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Hacking Notes by user Zeemis on the FF6 Hacking boards on Apr 30th, 2011.

Title: 062C4C-0638EB 4BPP
Characters, NPC's and Symbols/Menu Borders:
0212C0-0281FF / FC-NES x8 Pattern using 3BPP.
Credit goes to JCE3000GT.
Town and Dungeon Tiles: 028E80-02F480 3BPP
Credit goes to JCE3000GT.
Spells and other Animations: 0341C1-037DC0 3BPP / FC-NES x16 Pattern
Credit goes to JCE3000GT.
It seems like enemies in general start at "00050818" using 3BPP SNES, although everything follows the same format as the dragon below.
Some Dragon or something: 00056800 3BPP SNES
Overworld Tiles, credit goes to JCE3000GT and I think FIREBURG:
03DFC4-03ED43 3BPP
Battle Backgrounds: 00065bc4 3BPP
Chest Palette: 03DC06
Main Hero Palette: 03DA26

On May 2nd 2011, he wrote there:

The top right of the "what?" animation is the frame for the hand, the animation part.
The offset is: 00024c20

On May 5th 2011, he wrote there:

Added "03DA26" as an offset for the hero's palette.

Later that day, he wrote:

Chest Palette Offset: 03DC06
Chest Graphics Offset: 026720