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LDA \[\$[0-9, A-F][0-9, A-F]\],Y
LDA \[\$[0-9, A-F][0-9, A-F]\],Y
NOTE:  All pointers are to be considered relative (added to the constant in the description) unless
NOTE:  All pointers are to be considered relative (added to the constant in the description) unless otherwise noted.
      otherwise noted.
Types of Pointers
Types of Pointers

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FF3 ROM INFO (Version 1 by Yousei)

LDA \$[C-F][0-9, A-F][0-9, A-F][0-9, A-F][0-9, A-F][0-9, A-F],[AXY, axy] LDA \[\$[0-9, A-F][0-9, A-F]\],Y

NOTE: All pointers are to be considered relative (added to the constant in the description) unless otherwise noted.

Types of Pointers

PTR Short (2 byte) relative pointer (add to constant) LPTR Long (3 byte) relative pointer (add to constant) APTR Long (3 byte) absolute pointer (no need to add)

Positioned Text

Position is a word--calculate from (xx, yy), where xx and yy are 8-pixel 2-bitplane tiles, with the formula ((yy * $20) + xx) * 2 + $7889

Raw Location HiROM Location Key Description

000000-000200 *HEADR SMC Specific header

00C47F-00C48E (C0C27F-C0C28E) GFX Something to do with the battle backgrounds

00D03A- (C0CE3A- ) GFX Offsets of Map Character Sprite Parts (2x3, 2 bytes each)

00D2F2- (C0D0F2- ) GFX Pointers to Map Character Graphics (2 bytes each) 00D43C- (C0D23C- ) GFX Bank pointers and Number of Bytes to Copy for Map Character Gfx (2 bytes each)

00E1A0-00E29F (C0DFA0-C0E09F) DTE DTE Table

00E400-00E580 *FONT Tiles 8*8 2 bits colors (used in ???) 010100-010110 *ASM Entry point in SMC (16 bytes) 0101C0-0101E0 *??? Cartridge info (32 bytes)

029944-029954 *GFX Palette: 8 colors, ??? 029954-029974 *GFX Palette: 16 colors end credit fonts 029974-029994 *GFX Palette: 16 colors end credits (flipping pages) 029994-029A34 *GFX Palette: 16 colors, ??? 02D02B- (C2CE2B- ) GFX Battle Character Palette Assignments (1 byte each) 02D21A-02D233 (C2D01A-C2D033) MONST Pointers to Monster Formation Size Templates (13 elements) (+020200/+C20000) 02D234-02D2F3 (C2D034-C2D0F3) MONST Monster Formation Size Templates

035E1C-035E39 (C35C1C-C35C39) BLTZ Blitz Specification Characters (14 elements, 2 bytes each [character, rotation])

037100- (C36F00- ) PAL Menu Portrait Palette assignment (1 byte each) 03711B- (C36F1B- ) PTR Pointers to Menu Portrait Graphics (2 bytes each)

03C20C-03C217 (C3C00C-C3C017) PTR Pointers to Shop Titles (+030200/+C30000)

03C4FC-03C525 (C3C2FC-C3C325) PTXT Shop Title Positioned Text (5 items, variable length)

040200-040541 (C40000-C40341) PTR Map Event Trigger Pointers (+040200/+C40000) 040542-041BFD (C40342-C419FD) TRG Map Event Triggers (5 bytes each) (src x, src y, pointer to event code) 041BFE-041C0F (C419FE-C41A0F) --- UNUSED SPACE (18 bytes) 041C10-041F51 (C41A10-C41D51) PTR NPC Data Pointers (+041C10/+C41A10) 041F52-046C6B (C41D51-C46A6B) NPC NPC Data 046C6C-046CBF (C46A6C-C46ABF) --- UNUSED SPACE (84 bytes) 046CC0-047ABF (C46AC0-C478BF) MAGIC Magic Data (256 items, 14 bytes each) 047AC0-047C3F (C478C0-C47A3F) TXT2 Character Names (64 items, 6 bytes each) 047C40-047C9F (C47A40-C47A9F) CHR Blitz Specifications (8 elements, 12 bytes each)

047CC0-04813F (C47AC0-C47F3F) SHOP Shop Specifications (128 items, 9 bytes each [1 title byte, 8 items]) 048140-0481A7 (C47F40-C47FA7) MONST Ragnarok Metamorphosis Packages (26 items, 4 bytes each)

0489C0-0491BF (C487C0-C48FBF) FONT Fixed-Width Font Graphics Data (8x8x2, 8 bytes each, range 0x80-0xFF) 0491C0-04923F (C48FC0-C4903F) FONT Variable-Width Font Character Cell Widths (00-7F)

0492C0-049AFF (C490C0-C498FF) FONT Variable-Width Font Graphics Data (16x11x1, 22 bytes each, range 0x20-0x7F)

05090E-05090F (C5070E-C5070F) DATA Length of Main SPC Code Loop 050910-0520C6 (C50710-C51EC6) SPC Main SPC Code Loop (Copied to SPC locations $0200-$19B6)

0A0200-0CE7FF (CA0000-CCE5FF) EVNT Event Code 0CE800-0CE801 (CCE600-CCE601) DATA Index of the pointer in which the bank byte needs to be incremented 0CE802-0D01FF (CCE602-CCFFFF) PTR Pointers to Dialogue (+0D0200/+CD0000) 0D0200-0EF2FF (CD0000-CEF0FF) TXT1 Dialogue (3326 items, variable length) 0EF300-0EF7FF (CEF100-CEF5FF) TXT1 Location Names (448 items [73 actual], variable length)

0EFD60-0EFD87 (CEFB60-CEFB87) PTR Pointers to Rare Item Descriptions (+0EFEB0/+CEFCB0) 0EFD88-0EFD9F (CEFB88-CEFB9F) --- UNUSED SPACE 0EFDA0-0EFEA3 (CEFBA0-CEFCA3) TXT2 Rare Item Names (20 elements, 13 bytes each) 0EFEA4-0EFEAF (CEFCA4-CEFCAF) --- UNUSED SPACE 0EFEB0-0F01FF (CEFCB0-CEFFFF) TXT2 Rare Item Descriptions (20 elements, variable length) 0F0200-0F31FF (CF0000-CF2FFF) MONST Monster Stats (384 elements, 32 bytes each) 0F3200-0F37FF (CF3000-CF35FF) MONST Monster Items Stolen and Dropped (384 elements, 4 bytes each)

0F3B40-0F3E3F (CF3940-CF3C3F) TXT2 Esper Descritions (27 items, variable length) 0F3E40-0F3E9F (CF3C40-CF3C9F) TXT2 SwordTech Names (8 items, 12 bytes each)

0F5200-0F55FF (CF5000-CF53FF) MONST Monster Formations used in Event Scripts (256 elements, 4 bytes each) 0F5B00-0F63FF (CF5900-CF61FF) MONST Monster Formation Auxiliary Data (576 elements, 4 bytes each) 0F6400-0F85BF (CF6200-CF83BF) MONST Monster Formation Data (576 elements, 15 bytes each) 0F85C0-0F85FF (CF83C0-CF83FF) --- UNUSED SPACE (64 bytes)

0F8600-0F88FF ( ) *PTP Pointers to Monster Command Script 0F8900-0FC248 ( ) *MONST Monster Command Script 0FC249-0FC24F ( ) *--- UNUSED SPACE (7 bytes)

0FC250-0FD14F (CFC050-CFCF4F) TXT2 Enemy Names (384 items, 10 bytes each) 0FD150-0FD2CF (CFCF50-CFD0CF) --- UNUSED SPACE (384 bytes) 0FD2D0-0FE1CF (CFD0D0-CFDFCF) TXT2 Enemy Attack Names (384 items, 10 bytes each)

0FE1E0-0FE3DF (CFDFE0-CFE1DF) PTR Pointers to Battle Dialogue (Bank 2) (+0F0200/+CF0000) 0FE3E0-0FF64F (CFE1E0-CFF44F) TXT2 Battle Dialogue (Bank 2) (256 items, variable length)

0FFE00-0FFEFF (CFFC00-CFFCFF) TXT2 Blitz Descriptions (8 items, variable length) 0FFF00-0FFFFF (CFFD00-CFFDFF) TXT2 SwordTech Descriptions (8 items, variable length)

1000AE-100146 (CFFEAE-CFFF46) TXT2 Short Esper Bonus Descriptions (17 elements, 9 characters each) 100147-10019D (CFFF47-CFFF9D) --- UNUSED SPACE (87 bytes) 10019E-1001AD (CFFF9E-CFFFAD) PTR Pointers to Blitz Descriptions (+0FFE00/+CFFC00) 1001AE-1001BD (CFFFAE-CFFFBD) PTR Pointers to SwordTech Descriptions (+0FFF00/+CFFD00) 1001BE-1001FF (CFFFBE-CFFFFF) --- UNUSED SPACE (66 bytes)

109A00-109A73 (D09800-D09873) PTR Pointers to Battle Event Scripts (+100200/+D00000) (58 elements)

10D200-10D3FF (D0D000-D0D1FF) PTR Pointers to Battle Dialogue (Bank 1) (+100200/+D00000) 10D400-10FEFF (D0D200-D0FCFF) TXT2 Battle Dialogue (Bank 1) (256 items, variable length)

