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TEXT block

There is only one in every version.


Header: Unknown value with 0x00188F01 and size with 0x000404F5 (correct).

* 0x2E3670 to 0x?????? = Beginning.
* 0x2E3680 to 0x?????? = Pointer table.
* 0x2E98BC to 0x?????? = First entry from pointer table.
* 0x306F24 to 0x?????? = First dialogue to test stuff.
* 0x323B64 to 0x------ = Ending.


Header: Unknown value with 0x00188F02 and size with 0x0005D27F (correct).

* 0x2CD810 to 0x?????? = Beginning.
* 0x2CD820 to 0x?????? = Pointer table.
* 0x2D9C98 to 0x?????? = First entry from pointer table.
* 0x32AA8E to 0x------ = Ending.

Block relative address, to test stuff: 0x3541D, or 0x35410 in version 1.1.


Header: Unknown value with 0x00150605 and size with 0x00159535 (correct).

* 0x2EA458 to 0x?????? = Beginning.
* 0x2EA468 to 0x?????? = Pointer table.
* 0x3048E0 to 0x?????? = First entry from pointer table.
* 0x44398C to 0x------ = Ending.

Internal Data for Final Fantasy IV Advance

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