Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

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Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Company Square
Header SWC
Bank LoROM
Interleaved No
SRAM 64 Kb
Type Normal + Batt
ROM 4 Mb
Country USA
Video NTSC
ROM Speed 200ns (SlowROM)
Revision 1.0
Checksum Good 0x4CDE
CRC32 6B19A2C6
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FF:MQ Translation - DarknessSavior has started a retranslation of Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.


  • Mystic Quest HardType Created by JCE3000GT. So far this beta version allows the player to play the hardtype hack up until you beat the Flamerus Rex and get the first crystal. The hack is designed to keep the story and characters intact while increasing the game's difficulty. There are also some extra things like new music which spice up the game as well.


You can check the chip version in your SNES by pressing Start and Select at the same time in the menu screen.

Known Dumps

  • Final Fantasy - Mystic Quest (U) (V1.0) [!]
  • Final Fantasy - Mystic Quest (U) (V1.1)
  • Final Fantasy USA - Mystic Quest (J)
  • Mystic Quest Legend (E)
  • Mystic Quest Legend (F)
  • Mystic Quest Legend (G)

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