11F200-11F99F (D1F000-D1F79F) TXT2 Battle Messages (256 items, variable length) 11F9A0-11FB9F (D1F7A0-D1F99F) PTR Pointers to Battle Messages (+110200/+D10000)

127100-1271FF (D26F00-D26FFF) TXT2 Weapon/Armor Types (32 items, 7 bytes each) 127200-12797F (D27000-D2777F) MONST Monster Visual Specifications (384 elements, 5 bytes each)

127A20-12AA1F (D27820-D2A81F) PAL Monster Palettes (768 palettes, 8 colors each) 12AA20-12AA21 (D2A820-D2A821) PTR Pointer to 8-High Monster Composition Data 12AA22-12AA23 (D2A822-D2A823) PTR Pointer to 16-High Monster Composition Data 12AA24-12AE23 (D2A824-D2AC23) MONST Monster 8-High Composition Data (128 elements, 8 bytes each) 12AE24-12B423 (D2AC24-D2B223) MONST Monster 16-High Composition Data (48 elements, 32 bytes each) 12B424-12B4FF (D2B224-D2B2FF) --- UNUSED SPACE (220 bytes) 12B500-12C1FF (D2B300-D2BFFF) TXT2 Item Names (256 items, 13 bytes each)

12EE00-12EEFF (D2EC00-D2ECFF) PAL World of Balance Palettes (8 palettes, 16 colors each) 12EF00-12EFFF (D2ED00-D2EDFF) PAL World of Ruin Palettes (8 palettes, 16 colors each) 12F000-12F01F (D2EE00-D2EE1F) PAL Setzer's Airship Palette (16 colors) 12F100-12F11F (D2EF00-D2EF1F) PAL Darryl's Airship Palette (16 colors)

150200- (D50000- ) GFX Character and Townsperson Sprite Graphics (4bp)

185200-186FFF (D85000-D86DFF) ITEM Item Data (256 items, 30 bytes each) 187000-187127 (D86E00-D86F27) ESPER Esper Data (27 items, 11 bytes each) 187128-1871FF (D86F28-D86FFF) --- UNUSED SPACE (128 bytes)

18CBA0-18D09F (D8C9A0-D8CE9F) TXT2 Spell Descriptions (64 items, variable length) 18D0A0-18D17F (D8CEA0-D8CF7F) TXT2 Battle Command Names (32 items, 7 bytes each) 18D180-18D1FF (D8CF80-D8CFFF) PTR Pointers to Spell Descriptions (+18CBA0/+D8C9A0)

19AA00-19CF0F (D9A800-D9CD0F) MAP Location Tile Properties 19CF10-19CF8F (D9CD10-D9CD8F) PTR Pointers to Location Tile Properties (+19AA00/+D9A800) 19CF90-19D3AF (D9CD90-D9D1AF) LPTR Pointers to Location Map Data (352 items) (+19D3B0/+D9D1B0) 19D3B0-1E01FF (D9D1B0-DDFFFF) MAP Location Map Data 1E0200- (DE0000- ) MAP Location Tile Formation

1FBC00-1FBCFF (DFBA00-DFBAFF) LPTR Pointers to Location Tile Formation (+1E0200/+DE0000) (128 items) 1FBD00-1FC101 (DFBB00-DFBF01) PTR Pointers to Entrance Triggers (+1FBD00/+DFBB00) 1FC102-1FDBFF (DFBF02-DFD9FF) TRG Entrance Triggers (6 bytes each) 1FDC00-1FDCFF (DFDA00-DFDAFF) LPTR Town Tile Graphics Pointers (+1FDD00/+DFDB00) (128 items) 1FDD00-25F5FF (DFDB00-E5F3FF) GFX Town Tile Graphics 21C6C0-21E6BF (E1C4C0-E1E4BF) GFX Battle Background Top Graphics: Building

268200-2685FF (E68000-E683FF) PAL Map Character and Townperson Sprite Palettes (16 colors each) 268600-26897F (E68400-E6877F) PTR Pointers to Location Names (+0EF300/+CEF100)

26F6A0-26F701 (E6F4A0-E6F501) CHR HP modification constants by level (98 elements) 26F702-26F763 (E6F502-E6F563) CHR MP modification constants by level (98 elements)

26F767-26F80E (E6F567-E6F60E) TXT2 Black Magic Spell Names (24 items, 7 bytes each) 26F80F-26F8A1 (E6F60F-E6F6A1) TXT2 Effect Magic Spell Names (21 items, 7 bytes each) 26F8A2-26F8E0 (E6F6A2-E6F6E0) TXT2 White Magic Spell Names (9 items, 7 bytes each) 26F8E1-26F9B8 (E6F6E1-E6F7B8) TXT2 Esper Names (27 items, 8 bytes each) 26F9B9-26F9EA (E6F7B9-E6F7EA) TXT2 Skean Attack Names (5 items, 10 bytes each) 26F9EB-26FA30 (E6F7EB-E6F830) --- UNUSED SPACE (70 bytes) 26FA31-26FA80 (E6F831-E6F880) TXT2 Blitz Names (8 items, 10 bytes each) 26FA81-26FB70 (E6F881-E6F970) TXT2 Mog's Dance Attacks (24 items, 10 bytes each) 26FB71-26FBAC (E6F971-E6F9AC) TXT2 Setzer's Slot Attacks (6 items, 10 bytes each) 26FBAD-26FBFC (E6F9AD-E6F9FC) TXT2 Magitek Armor Attacks (8 items, 10 bytes each) 26FBFD-26FCEC (E6F9FD-E6FAEC) TXT2 Lore Names (24 items, 10 bytes each) 26FCED-26FFEE (E6FAED-E6FDEE) TXT2 Enemy Attacks (77 items, 10 bytes each) 26FFEF-270066 (E6FDEF-E6FE66) TXT2 Desperation Attacks (12 items, 10 bytes each) 270067-27008E (E6FE67-E6FE8E) TXT2 Miscellaneous Attacks (Lagomorph, Interceptor, etc.) (4 items, 10 bytes each) 27008F-27019C (E6FE8F-E6FF9C) TXT2 Esper Attacks (27 items, 10 bytes each) 27019D-2701FC (E6FF9D-E6FFFC) TXT2 Mog's Dance Names (8 items, 12 bytes each) 2701FD-2701FF (E6FFFD-E6FFFF) --- UNUSED SPACE (3 bytes)

270350- (E70150- ) PAL Bottom Battle Background Palettes (16 colors each)

271850-271A47 (E71650-E71847) LPTR Pointers to Top Battle Backgrounds (168 elements, 75 used)

297200- (E97000- ) GFX Monster Graphics

2D0200-2D057F (ED0000-ED037F) GFX Menu Window 1 Graphics 2D0580-2D08FF (ED0380-ED06FF) GFX Menu Window 2 Graphics 2D0900-2D0C7F (ED0700-ED0A7F) GFX Menu Window 3 Graphics 2D0C80-2D0FFF (ED0A80-ED0DFF) GFX Menu Window 4 Graphics 2D1000-2D137F (ED0E00-ED037F) GFX Menu Window 5 Graphics 2D1380-2D16FF (ED1180-ED06FF) GFX Menu Window 6 Graphics 2D1700-2D1A7F (ED1500-ED0A7F) GFX Menu Window 7 Graphics 2D1A80-2D1DFF (ED1880-ED0DFF) GFX Menu Window 8 Graphics 2D1E00-2D1E1F (ED1C00-ED1C1F) PAL Menu Window 1 Palette (16 colors each) 2D1E20-2D1E3F (ED1C20-ED1C3F) PAL Menu Window 2 Palette (16 colors each) 2D1E40-2D1E5F (ED1C40-ED1C5F) PAL Menu Window 3 Palette (16 colors each) 2D1E60-2D1E7F (ED1C60-ED1C7F) PAL Menu Window 4 Palette (16 colors each) 2D1E80-2D1E9F (ED1C80-ED1C9F) PAL Menu Window 5 Palette (16 colors each) 2D1EA0-2D1EBF (ED1CA0-ED1CBF) PAL Menu Window 6 Palette (16 colors each) 2D1EC0-2D1EDF (ED1CC0-ED1CDF) PAL Menu Window 7 Palette (16 colors each) 2D1EE0-2D1EFF (ED1CE0-ED1CEF) PAL Menu Window 8 Palette (16 colors each) 2D1F00-2D5A5F (ED1D00-ED585F) GFX Character Portraits 2D5A60-2D5CBF (ED5860-ED5ABF) PAL Menu Portrait Palettes (16 colors each) 2D5CC0- (ED5AC0- ) GFX Hand Cursor Graphics

