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FF1 Consumable Data Table
Game Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls
Start Address 0x19F07C
End Address 0x19F33B
# of Entries 44
Entry Length 16 (0x10)
Total Length 704 bytes (0x2C0)
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The FF1 Consumable Data Table stores basic data for consumable items in Final Fantasy I. Most of the data here relates exclusively to out-of-battle uses; what consumables do inside of battle is defined by the Item In-Battle Spell Table.


Sorting Order

Position this consumable will be placed in relative to other consumables when using the Sort option in the Inventory menu.

Field Effect

Indicates what effect this item will have when used in the field. See the Consumable Field Effect IDs.


Indicates who this item will target when used outside of battle; inside of battle, the item's attached spell's targeting will be used instead. Therefore, only a few of the targeting types are valid.


Indicates when this item may be used:

0x0 = Never
0x1 = Battle Only
0x2 = Field Only
0x4 = Anytime

However, once again in-battle usability is determined solely by the item's attached spell, so only 0x2 and 0x4 will have an effect.

Usage Graphic

What field animation to play in the party screen when this item is used in the field. Items which invoke spells in the field will use that spell's field animation instead.


For certain item effects, determines the magnitude of that effect. For instance, Potions, Hi-Potions and X Potions heal HP equal to this value in the field.


Gil cost of buying this consumable.


Gil received when selling this consumable.

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