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Bitfields and IDs


Class Equip Bits

0x01 Knight/Paladin
0x02 Thief/Ninja
0x04 Monk/Master
0x08 Red Mage/Wizard
0x10 White Mage/Wizard
0x20 Black Mage/Wizard

Element Bits

0x01 Paralysis
0x02 Stone
0x04 Time
0x08 Death
0x10 Fire
0x20 Ice
0x40 Lightning
0x80 Quake
0x100 Poison
0x200 Darkness
0x400 Sleep
0x800 Silence
0x1000 Confuse
0x2000 Mind

Status Effect Bits

0x01 Death
0x02 Stone
0x04 Poison
0x08 Blind
0x10 Stun
0x20 Sleep
0x40 Silence
0x80 Confusion

Monster Family Bits

0x01 Magical
0x02 Dragon
0x04 Giant
0x08 Undead
0x10 Werebeast
0x20 Aquatic
0x40 Spellcaster
0x80 Regenerating


Targeting IDs

$00 Automatic
$01 All Enemies
$02 One Enemy
$04 User
$08 All Allies
$10 One Ally

Spell Type IDs

$00 Warp/Exit
$01 Damage
$02 Damage (Undead targets only)
$03 Inflict negative status
$04 Hit Multiplier down
$05 Morale down
$06 (Unused)
$07 Healing
$08 Cure negative status
$09 Defense up
$0A Grant elemental resistance
$0B Attack, Hit Rate up
$0C Hit Multiplier up
$0D Attack up
$0E Evade down
$0F HP Max
$10 Evade up
$11 Nullify resistances
$12 Inflict status (<300HP = 100% accuracy)
$13 Heal Fixed HP or MP
	Heals HP, MP or both equal to the spell's Power 1.
	Power 2 determines which to heal:
		$01 - HP
		$02 - MP
		$03 - Both
$14 Max HP up
$15 Max MP up
$16 Hit Rate up
$17 Damage = Power 1

Item Effect IDs

$00 Sleep/Tent/Cottage effect
$01 Max HP up by Power*10
$02 Max MP up by Power
$03 Strength up by [1..Power]
$04 Stamina up by [1..Power]
$05 Intellect up by [1..Power]
$06 Agility up by [1..Power]
$07 Luck up by [1..Power]
$08 Giant Tonic
$09 Faerie Tonic
$0A Strength Tonic
$0B Protect Drink
$0C Speed Drink
$0D Restore HP
$0E Restore MP
$0F Elixir/Megalixir (0 or 1)
$10 Phoenix Down
$11 Remedy
$12 Use (Power)th Spell effect

Spell IDs

$00 Nothing
$01 Cure
$02 Dia
$03 Protect
$04 Blink
$05 Blindna
$06 Silence
$07 Nulshock
$08 Invis
$09 Cura
$0A Diara
$0B Nulblaze
$0C Heal
$0D Poisona
$0E Fear
$0F Nulfrost
$10 Vox
$11 Curaga
$12 Life
$13 Diara
$14 Healara
$15 Stona
$16 Exit
$17 Protera
$18 Invisara
$19 Curaja
$1A Diaga
$1B Nuldeath
$1C Healaga
$1D Full-Life
$1E Holy
$1F Nulall
$20 Dispel
$21 Fire
$22 Sleep
$23 Focus
$24 Thunder
$25 Blizzard
$26 Dark
$27 Temper
$28 Slow
$29 Fira
$2A Hold
$2B Thundara
$2C Focara
$2D Sleepra
$2E Haste
$2F Confuse
$30 Blizzara
$31 Firaga
$32 Scourge
$33 Teleport
$34 Slowra
$35 Thundaga
$36 Death
$37 Quake
$38 Stun
$39 Blizzaga
$3A Break
$3B Saber
$3C Blind
$3D Flare
$3E Stop
$3F Warp
$40 Kill
$41 Icestorm 1
$42 Blaze 1
$43 Gaze (Stone)
$44 Gaze (Paralysis)
$45 Flash
$46 Blaze 2
$47 Earthquake
$48 Gaze (Death)
$49 Gaze (Pain)
$4A Gaze (Warp)
$4B Icestorm 2
$4C Blaze 3
$4D Inferno
$4E Blaze 4
$4F Stone Gas
$50 Mind Blast
$51 Poison Gas
$52 Thunderbolt
$53 Deadly Gas
$54 Snort
$55 Nuke
$56 Ink
$57 Poison Darts
$58 Dazzle
$59 Tsunami
$5A Cyclone
$5B Thunder 2
$5C Scorch
$5D Stone Ray
$5E Excalipur
$5F Wind Slash
$60 Wave Cannon
$61 Tidal Wave
$62 Wormhole
$63 Comet
$64 Sneeze
$65 Acid Rain
$66 Potion
$67 Hi-Potion
$68 X-Potion
$69 Ether
$6A Turbo Ether
$6B Dry Ether
$6C Elixir
$6D Megalixir
$6E Remedy
$6F Giant's Tonic
$70 Faerie Tonic
$71 Strength Tonic
$72 Protect Drink
$73 Speed Drink
$FF Nothing/NULL