2D64C0-2D64C7 (ED62C0-ED62C7) PAL Battle Standard (White) Text Palette (4 colors) 2D64C8-2D64CF (ED62C8-ED62CF) PAL Battle Disabled (Grey) Text Palette (4 colors) 2D64D0-2D64D7 (ED62D0-ED62D7) PAL Battle Active (Yellow) Text Palette (4 colors) 2D64D8-2D64DF (ED62D8-ED62DF) PAL Battle Blue Text Palette (4 colors) 2D64E0-2D64E7 (ED62E0-ED62E7) PAL Empty Palette (4 colors) 2D64E8-2D64EF (ED62E8-ED62EF) PAL Battle Guage (Grey) Text Palette (4 colors) 2D64F0-2D64F7 (ED62F0-ED62F7) PAL Battle Green Text Palette (4 colors) 2D64F8-2D64FF (ED62F8-ED62FF) PAL Battle Red Text Palette (4 colors) 2D6500-2D65FF (ED6300-ED63FF) PAL Battle/Menu Character Sprite Palettes (8 palettes, 16 colors each) 2D6600-2D799F (ED6400-ED779F) TXT2 Item Descriptions (256 elements, variable length) 2D79A0-2D7C6F (ED77A0-ED7A6F) TXT2 Lore Descriptions (24 elements, variable length) 2D7C70-2D7C9F (ED7A70-ED7A9F) PTR Pointers to Lore Descriptions (24 elements) 2D7CA0-2D7E9F (ED7AA0-ED7C9F) PTR Pointers to Item Descriptions (256 elements) 2D7EA0-2D841F (ED7CA0-ED821F) CHR Character Initial Statistics (64 elements, 22 bytes each) 2D8420-2D84F3 (ED8220-ED82F3) CHR Experience Needed for Level Up ()

2D9100-2DC67E (ED8F00-EDC47E) LOC Location Properties (416 elements, 33 bytes each) 2DC67F (EDC47F) --- UNUSED SPACE (1 byte) 2DC680-2DCC7F (EDC480-EDCA7F) PAL Location Map Palettes (48 elements, 16 colors each)

2E0000-2E01CF (EDFE00-EDFFCF) TXT2 Long Esper Bonus Descriptions (variable length) 2E01CF-2E01FF (EDFFD0-EDFFFF) PTR Pointers to Long Esper Bonus Descriptions

2E4A42-2E4A51 (EE4842-EE4851) DATA Sprites used for various positions of map character

2E9D14-2E9F13 (EE9B14-EE9D13) MAP World of Balance Tile Properties 2E9F14-2EA113 (EE9D14-EE9F13) MAP World of Ruin Tile Properties

2ED634-2F134E (EED434-EF114E) MAP World of Balance Map Data (compressed) 2F134F-2F344F (EF114F-EF324F) GFX World of Balance Tile Graphics (compressed)

2F4C46-2F6C55 (EF4A46-EF6A55) GFX World of Ruin Tile Graphics (compressed) 2F6C56-2F9F16 (EF6A56-EF9D16) MAP World of Ruin Map Data (compressed)

2FE69B-2FEAB2 (EFE49B-EFE8B2) MAP World of Balance Miniature Map (compressed) 2FEAB3-2FEF25 (EFE8B3-EFED25) MAP World of Ruin Miniature Map (compressed)

World Map Related Pointers: Raw Loc. HiROM Loc. Contents Decomp. Size Description

2EB400 (EEB200) $EEB290 8192 B 2EB403 (EEB203) $EEB290 8192 B 2EB406 (EEB206) $EEB290 8192 B 2EB409 (EEB209) $EEC295 4096 B 2EB40C (EEB20C) $EEC702 6144 B Setzer's Airship Graphics 2EB40F (EEB20F) $EED434 65536 B World of Balance Map Data 2EB412 (EEB212) $EF114F 9344 B World of Balance Tile Graphics 2EB415 (EEB215) $EF3250 16327 B 2EB418 (EEB218) $EF4846 2EB41B (EEB21B) $EF4846 2EB41E (EEB21E) $EF4A46 9344 B World of Ruin Tile Graphics 2EB421 (EEB221) $EF6A56 65536 B World of Ruin Map Data 2EB424 (EEB224) $EF6A56 65536 B World of Ruin Map Data 2EB427 (EEB227) $EF9D17 16384 B 2EB42A (EEB22A) $EFB631 9344 B 2EB42D (EEB22D) $EFC624 6144 B Chocobo Graphics 2EB430 (EEB230) $EFC624 6144 B Chocobo Graphics 2EB433 (EEB233) $EFCE77 2EB436 (EEB236) $EFCE77 2EB439 (EEB239) $EFCE97 2EB43C (EEB23C) $EFCE97 2EB43F (EEB23F) $EFCEB7 2048 B Airship Shadow Graphics 2EB442 (EEB242) $EFCEB7 2048 B Airship Shadow Graphics 2EB445 (EEB245) $EFCFB9 6144 B Misc. World Graphics (Figaro Castle, smoke, flying morphed Terra, ship) 2EB448 (EEB248) $EFDC4C 6144 B Chocobo Graphics 2EB44B (EEB24B) $EFE49B 2048 B World of Balance Miniature Map 2EB44E (EEB24E) $EFE8B3 2048 B World of Ruin Miniature Map 2EB451 (EEB251) $EFED26 6144 B Daryl's Airship Graphics 2EB454 (EEB254) $EFFAC8

Notable Locations in RAM

$000520-$000540 Current Location Data $000559 Screen scroll status (0: scroll, 1: don't scroll) $00056E Last selected choice in a multiple choice dialogue (zero-based indexing) $001616-$00163A Character 0 stats $001860-$001862 Current GP $001869-$001968 Current items in inventory $001969-$001A68 Number of those items in inventory $001A69-$001B38 Espers current held by party $001E80-$001F5F Event conditionality bits

Structures and other Described Data

Menu Window Graphics ($0380 bytes): $0000-$01FF Window Client Area (4 tiles x 4 tiles, 8 pixels each) $0200-$021F Border, Top-Left corner $0220-$023F Border, Top, first piece $0240-$025F Border, Top, second piece $0260-$027F Border, Top-Right corner $0280-$029F Border, Left, first piece $02A0-$02BF Border, Right, first piece $02C0-$02DF Border, Left, second piece $02E0-$02FF Border, Right, second piece $0300-$031F Border, Bottom-Left corner $0320-$033F Border, Bottom, first piece $0340-$035F Border, Bottom, second piece $0360-$037F Border, Bottom-Right

Something: C2D034 (0): 0000 0808 0001 0808 0010 0808 0011 0808 C2D044 (1): 0000 0808 0001 0808 0010 0404 8010 0404 0011 0404 8011 0404 C2D05C (2): 0000 0C08 0010 0C08 C2D064 (3): 0000 0810 0001 0810 C2D06C (4): 0000 0C08 0010 0808 0011 0808 C2D078 (5): 0000 0810 0001 0808 0011 0808 C2D084 (6): 0000 1010 C2D088 (7): 0000 0C0C 8001 040C 0018 0404 8018 0404 0019 0404 8019 0404 C2D0A0 (8): 0000 0808 0010 0808 0001 0408 0011 0408 C2D0B0 (9): 0000 0C0C C2D0B4 (A): 0000 080C 0001 0408 0011 0408 0018 0404 8018 0404 C2D0C8 (B): 0000 0408 8000 0408 0001 0408 0011 0408 0010 0808 C2D0DC (C): 0000 0808 0001 0808 0010 0408 8010 0408 0011 0408 8011 0408

NPC Data: $0004 Horizontal (X) position $0005 Vertical (Y) position $0006 Graphic set $0007:0-3 Graphic index

    :4                             Walk behind character
    :5                             Walk on top of character
    :6                             Character is a chocobo
    :7                             Character is Magitek armor

$0008:0-1 Direction facing (0: up, 1: right, 2: down, 3: left)

Monster Formation: $0000:4-7 ? $0001 Enemies Present (--xxxxxx) $0002 Enemy 1 ID $0003 Enemy 2 ID $0004 Enemy 3 ID $0005 Enemy 4 ID $0006 Enemy 5 ID $0007 Enemy 6 ID $0008 Enemy 1 Position (8 bits, xxxxyyyy) $0009 Enemy 2 Position (8 bits, xxxxyyyy) $000A Enemy 3 Position (8 bits, xxxxyyyy) $000B Enemy 4 Position (8 bits, xxxxyyyy) $000C Enemy 5 Position (8 bits, xxxxyyyy) $000D Enemy 6 Position (8 bits, xxxxyyyy) $000E Enemies that are Bosses (--xxxxxx)

Monster Formation Auxiliary Data: $0000:0-3 Appearance effects

    :4                             Disable normal attacks
    :5                             Disable back attacks
    :6                             Disable pincer attacks
    :7                             Disable side attacks

$0001:1 Disable fanfare

    :2                             ??
    :7                             Enable event script

$0002 Battle event script $0003:0 ??

    :1                             ??
    :2                             Show attack-type windows
    :3-5                           Battle music
    :6                             ??
    :7                             Continue current music

Monster Data: $0000 Strength $0001 Speed $0002 Hit % Rate $0003 Evade % Rate $0004 Mag. Block % Rate $0005 Defense $0006 Magic Defense $0007 Magic Power $0008-$0009 HP $000A-$000B MP $000C-$000D Experience Points $000E-$000F Gold $0010 Level $0011:0-4 Ragnarok metamorphosis specs.

