Final Fantasy VI

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Final Fantasy III
Final Fantasy VI.png
Company Square
Header None
Bank HiROM
Interleaved No
SRAM 64 Kb
Type Normal + Batt
ROM 24 Mb
Country USA
Video NTSC
ROM Speed 120ns (FastROM)
Revision 1.0 or 1.1
Checksum Good 0x5F32 (version 1.0)
Good 0x8A60 (version 1.1)
CRC32 A27F1C7A (version 1.0)
C0FA0464 (version 1.1)
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Major Hacks

  • Final Fantasy 66. Tweaks the game in many different ways to make it more intense, uses a retranslation patch as base, and has many new features listed on the site.
  • Final Fantasy III (US) HardType v1.2. This makes the game MUCH harder and adds more flavor than the original. It changes so much to the game that there isn't enough room here to explain it check the site for a load of screens to help explain some things. Enjoy!
  • Final Fantasy 3 Eviltype. A difficulty hack that aims to improve both character, equipment and enemy balance by improvement, rather than nerfing or reduction of options, and to keep largely true to the original enemy and character builds rather than heavily alter the original character of the game.

Minor Hacks

Battle Behavior Hacks

  • Evade Bug Fix. The way the game is supposed to work is that evade increases your chance of dodging physical attacks, and mblock increases you chance of dodging magical attacks. Due to a bug, mblock helps increase the chance to dodge both physical and magical attacks, and evade has no use. The same bug also disables other features that were meant to be in the game, such as the blind status and the bead relics, which due to this bug also have no effect.
  • Vanish/Doom Fix. For those who dont know, if you cast Doom or any other instant death spell on a vanished enemy it automatically kills them, even monsters who are supposed to be immune to instant death (including most bosses). This means that you can kill almost every enemy simply by casting Vanish on them followed by Doom. The only enemies you can't kill with this are enemies that are immune to Vanish. This patch will fix the the bug that causes this and make the spells hit normally.
  • Rippler Bug Fix. Rippler is a lore that swaps the statuses of the target and the attacker. It's only supposed to swap the following statuses: Blind, Zombie, Poison, Invisible, Imp, Count, Image, Mute, Berserk, Confuse, Seizure, Sleep, Regen, Slow, Haste, Stop, Shell, Safe, Wall, Life 3, Float. Due to a bug, it swaps all statuses, including strange statuses like Shadow's Dog Block, Terra's Morph, and Gau's Rage, among others. If Interceptor will no longer block for Shadow in your game, you've most likely fell prey to this bug. This patch fixes Rippler so that it only swaps the statuses that it's supposed to.
  • Genji Glove damage reduction fix. Repairs the 25% physical damage reduction caused by Genji Glove so that the cut happens just when you have two weapons. Normally, that penalty would occur only if you had the Genji Glove on and one or no weapons equipped; hence the need for the fix, since that obviously doesn't make any sense.
  • Magic Damage Overflow fix. Repairs the main Magic Damage Calculation function to make sure damage stays within a 16-bit value. Previously, there was nothing preventing magical attacks from overflowing the damage counter, wrapping it to some paltry number; try a Level 99 character with 140+ Magic Power and Ultima to see the bug in action. Thankfully, Square did foolproof all (?) the other functions that can increase damage, minimizing my work.
  • Jump Megafix. There are five bugs involving Jump here, a couple specific to Ogre Nix. This patch fixes all those bugs. If you're interested in how it does that or more info on the bugs themselves, consult the Readme, particularly Sections 0 and 6.
  • That Damn Yellow Streak fix. Repairs a minor graphical bug in Gogo's skill menu.
  • Invert damage if Undead fix. Fixes this attack property to work correctly. In doing so, Acid Rain and Virite no longer heal the Undead (like Runic for example), and Seizure now heals the Undead as it should. Seizure is the most noticable effect of the patch since things such as Whispers on the Phantom Train no longer degenerate (along with Gau if he uses the Rage, so now it has a profitable effect).
  • FC 05 enemy command bugfix. This patch fixes the behavior of the FC 05 enemy script conditional command. In the normal game, FC 05 counterattacks the first damaging blow dealt (HP or MP), and after that it counterattacks anything. The bugfix makes it so that FC 05 only counterattacks HP or MP damaging attacks. This should, at the same time, fix a targeting bug in which FC 05 doesn't change targets if the last attacker didn't do damage, since now it only counters HP or MP damaging attacks.
  • Multi-Steal fix. There are two errors associated with multiple steal attempts in this game. First, the stolen items are not all added to your inventory (only the last successful steal is actually added). Second, the message display window does not clear in between steal animations, meaning that the first item name is the one that is displayed for all subsequent successful steals. This patch now corrects both.
  • Rage Patch. This patch allows you to get the 3 rages you can't normally obtain (Allo Ver, Chupon, and Siegfried). It does not, however, let you use the Pugs rage. After beating Allo Ver in the cave on the Veldt, it will appear on the Veldt normally. If you fight Chupon or Siegfried in the Coliseum (win or lose), they will also appear on the Veldt.
  • Slot derigging hack. This branches past the code that rigs Setzer's Slot command against you when trying to get attacks such as Bahamut, and leaves it to your own timing to get the right combination. At least with this, you can't blame the game when you miss the last 7.

