60      	RTS

C1/1E3C unknow

C1/1E3C:	7B      	TDC 			(from C1/1E7F)
C1/1E3D:	AA      	TAX 
C1/1E3E:	6424    	STZ $24
C1/1E40:	BDF480  	LDA $80F4,X
C1/1E43:	4A      	LSR A
C1/1E44:	0524    	ORA $24
C1/1E46:	6A      	ROR A
C1/1E47:	8524    	STA $24
C1/1E49:	E8      	INX 
C1/1E4A:	E8      	INX 
C1/1E4B:	E00C00  	CPX #$000C
C1/1E4E:	D0F0    	BNE $1E40
C1/1E50:	4A      	LSR A
C1/1E51:	4A      	LSR A
C1/1E52:	8524    	STA $24
C1/1E54:	60      	RTS

C1/1E55 unknow

C1/1E55:	20591E  	JSR $1E59		(from C2/F93C)
C1/1E58:	6B      	RTL
C1/1E59:	20F61F  	JSR $1FF6		(from C1/1E55)
C1/1E5C:	4C261F  	JMP $1F26

C1/1E5F unknow

C1/1E5F:	20631E  	JSR $1E63		(from C2/F32B, C2/F881, C2/F8FA)
C1/1E62:	6B      	RTL
C1/1E63:	48      	PHA 			(from C1/1E5F, C1/AF85)
C1/1E64:	20000F  	JSR $0F00
C1/1E67:	20F61F  	JSR $1FF6
C1/1E6A:	68      	PLA 
C1/1E6B:	2D1E20  	AND $201E		(Remove any invalid monster targets)
C1/1E6E:	2DAB61  	AND $61AB
C1/1E71:	2DE6E9  	AND $E9E6
C1/1E74:	8524    	STA $24
C1/1E76:	4C951E  	JMP $1E95		(branch would be better)

C1/1E79 unknow

C1/1E79:	20000F  	JSR $0F00		(from C1/B17C)
C1/1E7C:	20F61F  	JSR $1FF6
C1/1E7F:	203C1E  	JSR $1E3C
C1/1E82:	A524    	LDA $24
C1/1E84:	2D1E20  	AND $201E		(Remove any invalid monster targets)
C1/1E87:	2DAB61  	AND $61AB
C1/1E8A:	2DE6E9  	AND $E9E6
C1/1E8D:	2D9161  	AND $6191
C1/1E90:	8524    	STA $24
C1/1E92:	4C951E  	JMP $1E95		(totally useless)