    :5-7                           Miss ratio for metamorphosis

$0012:0 Dies if MP becomes 0

    :2                             Hide enemy's name
    :7                             Undead

$0013:3 Can't run

    :4                             Can't scan

$0014 ? $0015 ? $0016 ? $0017 Elements that absorb HP $0018 Elements that have no effect $0019 Elements the enemy is weak against $001A Attack Type $001B Condition Effects 1 $001C Condition Effects 2 $001D Condition Effects 3 $001E Condition Effects 4 $001F:0-5 Special Attack

    :6                             Special attack causes no damage

Monster Graphics Specifications: $0000-$0001 Pointer to graphic data $0002 ? $0003 Palette index $0004 Size template

Location Entrance Trigger: $0000 Source X coordinate of trigger $0001 Source Y coordinate of trigger $0002-$0003 Destination index

                                   (this & 0x0800):  Show name of location at top of screen
                                   (this & 0x1000):  Character faces right when entering
                                   (this & 0x2000):  Character faces down when entering
                                   (this & 0x3000):  Character faces left when entering

$0004 Destination X coordinate $0005 Destination Y coordinate

Location Event Trigger: $0000 Source X coordinate of trigger $0001 Source Y coordinate of trigger $0002-$0004 Pointer to event code (+0A0200/+CA0000)

Location Properties: $0000 Name of Location $0001 Layers to animate $0004 Tile Properties (mult. by 2) $0005:7 0=no attacks, 1=attacks $0007-$000A Tile Graphic Sets (32 bits, 7 each: ----aaaaaaabbbbbbbcccccccddddddd, mult. by 2) $000B-$000C Tile Formations (16 bits, 7 each: aaaaaaabbbbbbb--, mult. by 2) $000D-$0010 Map Data (32 bits, 10 each: --aaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbcccccccccc, mult. by 2) $0012 BG0 Left Shift Amount $0013 BG0 Upward Shift Amount $0014 BG2 Left Shift Amount $0015 BG2 Upward Shift Amount $0019 Palette Index $001C Song Index $001E Map Width $001F Map Height $0020 Layer Priorities

Esper Data: $0000 Spell 1 learn rate $0001 Spell 1 $0002 Spell 2 learn rate $0003 Spell 2 $0004 Spell 3 learn rate $0005 Spell 3 $0006 Spell 4 learn rate $0007 Spell 4 $0008 Spell 5 learn rate $0009 Spell 5 $000A Bonus at level up

Magic Data: $0000 Targetting $0001 Elemental Properties $0002 Spell Effect $0003 Where used/Damage type $0004 Spell Effect 2 $0005 MP Cost $0006 Power $0007 ? $0008 Success Rate $0009 Special Effect $000A Condition Effects 1 $000B Condition Effects 2 $000C Condition Effects 3 $000D Condition Effects 4

Where Used/Damage Type: 01: Useable on the field 10: 02: 20: 04: 40: Character sacrifices self after casting 08: 80: Affect MP

Spell Effect 2: 01: Restore HP or MP 10: 02: Absorb HP or MP 20: 04: Remove Status Conditions 40: 08: Induce Status Conditions 80: Power represents 1/16ths of value affected

Slashed values are LOW nibble/HIGH nibble.

Item: Tools Weapon Armor/Shield/Hat Relic Item

$0000 Type (0) Type (1) Type (2, 3, 4) Type (5) Type (6) $0001-$0002 -- Equippable Chars. Equippable Chars. Equippable Chars. -- $0003 -- -- Spell Learn Rate Spell Learn Rate -- $0004 -- -- Spell Learned Spell Learned -- $0005 -- Field Effects Field Effects Field Effects -- $0006 -- Cond. 1 Protection Cond. 1 Protection Cond. 1 Protection -- $0007 -- Cond. 2 Protection Cond. 2 Protection Cond. 2 Protection -- $0008 -- Cond. 3 when Equip Cond. 3 when Equip Cond. 3 when Equip -- $0009 -- Status Effects 1 Status Effects 1 Status Effects 1 -- $000A -- Battle Effects 1 Battle Effects 1 Battle Effects 1 -- $000B -- Status Effects 2 Status Effects 2 Status Effects 2 -- $000C -- Battle Effects 2 Battle Effects 2 Battle Effects 2 -- $000D -- Battle Effects 3 Battle Effects 3 Battle Effects 3 -- $000E Targetting Targetting Targetting Targetting Targetting $000F -- Elem. Properties Elem. 50% Dmg. Elem. 50% Dmg. -- $0010 -- Vigor+/Speed+ Vigor+/Speed+ Vigor+/Speed+ -- $0011 -- Stamina+/Mag.Pwr.+ Stamina+/Mag.Pwr.+ Stamina+/Mag.Pwr.+ -- $0012 Attack When Used Attack when Used Attack when Used Attack when Used -- $0013 Weapon Properties Item Properties $0014 Attack Strength Battle Power Defense Power Defense Power HP/MP Affected $0015 Hit Rate Hit Rate Magic Defense Magic Defense Cond. 1 when Used $0016 -- -- Elem. Absorb HP Elem. Absorb HP Cond. 2 when Used $0017 -- -- Elem. No Effect Elem. No Effect Cond. 3 when Used $0018 -- -- Elem. Weak Point Elem. Weak Point Cond. 4 when Used $0019 -- -- Cond. 2 when Equip Cond. 2 when Equip -- $001A -- Evade%/MBlock% Evade%/MBlock% Evade%/MBlock% -- $001B -- ???/Spec.Atk. Special Action $001C-$001D Price Price Price Price Price

Item Type: 00: Tool 04: Hat | 10: Can be thrown 01: Weapon 05: Relic | 20: Usable as an item in battle 02: Armor 06: Item | 40: Usable on the field (Items only) 03: Shield

Targetting: 01: Affects single ally or enemy 10: Auto-accept default selection 02: Affects enemies or allies only 20: Multiple selection possible 04: Affects all allies and enemies 40: Enemy selected by default 08: Affects all allies or all enemies 80: Random selection among all enemies and allies

Item Properties: 01: 10: Restores MP 02: 20: Removes Status Conditions 04: 40: Causes damage 08: Restores HP 80: Manipulates 1/16ths of actual value affected

Item Special Action: 01: Summon random esper 02: Super Ball attack 03: Remove character from battle 04: Elixir/Megalixir 05: Remove all characters from battle 06: Attracts Gau when encountered on the Veldt FF: No special action

Special Attack: 0: None 8: 1: Steal Item 9: Dice 2: Attack increases as HP increases A: Attack increases as HP decreases 3: Kill (with X) B: Wind attack 4: Cause 2x damage to humans C: Recover HP 5: Drain HP D: Kill 6: Drain MP E: Uses MP to inflict mortal blow 7: Attack with MP F: Uses (more) MP to inflict mortal blow

Field Effects: 01: Reduce enemy attacks 10: 02: Prevent enemy attacks 20: Characters walk 2x speed 04: 40: 08: 80: Character gains 1 HP per step

Status Effects 1: 01: Raise Attack Damage 10: Raise HP by 12.5% 02: Raise Magic Damage 20: Raise MP by 25% 04: Raise HP by 25% 40: Raise MP by 50% 08: Raise HP by 50% 80: Raise MP by 12.5%

Status Effects 2: 01: Increase Steal Rate 10: 100% Hit Rate 02: 20: Halve MP Consumption 04: 40: Reduce MP Consumption to 1 08: 80: Raise Vigor

Condition Effects 1: 01: Dark 10: Vanish 02: Zombie 20: Imp 04: Poison 40: Petrify 08: Enable Magitek Commands 80: Death

Condition Effects 2: 01: Condemned 10: Berserk 02: Kneeling 20: Confusion 04: Blink 40: HP Drain 08: Silence 80: Sleep

Condition Effects 3: 01: Dance, but Float for Equip 10: Stop 02: Regen 20: Shell 04: Slow 40: Safe 08: Haste 80: Reflect

Condition Effects 4: 01: Rage 10: Casting Spell 02: Frozen 20: Removed from Battle 04: Protection from Death 40: Randomly defended by Interceptor 08: Morph into Esper 80: Float

Battle Effects 1: 01: 10: Sketch->Control 02: 20: Slot->GP Rain 04: Fight->Jump 40: Steal->Capture 08: Magic->X-Magic 80: Jump continuously

Battle Effects 2: 01: Fight->X-Fight 10: Can equip a weapon in each hand 02: Randomly Counter Attacks 20: Wearer can equip heavy armor 04: Increases chance of evading attack 40: Wearer protects those with low HP 08: Attack with two hands 80:

Battle Effects 3: 01: Casts Shell when HP is low 10: Doubles Gold received 02: Casts Safe when HP is low 20: 04: Casts Rflect when HP is low 40: 08: Doubles Experience received 80: Makes body cold

Weapon Properties: 01: 10: 02: SwdTech 20: Same damage from back row 04: 40: 2-Hand 08: 80: Runic

Percentage Modifiers: 00: No change 06: -10% 01: +10% 07: -20% 02: +20% 08: -30% 03: +30% 09: -40% 04: +40% 0A: -50% 05: +50%

Status Value Modifiers: 00: No change 08: No change 01: +1 09: -1 02: +2 0A: -2 03: +3 0B: -3 04: +4 0C: -4 05: +5 0D: -5 06: +6 0E: -6 07: +7 0F: -7

Elemental Properties: 01: Fire 10: Wind 02: Ice 20: Pearl/Holy 04: Lightning 40: Earth 08: Poison 80: Water

Shop Title Identifiers

Low nybble High nybble 0: (Blank) | 0: Items cost normal price 1: Weapon | 1: Items cost twice normal price 2: Armor | 2: Items cost 1.5X normal price 3: Item | 3: Items cost half price when Edgar or Sabin is in party 4: Relics 5: Vendor

Map Tile Properties

Sample: Grass from WoB (0x0044)