Graphic Hacks

  • Original Graphics Patch. When Final Fantasy VI was translated some of the graphics for the monsters were censored. This patch restores those graphics to the original. The following monster graphics are affected: Dahling, Madam, Critic, Barb-e, Chadarnook(Goddess form), Goddess, L. 80 Magic. The Siren esper is also restored to its original graphics.
  • Final Fantasy VI title screen mod. This patch was created by Yazoo for his French translation of FFVI. It changes the FFIII title screen back into the original Final Fantasy VI. Also removes the black and white title screen.

Hacks intended for hackers

  • Enemy AI data mover. If custom monster making is your thing, you might want this. I noticed a lot of custom monster hacks overwrote existing enemy scripts, and this will give you enough space to write your custom monsters without doing so. This patch is a very simple ASM hack that moves the enemy attack pattern data to the end of the ROM. This will give you plenty of space for you to create complex custom monsters without overwriting the scripts of the existing ones. Also great for if you are doing a detailed hack that requires the rewriting of many, if not all the monsters. Note that you are still limited to 65535 bytes of data, though. Note: This is strictly meant for people who hack monsters using hex editing programs only. Editors will not recognize the fact that the data was moved.


  • RPGOne has retranslated the game from the original Japanese. Their translation is "much more faithful to the original Japanese game with regards to the translation, the extras, and the graphics." Additionally, they provide optional patch fixes for glitches overlooked in the original release.


  • This game was released in the United States as Final Fantasy III.
  • There are two versions of the U.S. release. The only known bug version 1.1 fixes is the Sketch bug, which 1.0 brought out in force due to some data shifts that occurred in the translation.

Known Good Dumps

  • Final Fantasy VI - Japan

GoodSNES name: Final Fantasy VI (J)

---------------------Internal ROM Info----------------------
       File: Final Fantasy VI (Japan).sfc
       Name: FINAL FANTASY 6          Company: Square
     Header: None                        Bank: HiROM
Interleaved: None                        SRAM: 64 Kb
       Type: Normal + Batt                ROM: 24 Mb
    Country: Japan                      Video: NTSC
  ROM Speed: 120ns (FastROM)         Revision: 1.0
   Checksum: Good 0xA172            Game Code: 
      CRC32: 45EF5AC8
      SHA-1: 1C6A6DD90D3463F4532202199885A2C0E9A485F6
  • Final Fantasy III - USA

GoodSNES name: Final Fantasy III (U) (V1.0) [!]

---------------------Internal ROM Info----------------------
       File: Final Fantasy III (USA).sfc
       Name: FINAL FANTASY 3          Company: Square
     Header: None                        Bank: HiROM
Interleaved: None                        SRAM: 64 Kb
       Type: Normal + Batt                ROM: 24 Mb
    Country: USA                        Video: NTSC
  ROM Speed: 120ns (FastROM)         Revision: 1.0
   Checksum: Good 0x5F32            Game Code: F6  
      CRC32: A27F1C7A
      SHA-1: 4F37E4274AC3B2EA1BEDB08AA149D8FC5BB676E7
  • Final Fantasy III - USA Revision A

GoodSNES name: Final Fantasy III (U) (V1.1) [!]

---------------------Internal ROM Info----------------------
       File: Final Fantasy III (USA) (Rev A).sfc
       Name: FINAL FANTASY 3          Company: Square
     Header: None                        Bank: HiROM
Interleaved: None                        SRAM: 64 Kb
       Type: Normal + Batt                ROM: 24 Mb
    Country: USA                        Video: NTSC
  ROM Speed: 120ns (FastROM)         Revision: 1.1
   Checksum: Good 0x8A60            Game Code: F6  
      CRC32: C0FA0464
      SHA-1: 057ADA1C641E3E0B3CA34E6E4F4EB1B05A87143A
       Name: Final Fantasy III
    Country: USA                     Revision: 1.1
     Port 1: Gamepad                   Port 2: Gamepad
    Genre 1: RPG                      Genre 2: Turn Based

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