Battle Background IDs

$00 Fields
$01 Badlands
$02 Forest
$03 Burned Forest
$04 Deep Forest
$05 River
$06 Waterfall
$07 Lake
$08 Swamp
$09 Marsh
$0A Desert
$0B Ship
$0C Earth Cave
$0D Earth Cave Altar
$0E Sunken Shrine
$0F Sunken Shrine Altar
$10 Chaos Shrine
$11 Chaos Temple
$12 Chaos
$13 Giant's Cave
$14 Mt. Gulg
$15 Mt. Gulg Altar
$16 Ice Cave
$17 Citadel of Trials
$18 Mirage Tower
$19 Waterfall Cave
$1A Castle
$1B Marsh Cave
$1C Floating Fortress
$1D Floating Fortress Altar
$1E City
$1F Lava Shrine
$20 Dark Woods
$21 Sunset Plains
$22 Sunset Lake
$23 Sunset Forest
$24 Sunset Desert
$25 Sunset Marsh
$26 Sunset Swamp

ROM Data Formats

Items, Weapons and Armor Data

Item Data Table

0x19F07C — 0x19F33B
0x0-0x1: Sorting Order
0x2: Item Effect
0x3: Targeting
0x4: Usage
$1 Field
$2 Battle
$4 Anytime
0x5: Animation (PC Casters only; monsters use Spell ID as index)
0x6-0x7: Power
0x8-0xB: Purchase Cost
0xC-0xF: Sale Price

Item In-Battle Spell Table

0x226EA2 — 0x226EF9
Defines the spell to be cast for every consumable item when it is used in battle.
Normal items like Potions and Ethers take effect in this way as well.

Weapon Data Table

0x19F33C — 0x19FA75
0x00-0x01: Sorting Order
0x02: Who Equips (Base classes)
0x03: Who Equips (Advanced classes)
0x04: Attack
0x05: Accuracy
0x06: Evade
0x07: Spell cast when used
0x08-09: Elemental infusion
0x0A: Monster Family effectiveness
0x0B: Strength Modifier
0x0C: Stamina Modifier
0x0D: Agility Modifier
0x0E: Intellect Modifier
0x0F: Critical Rate (chance out of 200)
0x10: HP Boost (%)
0x11: MP Boost (%)
0x12-13: [Unused]
0x14-17: Purchase Cost
0x18-1B: Sale Price

Armor Data Table

0x19FA58 — 0x1A021B
0x00-01: Sorting Order
0x02: Who equips (base classes)
0x03: Who equips (advanced classes)
0x04: Defence
0x05: Weight
0x06: Evade
0x07: Spell cast when used
0x08-09: Elemental resistance(s)
0x0A: Strength Modifier
0x0B: Stamina Modifier
0x0C: Agility Modifier
0x0D: Intellect Modifier
0x0E: HP Boost (%)
0x0F: MP Boost (%)
0x10-13: [Unused]
0x14-17: Purchase Cost
0x18-1B: Sale Price


Monster Data Tables

0×1DE044 — 0×1DF8A3: Bestiary
0×223F4C — 0×2257AB: Monster Stats (mid-battle)
0×227054 — 0×2288B3: Monster Stats (battle start)
0×22A880 — 0×22C0DF: Check for Regenerating family

All four tables are identical in and of themselves.

0x00-01: EXP given
0x02-03: Gil given
0x04-05: Max HP
0x06: Morale
0x07: AI Index (unused)
0x08: Evasion
0x09: Defence
0x0A: Number of hits
0x0B: Accuracy
0x0C: Attack
0x0D: Agility
0x0E: Intellect
0x0F: Critical Rate
0x10-11: Status Attack Element
0x12: Status Attack Ailment
0x13: Monster Family
0x14: Magic Defense
0x15: (Unused/Padding)
0x16-17: Elemental Weakness(es)
0x18-19: Elemental Resistance(s)
0x1A: Item Drop Type
0x1B: Dropped Item sub-ID
0x1C: Drop Chance (%)
0x1D-1F: (Unused/Padding)

Monster Attack Animation Table

0x223540 — 0x223603
0x00: Attack Animation ID - 0x2D

Monster AI Index Table

0x22F0B8 — 0x22F17A

Monster AI Definitions

0x22F17C — 0x22F5CB
0x00: Chance to cast a spell, out of 200; can't cast if Silenced
0x01: Chance to cast a monster ability, out of 128, if a spell wasn't cast
0x02-09: Spell queue. Each spell in the queue is cast in order. When an FF byte is reached, the queue loops
0x0A: FF terminator
0x0B-0E: Ability queue. Expressed as (Spell ID - 0x41), so Icestorm 1 is the first legal ability
0x0F: FF terminator

Monster GFX Pointer Table

0x2227DC — 0x2230FF
0x0: Palette Pointer
0x4: Tile Arrangement Data Pointer
0x8: Monster tile Data Pointer

Monster Size Table

0x223644 — 0x223706
0x00: Monster Size
 $00: Small (eg Goblin)
 $01: Big (eg Troll)
 $02: Fiend/Chaos
 $03: Soul of Chaos Boss