0000000001000100 |||||||||||||||+- 0: 0--Chocobo can travel on tile, 1--Chocobo cannot travel on tile ||||||||||||||+-- 1: 0--Airship can land, 1--Airship cannot land |||||||||||||+--- 2 \ Size of shadow cast by airship ||||||||||||+---- 3 / 00-smallest, 01-small, 10-large, 11-largest |||||||||||+----- 4: 0--Can walk on/off tile, 1--Cannot walk on/off tile ||||||||||+------ 5: 0--Character is opaque, 1--Bottom of character is transparent |||||||||+------- 6: 0--Deactivate enemy encounters, 1--Activate enemy encounters ||||||||+-------- 7: |||||||+--------- 8 \ ||||||+---------- 9 } Battle Background Image (see below) |||||+----------- 10 / ||||+------------ 11: |||+------------- 12: ||+-------------- 13: |+--------------- 14: +---------------- 15:


000 World of Balance 001 World of Ruin 002 Serpent Trench 003 -- 004 -- 005 -- 006 Setzer's Airship (black background) 007 Setzer's Airship--Rooms 008 -- 009 Scenario Selection Screen 00A Setzer's Airship, flying through the sky 00B Darryl's Airship, with Darryl at the helm 00C Setzer's Airship--Casino Room (no exits) 00D Setzer's Airship, party standing on deck 00E Chocobo Stable (World of Balance) 00F Houses in South Figaro 010 Chocobo Stable (World of Ruin) 011 Airship (World of Ruin, Bahamut magicite received) 012 Narshe (WoB)-Mountaintop cliff (from intro) 013 Narshe (WoB) (from intro--some places are inaccessible) 014 Narshe (WoB) (normal) 015 Narshe-Mountains between Narshe and the caves above Narshe 016 Narshe-Mountaintop maze above Narshe 017 Narshe-Mountaintop cliff (normal) 018 Narshe-Weapon Shop 019 Narshe-Armor Shop 01A Narshe-Item Shop 01B Narshe-Relic Shop 01C Narshe-Inn 01D Narshe-Cafe 01E Narshe-Elder's House 01F Chocobo Stable 020 Narshe (WoR) 021 Narshe (WoR)-Mountains between Narshe and the caves above Narshe 022 Narshe (WoR)-Mountaintop maze above Narshe (Ice Dragon) 023 Narshe (WoR)-Mountaintop cliff 024 Narshe Caves (Mag Roader?) 025 Underneath Narshe 026 Moogle's Cave 027 Narshe-Mountain Path to Maze 028 Narshe Caves (no enemies) 029 Narhse Caves (beginning) 02A 02B 02C Underneath Narshe (doesn't work) 02D 02E 02F South Figaro (doesn't work) 030 031 032 Underneath Narshe 033 034 035 036 037 Figaro Castle 038 039 Figaro Castle-various rooms 03A 03B " 03C 03D Figaro Castle-various basement rooms 03E 03F 040 041 042 043 044 Cave to South Figaro (World of Ruin) 045 Cave to South Figaro (World of Balance) 046 047 048 049 04A South Figaro (World of Ruin) 04B South Figaro (World of Balance) 04C 04D 04E 04F 050 051 South Figaro-Large House 052 053 South Figaro-Large House, basement 054 South Figaro-Duncan's House, basement 055 056 South Figaro-Duncan's House 057 058 South Figaro-Inn 059 05A 05B 05C 05D 05E Nikeah (?)-Some rooms (as well as Cid's house on the Solitary Island) 05F 060 Mt. Kolts 061 Mt. Kolts with Fog 062 Mt. Kolts-last area (where Vargas is) 063 064 Mt. Kolts-Inner caves 065 066 067 068 069 Classroom-Advanced Battle Tactics 06A Classroom-Battle Tactics 06B Classroom-Environmental Science 06C 06D Returners' Hideout 06E 06F Returners' Hideout-Inn 070 071 Lete River 072 Lete River-Inner Caves 073 Crazy Old Man's House 074 Albrook-Shops 075 Imperial Camp 076 077 078 Doma Castle-from poison scene? 079 Doma Castle-World of Balance 07A 07B Doma Castle-inner rooms 07C 07D Doma Castle-dimmed with enemies (from Cyan's dream) 07E Doma Castle-dimmed rooms with enemies (from Cyan's dream) 07F Duncan's House--World of Ruin 080 081 082 083 Crazy Old Man's House--World of Ruin 084 Phantom Forest--Entrance 085 Phantom Forest--Recovery Spring 086 Phantom Forest--Exit 087 Phantom Forest--to train platform 088 089 Phantom Train Platform--Train left, Cyan sad 08A 08B 08C 08D 08E Phantom Train 08F 090 Phantom Train--Switch car, from Cyan's dream 091 Phantom Train--Seating car 092 Phantom Train--Engine room 093 Phantom Train--Dining car 094 095 Phantom Train--Seating car 2 096 097 Phantom Train--Rroom car 1 098 Phantom Train--Car with ghost 099 Phantom Train--Save point 09A 09B Baren Falls--Cave 09C Baren Falls--Cliff 09D Mobliz--World of Balance 09E Mobliz--World of Ruin 09F Riverbank where Gau finds the party 0A0 Mobliz--Inn 0A1 Mobliz--Arsenal 0A2 Mobliz--Relics 0A3 Mobliz--Armor Shop 0A4 Mobliz--Item Shop 0A5 Mobliz--Wounded Soldier's House 0A6 Baren Falls--Entrance 0A7 Mt. Crescent 0A8 River leading to Serpent Trench 0A9 Nikeah--World of Balance 0AA Riverbank with Clyde and Baram 0AB 0AC 0AD 0AE 0AF Serpent Trench--Caves 0B0 Mt. Zozo--Outside 0B1 Mt. Zozo--Outside, cliff with treasure chest 0B2 Mt. Zozo--Outside, cliff connecting dragon room to Cyan's room 0B3 Mt. Zozo--First inner chamber 0B4 0B5 Mt. Zozo--Cliff outside Cyan's room 0B6 0B7 0B8 0B9 Colloseum Builder's House--World of Balance 0BA 0BB Nikeah--Port 0BC Kohlingen--World of Balance 0BD Kohlingen--World of Ruin 0BE 0BF Kohlingen--Inn 0C0 Kohlingen--? 0C1 Kohlingen--Arsenal 0C2 Kohlingen--General Store 0C3 0C4 0C5 0C6 Jidoor--World of Balance 0C7 0C8 Jidoor--Auction House 0C9 Jidoor--Item Shop 0CA Jidoor--Relics 0CB Jidoor--Armor Shop 0CC Jidoor--Weapon Shop 0CD 0CE Jidoor--Inn 0CF Jidoor--Owzer's House (dimmed, enemies) 0D0 Jidoor--Owzer's House (dimmed, no enemies) 0D1 Jidoor--Owzer's House 0D2 0D3 0D4 0D5 0D6 0D7 Airship flying scene 0D8 Gestahl, Madonna, and Maduin outside Esperville 0D9 Esperville 0DA Esper Cave 0DB Esperville Houses 0DC 0DD Zozo 0DE 0DF 0E0 0E1 Zozo--Buildings 0E2 " 0E3 0E4 0E5 0E6 0E7 Opera House--Stage, dancing 0E8 0E9 Opera House--Stage, fighting 0EA 0EB Opera House--Rafters 0EC Opera House--Castle Scene 0ED 0EE 0EF Opera House--Rafters (alone) 0F0 0F1 0F2 Vector 0F3 Vector--Imperial Castle 0F4 Vector--Imperial Castle, roof 0F5 Vector--Inn 0F6 Vector--Weapon Shop 0F7 Vector--Cafe 0F8 Vector--Armor Shop 0F9 Vector--? 0FA Vector--Imperial Castle, inside 0FB 0FC 0FD Vector--on fire 0FE 0FF 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 Magitek Factory--Inside 107 Magitek Factory--Inside, 2nd 108 Magitek Factory--Chamber where Shiva and Ifrit are found 109 10A Magitek Factory--Elevator with Cid 10B 10C 10D 10E 10F 110 111 112 Magitek Research Facility--Tube Room 113 114 The place Zone Eater sucks you into 115 116 Gogo's Room 117 118 119 Umaro's Lair 11A 11B 11C Maranda--World of Balance 11D Doma (after liberation?) 11E 11F Kefka's Domain 120 (?)--Inn 121 (?)--Weapon Shop 122 (?)--Armor Shop 123 124 125 Kefka's Domain 126 Kefka's Domain 127 Kefka's Domain 128 " 129 Daryll's Tomb 12A Daryll's Tomb--Basement 1 12B Daryll's Tomb--Basement 2 12C Daryll's Tomb--Basement 3 12D Daryll's Tomb--Long Staircase 12E 12F Kefka's Domain 130 131 Tzen--World of Ruin, predestruction 132 Tzen--World of Ruin, postdestruction 133 Jidoor (WoR)--Item Shop 134 Jidoor (WoR)--Inn 135 Jidoor (WoR)--Weapon Shop 136 Jidoor (WoR)--Armor Shop 137 138 Jidoor (WoR)--Relics 139 Phoenix Cave--Small Lava Room 13A Phoenix Cave--Foggy Lava Room 13B Phoenix Cave--Top Level 13C 13D 13E Phoenix Cave--Entrance 13F Mountain Cliff from Cyan's dream 140 Mines from Cyan's dream 141 Switch car from Cyan's dream 142 Seating car from Cyan's dream 143 Albrook--World of Balance 144 Albrook--World of Ruin 145 Albrook--Inn 146 Albrook--Weapon Shop 147 Albrook--Armor Shop 148 Albrook--Item Shop 149 14A Albrook--Cafe 14B 14C Albrook--Docks 14D 14E Kefka's Domain--Main Area 14F 150 Final Room--Confrontation with Kefka 151 Kefka's Domain--Room with Weights and Switches 152 153 154 Thamasa--World of Balance 155 Thamasa--World of Balance (people lying on ground) 156 157 Thamasa--World of Balance 158 Thamasa--World of Ruin 159 Thamasa--Arsenal 15A Thamasa--Inn 15B Thamasa--Item Shop 15C Thamasa--Elder's House 15D 15E 15F Thamasa--Burning House 160 Magitek Research Facility 161 Cave in the Veldt 162 Kefka's Domain--Goddess room, etc. 163 164 Final Room--Confrontation with Kefka 165 Final Room--Confrontation with Kefka 166 Floating Island--Save Point 167 Fanatics Tower 168 Fanatics Tower 169 Fanatics Tower 16A Fanatics Tower--Entrance 16B Fanatics Tower 16C Fanatics Tower--Roof 16D Fanatics Tower--Treasure Room 16E Fanatics Tower--Treasure Room, on roof 16F Fanatics Tower--Treasure Room 170 Fanatics Tower--Treasure Room, White Dragon 171 Fanatics Tower--Treasure Room 172 Fanatics Tower--Treasure Room 173 Cave near Thamasa, with the Three Statues 174 175 Cave near Thamasa, outside cliffs, left 176 Cave near Thamasa, outside cliffs, right 177 Cave near Thamasa, Esper room 178 179 Imperial Base 17A Rooms in Vector and Imperial Base 17B " 17C Large Overworld Map (from Floating Island) 17D 17E Cave to the Sealed Gate 17F Cave to the Sealed Gate--Basement 1 180 Cave to the Sealed Gate--Basement 1 (Lava colored) 181 Cave to the Sealed Gate--Small Lava Room with moving bridges 182 Cave to the Sealed Gate--Basement 4 183 Cave to the Sealed Gate--Basement 4 184 185 186 Land that rises and breaks for the World of Ruin 187 Sealed Gate 188 Jidoor--Floating Island casting shadow 189 Floating Island--being destroyed, Naughtys attack 18A Floating Island 18B Piece of land that gets torn apart 18C Cid's House on Solitary Island--Outside 18D 18E Solitary Island--Beach 18F Solitary Island--Cliff 190 Solitary Island--Beach 191 Caves to the Ancient Castle 192 Caves to the Ancient Castle 193 194 Hidon's Cave 195 Hidon's Cave 196 Ancient Castle--Basement 1 197 Ancient Castle--Entrance 198 Ancient Castle--Basement 1 199 Kefka's Domain--Pipe Room 19A Kefka's Domain 19B 19C 19D Colloseum--Rooms 19E

