Final Fantasy V

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Final Fantasy V
Final Fantasy V Title.PNG
Company Square
Header None
Bank HiROM
Interleaved No
SRAM 64 Kb
Type Normal + Batt
ROM 16 Mb
Country Japan
Video NTSC
ROM Speed 200ns (SlowROM)
Revision 1.0
Checksum Good 0x1FF2
CRC32 C1BC267D
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  • FF5 Multi Editor - A character editor that edits stats, equipment and battle commands. Also an advanced monster editor (for every individual aspect of monsters, sprite excepted). Coded by JCE3000GT of BlitzKrieg Innovations.
  • Final Fantasy V editor - A program that lets you edit the attributes of the Characters, Jobs, Monsters, Monsters formations and Items. Coded by samurai goroh, it might contain a few bugs, but they're constantly being fixed & adding new stuff. For more information, you can check his homepage.


  • Final Fantasy V Enhanced. Several changes and fixes were done to the translated ROM for more enjoyment of the game. Created by Dragonsbrethren.
  • Final Fantasy V - EasyType V1.0. This basically makes your characters gods and makes the game a breeze to play through. This patch was made by request for people who wanted to see the story and not worry about the tediousness of RPG micromangement. Created by JCE3000GT.
  • Final Fantasy V - Expert 0.947. Unlike the above hack I decided to make a harder one. I cannot remember what all I changed so you'll just have to play it. Created by JCE3000GT.
  • Final Fantasy 5 Spoof. Newest Hacked for FFV. A comedy / parody hack of Final Fantasy 5. Unlike most other “spoofs". It hack text, weapon and more. Hacked by Tzepish.
  • Final Fantasy V Plus. An overall FF5 enhancement hack. Features altered monster/boss stats, tweaked game mechanics, some modified jobs/abilities/items and a few bug fixes. Currently completed up to World 2.


  • English translation by RPGe This patch was released in 1998, making Final Fantasy V the first RPG to ever be completely fan-translated.


  • No miscellaneous yet.

Known Dumps

  • Final Fantasy V (J)

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