Final Fantasy IV:ROM map

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Exit Data

This data is apparently some kind of exit data, maybe all locations, or just towns.
First location - Town of Baron.

158000 (SNES Address)
A800 (File Address - Unheadered)

Object Data
Location map object event type data (locked doors, healing jars, etc....
138300 (SNES Address)
98300 (File Address - Unheadered)

    Byte 1 - Object type
Byte 2 - X position
Byte 3 - Y position
Byte 4 - Unknown

Tile Properties
Tile properties for locations (i.e. collision data.) Make grass unwalkable, trees walkable, make them
exits, or harmful to walk on, etc.. These are copied to RAM at 7E0EDB
149200 (SNES Address)
A1200 (File Address - Unheadered)

Dump of FF2 ROM