Event Commands

Character Action Queue Specification: xx nn xx = Character Number, nn = Number of actions to perform (including the final end command)

                           If nn & 0x80, the next action will not take place until this and any before it are complete.

$E3-$E4 Timer? $E5-$E7 Current event "PC" $E8-$EA Current "stack pointer" $EB Parameter byte 1 $EC Parameter byte 2 $ED Parameter byte 3 $EE Parameter byte 4 $EF Parameter byte 5

General Actions: (Jump table at $C098C4)

35 xx $C09C44 36 xx $C09C6F 37 xx yy $C09C8F Assign graphic set yy to object xx 38 $C09D0E Hold screen--does not scroll when character moves 39 $C09D16 Free screen--does scroll when character moves 3A $C09D1E 3B $C09D2E Position character in a "ready-to-go" stance 3C c1 c2 c3 c4 $C09D6D Put characters c1-4 in the party 3D xx $C09E3C Create object xx 3E xx $C09E67 Delete object xx 3F xx yy $C09D3B Assign character xx to party yy (if yy == 0, remove character from party) 40 xx yy $C0A07C Assign properties yy to character xx 41 xx $C0A2FA Show object xx 42 xx $C0A336 Hide object xx 43 xx yy $C09CA9 Assign palette yy to object xx 44 xx yy $C09CCA 45 $C09CE2 Refresh objects 46 xx $C09CEA Make xx the current party 47 $C09D03 48 xxxx $C0A475 Display dialogue message xxxx, continue executing commands 49 $C0A4A6 If dialogue window is up, wait for keypress then dismiss 4A $C0A4B0 4B xxxx $C0A4BC Display dialogue message xxxx, halt execution until gone

                                   If xxxx & 0x4000, only the text will be shown (no dialogue window)
                                   If xxxx & 0x8000, the text will be shown at the bottom of the screen

4C xx yy $C0A591 4D xx bb $C0A578 Battle Enemy Set xx, Background Scenery bb

                                   00: Grass                       10: Inside of Train Car                 20: Owzer's House                   30: Airship, WoB, right
                                   01: Brown Forest                11: Blue/Purple Cave                    21: Running on Train Tracks         31: --
                                   02: Desert                      12: Icy Field                           22: Bridge near Sealed Gate         32: --
                                   03: Green Forest                13: Bright Town                         23: Underwater                      33: Statue 1
                                   04: Building                    14: Factory                             24: Zozo                            34: Statue 2
                                   05: World of Ruin               15: Floating Island                     25: Airship, WoB, centered          35: Statue 3
                                   06: The Veldt                   16: Kefka's Domain                      26: Tomb                            36: Kefka's Background
                                   07: Falling through the Clouds  17: Opera Stage                         27: Doma                            37: Tentacles
                                   08: Dark Town                   18: Opera House Rafters                 28: Kefka's Domain                  3F: Narshe
                                   09: Grey Cave                   19: Flaming House                       29: Airship, WoR, right
                                   0A: Brown Cave                  1A: Castle                              2A: Red Cave
                                   0B: Mountain Top                1B: Magitek Research Facility w/ Tubes  2B: Light Building
                                   0C: Mountain Cave               1C: Colloseum                           2C: Riding Car out of MagResFac
                                   0D: Raft on a River             1D: Magitek Research Facility           2D: Fanatics' Tower
                                   0E: Imperial Base               1E: Village                             2E: Cyan's Dream World
                                   0F: On Top of Train Car         1F: Waterfall                           2F: Desert

4E $C0A4F9 4F $C0A5F3 Exit current location 50 xx $C0A5FD Tint screen (cumulative) (takes 32 executions at intensity 15 to saturate) 51 xx pb pe $C0A640 ? Modify BG color range from [pb, pe] 52 xx $C0A686 Tint characters (cumulative) 53 xx pb pe $C0A6C5 ? Modify OBJ color range [pb, pe] 54 $C0A784 55 ci $C0A795 Flash screen with color component(s) c, intensity i 56 ci $C0A7BA Increase color component(s) c, intensity i 57 ci $C0A7D0 Decrease color component(s) c, intensity i

                                   Color components:
                                   2: Red                      A: Red + Blue (Magenta)
                                   4: Green                    C: Green + Blue (Cyan)
                                   6: Red + Green (Yellow)     E: Red + Green + Blue (White)
                                   8: Blue

58 xx $C0A7E6 Shake the screen (xx?) 59 xx $C0A80A Unfade the screen at speed x 5A _x $C0A817 Fade the screen at speed x 5B $C0A826 5C $C0A82D 5D xx yy $C0A838 Scroll BG0, speed xx x yy (00 --> 7F left/up, 80 <-- FF right/down) 5E xx yy $C0A8CE Scroll BG1, speed xx x yy (00 --> 7F left/up, 80 <-- FF right/down) 5F xx yy $C0A964 Scroll BG2, speed xx x yy (00 --> 7F left/up, 80 <-- FF right/down) 60 xx yy $C0A9FA 61 _c pb pe $C0AA3D ? Desaturate color component(s) c from color range [pb, pe] 62 xx $C0AACB Mosaic screen with speed xx (lower == slower) 63 xx $C0AADB 64 xx yy $C0AAE9 65 xx yy $C0AB09 6A nnnn xx yy ff $C0AB47 Loads map nnnn, positions party at (xx, yy)

                                   01:     Party is in airship
                                   02:     Party is on Chocobo

6B nnnn xx yy ff $C0AB55 Loads map nnnn, positions party at (xx, yy) 6C xxxx yyyy zzzz $C0AC0B 70 xx yy $C0A881 Scroll BG0 71 xx yy $C0A917 Scroll BG1 72 xx yy $C0A9AD Scroll BG2 73 xx yy rr cc data... $C0AC45 Copy data of size rr*cc to current map's BG0 at (xx, yy) and refresh background 74 xx yy rr cc data... $C0AC62 Copy data of size rr*cc to current map's BG0 at (xx, yy) 75 $C0AC1F Refresh background after map has been changed 77 xx $C09F32 78 xx $C09C7F 79 xx yy zz $C0A36A 7A xx yy zz aa $C0A42A 7B $C0A441 7C xx $C0A455 7D xx $C0A465 7E xx yy $C0A39A Move the characters to (xx, yy) on the current map 7F xx yy $C0A03A Change character xx's name to yy 80 xx $C0ACF0 Place item xx in inventory 81 xx $C0AD2D Remove item xx from inventory 82 $C0A570 84 xxxx $C0AD50 Give xxxx amount of GP to party 85 xxxx $C0AD7F Take xxxx amount of GP from party 86 xx $C0ADB8 Give Esper xx to party 87 xx $C0ADD7 Take Esper xx from party