C1/1E95 unknow

C1/1E95:	A524    	LDA $24		(from C1/1E76, C1/1E92)
C1/1E97:	8522    	STA $22	
C1/1E99:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1E9A:	AA      	TAX 
C1/1E9B:	6410    	STZ $10
C1/1E9D:	4622    	LSR $22		
C1/1E9F:	9029    	BCC $1ECA
C1/1EA1:	DA      	PHX 
C1/1EA2:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/1EA4:	9DFF80  	STA $80FF,X
C1/1EA7:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1EA8:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1EA9:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1EAA:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1EAB:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1EAC:	A8      	TAY 
C1/1EAD:	BDDB80  	LDA $80DB,X
C1/1EB0:	4A      	LSR A
C1/1EB1:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1EB2:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1EB3:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1EB4:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1EB5:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1EB6:	AA      	TAX 
C1/1EB7:	A920    	LDA #$20
C1/1EB9:	8512    	STA $12
C1/1EBB:	BD007F  	LDA $7F00,X
C1/1EBE:	99607E  	STA $7E60,Y
C1/1EC1:	E8      	INX 
C1/1EC2:	C8      	INY 
C1/1EC3:	C612    	DEC $12
C1/1EC5:	D0F4    	BNE $1EBB
C1/1EC7:	E610    	INC $10
C1/1EC9:	FA      	PLX 
C1/1ECA:	E8      	INX 
C1/1ECB:	E8      	INX 
C1/1ECC:	E00C00  	CPX #$000C
C1/1ECF:	D0CC    	BNE $1E9D
C1/1ED1:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1ED2:	AA      	TAX 
C1/1ED3:	4624    	LSR $24
C1/1ED5:	9043    	BCC $1F1A
C1/1ED7:	BDC380  	LDA $80C3,X		(Get enemy's X-coord.)
C1/1EDA:	4A      	LSR A
C1/1EDB:	4A      	LSR A
C1/1EDC:	4A      	LSR A
C1/1EDD:	8514    	STA $14
C1/1EDF:	BDCF80  	LDA $80CF,X
C1/1EE2:	4A      	LSR A
C1/1EE3:	4A      	LSR A
C1/1EE4:	4A      	LSR A
C1/1EE5:	8516    	STA $16
C1/1EE7:	BD2F81  	LDA $812F,X		(Get adjusted enemy width/8)
C1/1EEA:	8510    	STA $10
C1/1EEC:	BD3081  	LDA $8130,X		(Get adjusted enemy height/8)
C1/1EEF:	8512    	STA $12
C1/1EF1:	BDFF80  	LDA $80FF,X
C1/1EF4:	18      	CLC 
C1/1EF5:	6903    	ADC #$03
C1/1EF7:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1EF8:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1EF9:	8522    	STA $22		
C1/1EFB:	BD0081  	LDA $8100,X
C1/1EFE:	0522    	ORA $22	
C1/1F00:	0903    	ORA #$03
C1/1F02:	8519    	STA $19
C1/1F04:	BF74C4C2	LDA $C2C474,X
C1/1F08:	8526    	STA $26
C1/1F0A:	BF75C4C2	LDA $C2C475,X
C1/1F0E:	8527    	STA $27
C1/1F10:	A00200  	LDY #$0002
C1/1F13:	B126    	LDA ($26),Y
C1/1F15:	8518    	STA $18
C1/1F17:	20831F  	JSR $1F83
C1/1F1A:	E8      	INX 
C1/1F1B:	E8      	INX 
C1/1F1C:	E00C00  	CPX #$000C
C1/1F1F:	D0B2    	BNE $1ED3
C1/1F21:	60      	RTS

C1/1F22 unknow

C1/1F22:	20261F  	JSR $1F26		(from C2/F332, C2/F885, C2/F8FE)
C1/1F25:	6B      	RTL
C1/1F26:	A2C004  	LDX #$04C0
C1/1F29:	8610    	STX $10
C1/1F2B:	A27FA9  	LDX #$A97F
C1/1F2E:	A97E    	LDA #$7E
C1/1F30:	A0000C  	LDY #$0C00
C1/1F33:	4C8D19  	JMP $198D

C1/1F36 unknow

C1/1F36:	DA      	PHX 			(from only C1/1F84)
C1/1F37:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/1F39:	851E    	STA $1E
C1/1F3B:	A514    	LDA $14
C1/1F3D:	18      	CLC 
C1/1F3E:	6510    	ADC $10
C1/1F40:	C920    	CMP #$20
C1/1F42:	9007    	BCC $1F4B
C1/1F44:	A920    	LDA #$20
C1/1F46:	38      	SEC 
C1/1F47:	E514    	SBC $14
C1/1F49:	851E    	STA $1E
C1/1F4B:	A516    	LDA $16
C1/1F4D:	18      	CLC 
C1/1F4E:	6512    	ADC $12
C1/1F50:	C913    	CMP #$13
C1/1F52:	9007    	BCC $1F5B
C1/1F54:	A913    	LDA #$13
C1/1F56:	38      	SEC 
C1/1F57:	E516    	SBC $16
C1/1F59:	8512    	STA $12
C1/1F5B:	6411    	STZ $11
C1/1F5D:	6413    	STZ $13
C1/1F5F:	6415    	STZ $15
C1/1F61:	6417    	STZ $17
C1/1F63:	641F    	STZ $1F
C1/1F65:	6421    	STZ $21
C1/1F67:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/1F69:	A516    	LDA $16
C1/1F6B:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1F6C:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1F6D:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1F6E:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1F6F:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1F70:	0A      	ASL A
C1/1F71:	0614    	ASL $14
C1/1F73:	18      	CLC 
C1/1F74:	6514    	ADC $14
C1/1F76:	697FA9  	ADC #$A97F
C1/1F79:	851A    	STA $1A
C1/1F7B:	0610    	ASL $10
C1/1F7D:	061E    	ASL $1E
C1/1F7F:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/1F81:	FA      	PLX 
C1/1F82:	60      	RTS