                                   36: Ramuh           40: Tritoch         4A: Phantom
                                   37: Ifrit           41: Odin            4B: Sraphim
                                   38: Shiva           42: Raiden          4C: Golem
                                   39: Siren           43: Bahamut         4D: Unicorn
                                   3A: Terrato         44: Alexandr        4E: Fenrir
                                   3B: Shoat           45: Crusader        4F: Starlet
                                   3C: Maduin          46: Ragnarok        50: Phoenix
                                   3D: Bismark         47: Kirin
                                   3E: Stray           48: ZoneSeek
                                   3F: Palidor         49: Carbunkl

88 xx c1 c2 $C0AE2D Remove status conditions c1 and c2 from character xx (c1 = Condition Effects 1, c2 = Condition Effects 4) 89 xx c1 c2 $C0AE47 Inflict status conditions c1 and c2 on character xx (c1 = Condition Effects 1, c2 = Condition Effects 4) 8A xx c1 c2 $C0AE61 Toggle status conditions c1 and c2 for character xx (c1 = Condition Effects 1, c2 = Condition Effects 4) 8B xx yy $C0AE7B 8C xx yy $C0AF3E 8D xx $C09FCE Remove all equipment from character xx and place it in the inventory 8E $C0A54E 8F $C0AFF8 90 $C0B002 91 $C0B23F Pause for 15 units 92 $C0B249 Pause for 30 units 93 $C0B253 Pause for 45 units 94 $C0B25D Pause for 60 units 95 $C0B267 Pause for 120 units 96 $C0A7F0 Refresh screen after a menu or battle 97 $C0A7FD Fade screen to black 98 xx $C0B00F Invoke name change screen for character xx 99 xx yy zz $C0B035 Invoke party selection screen: xx = number of groups 9A $C0B0B2 Invoke Coliseum item selection screen 9B xx $C0B06D Invoke shop xx 9C xx $C0B08C 9D $C0B09C Invoke Party Order screen (from final battle) A0 xx yy zz aa bb $C0B0E0 A1 xx $C0B10E A2 $C0B130 A6 $C0BA09 A7 xx $C0BA14 A8 $C0BA51 Show Floating Island soaring into the sky A9 $C0B966 Show title screen AA $C0B992 Show intro with Magitek Armor walking through snowfields AB $C0B91B Invoke game loading screen AC $C0B95E AD $C0BA69 Show world getting torn apart AE $C0B9C5 Show train car ride out of the Magitek Factory AF $C0A503 Invoke random Coliseum battle B0 xx $C0B138 Repeat the the following commands (until B1 is encountered) xx times B1 $C0B145 End block of commands to repeat with B0 B2 aaaaaa $C0B1A1 Jump to subroutine aaaaaa (+$CA0000/$0A0200) B3 xx aaaaaa $C0B1DF B4 xx $C0B21D Pause for xx units B5 xx $C0B227 Pause for 15 * xx units B6 aaaaaa ... $C0B6D3 Branch to the nth address following B6, where n is the last item selected from a

                                   multiple-choice dialogue window.  Each address is 3 bytes, added to $CA0000/$0A0200.

B7 xx aaaaaa $C0B299 Branch to aaaaaa (+$CA0000/$0A0200) if bit $1DC9 + $xx is clear B8 xx $C0B6AB Set bit $1DC9 + $xx B9 xx $C0B6BF Clear bit $1DC9 + $xx BA xx $C0BA31 BB $C0B9BE BC xx yy $C0B16F Return if bit $1E80 + $xx is clear BD aaaaaa $C0B271 Increment $1F6D, if ($C0FD00 + ($1F6D)) >= $80, branch to aaaaaa + $CA0000/$0A0200 BE nn xaaaaa ... $C0B6F7 Jump to indexed subroutine based on the state of bit $1EB4(x)

                                   Number of parameters = (nn * 3) + 1 (+1 accounts for the nn)

BF $C0B9E7 Show airship scene from the ending

C0-CF Conditionals:

   If MSB of bit to test is 0, the bit will be compared to 0, else it will be compared to 1.
   [In a nutshell, if(tx && 0x8000) -> if(*tx); if(!(tx && 0x8000)) -> if(!(*tx))]
   If result of all comparisons is true, branch will occur; otherwise, execution will occur at the next command.
   Each condition to test (the bit value) is 2 bytes--the address to branch to is 3 bytes, and is added to $CA0000/$0A0200.

C0-C7: $C0B2C8, C8-CF: $C0B32D

C0 t1 addr if(t1) branch; else continue; C1 t1 t2 addr if(t1 || t2) branch; else continue; C2 t1 t2 t3 addr if(t1 || t2 || t3) branch; else continue; C3 t1 t2 t3 t4 addr if(t1 || t2 || t3 || t4) branch; else continue; C4 t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 addr if(t1 || t2 || t3 || t4 || t5) branch; else continue; C5 t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 addr if(t1 || t2 || t3 || t4 || t5 || t6) branch; else continue; C6 t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 t7 addr if(t1 || t2 || t3 || t4 || t5 || t6 || t7) branch; else continue; C7 t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 t7 t8 addr if(t1 || t2 || t3 || t4 || t5 || t6 || t7 || t8) branch; else continue; C8 t1 addr if(t1) branch; else continue; C9 t1 t2 addr if(t1 && t2) branch; else continue; CA t1 t2 t3 addr if(t1 && t2 && t3) branch; else continue; CB t1 t2 t3 t4 addr if(t1 && t2 && t3 && t4) branch; else continue; CC t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 addr if(t1 && t2 && t3 && t4 && t5) branch; else continue; CD t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 addr if(t1 && t2 && t3 && t4 && t5 && t6) branch; else continue; CE t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 t7 addr if(t1 && t2 && t3 && t4 && t5 && t6 && t7) branch; else continue; CF t1 t2 t3 t4 t5 t6 t7 t8 addr if(t1 && t2 && t3 && t4 && t5 && t6 && t7 && t8) branch; else continue;

D0 xx $C0B593 Set event bit $1E80 + xx ($1E80 + $0xx) D1 xx $C0B5CF Clear event bit $1E80 + xx ($1E80 + $0xx) D2 xx $C0B5A7 Set event bit $1EA0 + xx ($1E80 + $1xx) D3 xx $C0B5E3 Clear event bit $1EA0 + xx ($1E80 + $1xx) D4 xx $C0B5BB Set event bit $1EC0 + xx ($1E80 + $2xx) D5 xx $C0B5F7 Clear event bit $1EC0 + xx ($1E80 + $2xx) D6 xx $C0B60B Set event bit $1EE0 + xx ($1E80 + $3xx) D7 xx $C0B65B Clear event bit $1EE0 + xx ($1E80 + $3xx) D8 xx $C0B61F Set event bit $1F00 + xx ($1E80 + $4xx) D9 xx $C0B66F Clear event bit $1F00 + xx ($1E80 + $4xx) DA xx $C0B633 Set event bit $1F20 + xx ($1E80 + $5xx) DB xx $C0B683 Clear event bit $1F20 + xx ($1E80 + $5xx) DC xx $C0B647 Set event bit $1F40 + xx ($1E80 + $6xx) DD xx $C0B697 Clear event bit $1F40 + xx ($1E80 + $6xx) DE $C0B40B DF $C0B465 E0 $C0B513 E1 $C0B51E E2 $C0B4B9 E3 $C0B3B7 Load bits $1EB4(0-7) and $1EB5(0-7) with the available characters E4 $C0B39E E7 $C0B394 E8 xx yyyy $C0B529 Set word $1FC2 + $xx to yyyy E9 xx yyyy $C0B53C EA xx yyyy $C0B556 EB xx yyyy $C0B571 EF xx yy $C0B7AA F0 xx $C0B780 Play song xx F1 xx yy $C0B7D4 Fade in song xx with speed yy (higher == slower) F2 xx $C0B811 Fade out current song with speed xx (higher == slower) F3 xx $C0B827 F4 xx $C0B854 Play sound effect xx F5 xx yy zz $C0B85E F6 xx yy zz $C0B889 F7 $C0B8A1 F8 $C0B8AF F9 xx $C0B8BA FA $C0B8C7 FE $C0B8D7 Return

Special Event Bits:

D2 CE $1E80($1CE) [$1EB9, bit 6] Enables party switching with the Y button

Movement Actions: (Jump table at $C07807, beginning with $C6)

00-3F Graphical Actions 40-7F Graphical Actions 00-3F, flipped horizontally 80 Move Character Up--1 tile 81 Move Character Right--1 tile 82 Move Character Down--1 tile 83 Move Character Left--1 tile 84 Move Character Up--2 tiles 85 Move Character Right--2 tiles 86 Move Character Down--2 tiles 87 Move Character Left--2 tiles 88 Move Character Up--3 tiles 89 Move Character Right--3 tiles 8A Move Character Down--3 tiles 8B Move Character Left--3 tiles 8C Move Character Up--4 tiles 8D Move Character Right--4 tiles 8E Move Character Down--4 tiles 8F Move Character Left--4 tiles 90 Move Character Up--5 tiles 91 Move Character Right--5 tiles 92 Move Character Down--5 tiles 93 Move Character Left--5 tiles 94 Move Character Up--6 tiles 95 Move Character Right--6 tiles 96 Move Character Down--6 tiles 97 Move Character Left--6 tiles 98 Move Character Up--7 tiles 99 Move Character Right--7 tiles 9A Move Character Down--7 tiles 9B Move Character Left--7 tiles 9C Move Character Up--8 tiles 9D Move Character Right--8 tiles 9E Move Character Down--8 tiles 9F Move Character Left--8 tiles A0 Move Character Right/Up--1x1 tile A1 Move Character Right/Down--1x1 tile A2 Move Character Left/Down--1x1 tile A3 Move Character Left/Up--1x1 tile A4 Move Character Right/Up--1x2 tile A5 Move Character Right/Up--2x1 tile A6 Move Character Right/Down--2x1 tile A7 Move Character Right/Down--1x2 tile A8 Move Character Left/Down--1x2 tile A9 Move Character Left/Down--2x1 tile AA Move Character Left/Up--2x1 tile AB Move Character Left/Up--1x2 tile C0 Set character's speed (within the event) to slowest C1 Set character's speed (within the event) to slow C2 Set character's speed (within the event) to normal C3 Set character's speed (within the event) to fast C4 Set character's speed (within the event) to fastest C6 $C0787B Set character to walk when moving C7 $C07886 Set character to stay still when moving C8 $C07891 C9 $C07A05 CC $C078AB Turn current character up CD $C078B7 Turn current character right CE $C078C4 Turn current character down CF $C078D1 Turn current character left D0 $C078DE D1 $C07928 Make current character disappear D5 xx yy $C07A1E Set position to (xx, yy) D7 $C07A65 DC $C07A94 Make character jump (low) DD $C07A9C Make character jump (high) E0 xx $C07AA4 Pause for xx units E1 xx $C07969 Set event bit $1E80 + xx ($1E80 + $0xx) E2 xx $C07983 Set event bit $1EA0 + xx ($1E80 + $1xx) E3 xx $C0799D Set event bit $1EC0 + xx ($1E80 + $2xx) E4 xx $C079B7 Clear event bit $1E80 + xx ($1E80 + $0xx) E5 xx $C079D1 Clear event bit $1EA0 + xx ($1E80 + $1xx) E6 xx $C079EB Clear event bit $1EC0 + xx ($1E80 + $2xx) F9 aaaaaa $C07ACF Branch to queue code at aaaaaa (+CA0000/+0A0200) FA xx $C07B0C Increment $1F6D, if ($C0FD00 + ($1F6D)) >= $80, branch backwards xx bytes in the queue FB xx $C07B19 Increment $1F6D, if ($C0FD00 + ($1F6D)) >= $80, branch forwards xx bytes in the queue FC xx $C07B26 Branch backwards xx bytes in the queue FD xx $C07B4B Branch forwards xx bytes in the queue FF $C07B70 End queue

Battle Event Commands:

00 xx $C1970C Display message xx at the top of the screen 01 xx $C196C1 Display message xx at the bottom of the screen 02 $C1FFE3 -- 03 xx $C1FF78 04 xx $C1FF78 05 xx $C1FF78 06 xx $C1FF78 07 $C1FF60 08 $C1FF60 09 $C1FF60 0A $C1FF60 0B $C1FF60 0C $C1FF60 0D $C1FE2D 0E $C1FF47 0F $C1FF55 Execute queues 10 $C196AD 11 $C196AA Open dialogue window at the bottom of the screen 12 $C1FEB9 13 $C1FDE8 14 $C1FDED

11 Open dialogue window at the bottom of the screen 01 2F Display message $2F at the bottom of the screen 03 29 Queue for KEFKA


0F Execute queues 01 30 Display message $30 at the bottom of the screen 0E 03 05 Queue for SABIN


04 29 Queue for KEFKA


0F Execute queues 01 31 Display message $31 at the bottom of the screen 0E 03 05 Queue for SABIN


04 29 Queue for KEFKA


0F Execute queues 0E 03 03 Queue for SHADOW


04 29 Queue for SABIN


0F Execute queues 10 FF End Event

Pseudorepresentations of Event Commands:

Pseudorepresentation of Event 13/26x32

Event13/26x32 {

   QueueObject(00, 2 bytes, wait)
   3C(00, FF, FF, FF);
   QueueObject(0E, 6 bytes, wait)
       Object_SetPosition(26, 32);
   QueueObject(0F, 6 bytes, wait)
       Object_SetPosition(26, 32);
   QueueObject(0E, 3 bytes, no wait)
   QueueObject(0F, 7 bytes, wait)
   QueueObject(0E, 3 bytes, no wait)
   QueueObject(0F, 4 bytes, wait)
   QueueObject(00, 8 bytes, wait)


Event13/26x26 {

   If(bit $128 == 0) branch to 0A60B3;
   QueueObject(10, 4 bytes, wait)
       Object_SetPosition(25, 20);
   QueueObject(11, 4 bytes, wait)
       Object_SetPosition(27, 20);
   QueueObject(10, 2 bytes, no wait)
   QueueObject(11, 2 bytes, wait)
   DisplayDialogueAndWait(000D, bottom);
   QueueObject(10, 3 bytes, no wait)
   QueueObject(11, 3 bytes, wait)
   InvokeBattle(01, Narshe background);
       B7(40, B25E00);


Info on save points (0CA45E): {

   if(bit 001 == 0) branch to 0CA468;


SPC Note Info

00-0A Play note, frequency 0 10-1A Play note, frequency 1 20-2A Play note, frequency 2 30-3A Play note, frequency 3 40-4A Play note, frequency 4 50-5A Play note, frequency 5 60-6A Play note, frequency 6 70-7A Play note, frequency 7 80-8A Play note, frequency 8 90-9A Play note, frequency 9 A0-AA Play note, frequency 10 B0-BA Play silence C4 xx Set volume of channel to xx (00-7F), higher values == greater volume. C5 ss xx Fade volume to xx at speed ss C6 xx Pan song left->right as xx (00-7F) increases C7 xx Pan song right->left as xx (00-7F) increases //C8 Created an odd ascending portamento effect. CD xx Pan repeatedly back and forth at speed xx (00-FF), higher values == slower panning. CE Disable pan loop D7 Raise octave by 1 D8 Lower octave by 1 DE Disables DF. //DF Created an odd volume "cut" very shortly into the note... //E4 Creates a portamento effect linking all following notes with pitch slides. E5 Disables E4. E6 Enable vibrato. E7 Disable vibrato. F0 xx Set tempo to xx (00-FF), higher values == faster tempo. F1 ss xx Fade tempo to xx at speed ss F2 xx Set echo to xx F3 ss xx Fade echo to xx at speed ss


0x70ba2: Table of loop start for the samples (2 bytes for each sample) 0x70ae7: Table of addresses for samples (3 bytes) 0x70e11: Table of the samples used in each song (16x2 bytes) 0x70d18: Table of adresses of the songs (3 bytes) 0x70c1e: Table of relative frequencies for each sample (1 signed byte, add 256 to get the relative frequency) There are 82 songs in FF6US. The samples begin with the length of the sample in bytes, then the sample comes after it, in BRR format. Every 16 samples are compressed into 9 bytes. They have the following format: rrrrffle 01 23 45 67 89 AB CD EF rrrr - Granularity (shift every nybble upwards by this granularity) ff - filter designation l - looping sample, only used in the last block e - end of sample Example: 01010000 01 23 21 0F ED CB CD EF becomes 0000 0020 0040 0060 0040 0020 0000 FFE0 FFC0 FFA0 FF80 FF60 FF80 FFA0 FFC0 FFE0

The songs begin with 19 words. Word 3 to 11 contains the low 16-bit half of the offset to each channel's data. The high half is the same as the address to the table if the low part is higher than the low part of the address of the table, if it is lower, the high half is the high half of the address to the table +1. The format of each channel in the song: Bytes below 0xC4 - Divide by 14 to get the note. 12 is nothing and 13 means note off. The remainder is an offset to a table which contains the length of the note. The table is: 192, 96, 64, 72, 48, 32, 36, 24, 16, 12, 8, 6, 4, 3 C4 xx: Volume C5 tt xx: VolSlide C6 xx: Pan C7 tt xx: PanSlide C8 tt xx: Portamento. Xx denotes the increase in pitch. When this is immediately followed by a note, the portamento comes after the note. C9 ss tt dd: Vibrato. Ss is the speed of the vibrato. Tt is the time until the vibrato appears. Dd is the depth. CA: Vibrato off CB ss tt dd: Tremolo CC: Tremolo off CD ?? ??: Pan sweep back and forth CE: Pansweep off D6: Set octave D7: 1 Octave up D8: 1 Octave down DA: Set transpose DB: Add to transpose DC: Change sample E2 xx: Loop start. Xx is number of times to loop -1. There can be up to 4 nested loops. E3: Loop end E8 xx: Set the length of the next note EB: End of channel F0: Set speed F5 xx aaaa: When instruction has been executed xx times, jump to aaaa and end the most recent loop F6 aaaa: Jump to aaaa FB: set drum mode on FC: set drum mode off I don't know where the table for the drums is, but it is 36 bytes for each song containing the instrument, note and pan position for each drum.