C1/1F83 unknow

C1/1F83:	DA      	PHX 			(from only C1/1F17)
C1/1F84:	20361F  	JSR $1F36
C1/1F87:	BDF380  	LDA $80F3,X
C1/1F8A:	5D7E61  	EOR $617E,X
C1/1F8D:	2901    	AND #$01
C1/1F8F:	D028    	BNE $1FB9
C1/1F91:	C220    	REP #$20
C1/1F93:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1F94:	A8      	TAY 
C1/1F95:	A518    	LDA $18
C1/1F97:	911A    	STA ($1A),Y
C1/1F99:	1A      	INC A
C1/1F9A:	C8      	INY 
C1/1F9B:	C8      	INY 
C1/1F9C:	C41E    	CPY $1E
C1/1F9E:	D0F7    	BNE $1F97
C1/1FA0:	A518    	LDA $18
C1/1FA2:	18      	CLC 
C1/1FA3:	691000  	ADC #$0010
C1/1FA6:	8518    	STA $18
C1/1FA8:	A51A    	LDA $1A
C1/1FAA:	18      	CLC 
C1/1FAB:	694000  	ADC #$0040
C1/1FAE:	851A    	STA $1A
C1/1FB0:	C612    	DEC $12
C1/1FB2:	D0DF    	BNE $1F93
C1/1FB4:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1FB5:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/1FB7:	FA      	PLX 
C1/1FB8:	60      	RTS

C1/1FB9 unknow

C1/1FB9:	C220    	REP #$20		(from only C1/1F8F)
C1/1FBB:	A510    	LDA $10
C1/1FBD:	4A      	LSR A
C1/1FBE:	3A      	DEC A
C1/1FBF:	18      	CLC 
C1/1FC0:	6518    	ADC $18
C1/1FC2:	090040  	ORA #$4000
C1/1FC5:	8518    	STA $18
C1/1FC7:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1FC8:	A8      	TAY 
C1/1FC9:	A518    	LDA $18
C1/1FCB:	911A    	STA ($1A),Y
C1/1FCD:	3A      	DEC A
C1/1FCE:	C8      	INY 
C1/1FCF:	C8      	INY 
C1/1FD0:	C41E    	CPY $1E
C1/1FD2:	D0F7    	BNE $1FCB
C1/1FD4:	A518    	LDA $18
C1/1FD6:	18      	CLC 
C1/1FD7:	691000  	ADC #$0010
C1/1FDA:	8518    	STA $18
C1/1FDC:	A51A    	LDA $1A
C1/1FDE:	18      	CLC 
C1/1FDF:	694000  	ADC #$0040
C1/1FE2:	851A    	STA $1A
C1/1FE4:	C612    	DEC $12
C1/1FE6:	D0DF    	BNE $1FC7
C1/1FE8:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1FE9:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/1FEB:	FA      	PLX 
C1/1FEC:	60      	RTS

C1/1FED unknow

C1/1FED:	C220    	REP #$20		(from C1/940D, C1/B07E, C1/B096, C1/B19B)
C1/1FEF:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1FF0:	AA      	TAX 
C1/1FF1:	A9EE01  	LDA #$01EE
C1/1FF4:	8007    	BRA $1FFD

C1/1FF6 unknow

C1/1FF6:	C220    	REP #$20		(from C1/1E59, C1/1E67, C1/1E7C)
C1/1FF8:	7B      	TDC 
C1/1FF9:	AA      	TAX 
C1/1FFA:	A9EE02  	LDA #$02EE
C1/1FFD:	9D7FA9  	STA $A97F,X
C1/2000:	9D17AA  	STA $AA17,X
C1/2003:	9DAFAA  	STA $AAAF,X
C1/2006:	9D47AB  	STA $AB47,X
C1/2009:	9DDFAB  	STA $ABDF,X
C1/200C:	9D77AC  	STA $AC77,X
C1/200F:	9D0FAD  	STA $AD0F,X
C1/2012:	9DA7AD  	STA $ADA7,X
C1/2015:	E8      	INX 
C1/2016:	E8      	INX 
C1/2017:	E09800  	CPX #$0098
C1/201A:	D0E1    	BNE $1FFD
C1/201C:	7B      	TDC 
C1/201D:	E220    	SEP #$20
C1/201F:	60      	RTS