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00: Nothing

01-0E: Key Items
01: Ring
02: Canoe
03: Pass
04: Mithril
05: Ice Sled
06: Goddess Bell
07: Egil Torch
08: Sun Flame
09: Pendant
0A: Egg
0B: White Mask
0C: Black Mask
0D: Crystal Rod
0E: Hiryuu

0F: ???

10-2F: Items
10: Potion
11: Antidote
12: Gold Pin
13: Crucifix
14: Maiden's Kiss
15: Echo Screen
16: Eye Drop
17: Phoenix Down
18: Elixir
19: Ether
1A: X Potion
1B: Cottage
1C: Wind Flute
1D: Earth Drum
1E: Garlic
1F: Unicorn
20: Ice Wind
21: Elder IQ
22: Heart
23: Shoes
24: Thread
25: SilentB (what the hell is this?)
26: Egg Timer
27: Death God
28: Bacchus' Wine
29: Dragon Bean
2A: Valium
2B: Ice Scythe
2C: Fang
2D: Mirror
2E: Hellfire
2F: Phin (I'm not entirely convinced this is an item.)

30: "Unarmed"

31-39: Shields
31: Buckler
32: Bronze Shield
33: Mithril Shield
34: Gold Shield
35: Ice Shield
36: Flame Shield
37: Diamond Shield
38: Dragon Shield
39: Aegis Shield

3A-40: Dirks
3A: Knife
3B: Dagger
3C: Mithril Dagger
3D: Gouche
3E: Orhacon
3F: Ripper
40: CatClaw

41-49: Canes
41: Cane
42: Mace
43: Mithril Cane
44: Were Cane
45: Magic Cane
46: Power Cane
47: Evil Cane
48: Greed Cane
49: Diamond Cane

4A-52: Spears
4A: Javelin
4B: Spear
4C: Mithril Spear
4D: Trident
4E: Demon
4F: Flame Spear
50: Ice Spear
51: Bolt Spear
52: Holy Spear

53-60: Swords
53: Broad Sword
54: Long Sword
55: Mithril Sword
56: Ancient Sword
57: Sleep Sword
58: Winged Sword
59: Blood Sword
5A: Earth Sword
5B: Flame Sword
5C: Ice Sword
5D: Defender
5E: Sun Sword
5F: Excalibur
60: Masamune

61-67: Axe's
61: Axe
62: Battle Axe
63: Mithril Axe
64: Demon Axe
65: Ogre Axe
66: Poison Axe
67: Rune Axe

68-6F: Bow's
68: Bow
69: Long bow
6A: Mithril Bow
6B: Blind Bow
6C: Flame Bow
6D: Ice Bow
6E: Killer Bow
6F: Yoichi Bow

70-79: Helmets
70: Leather Helmet
71: Bronze Helmet
72: Mithril Helmet
73: Giant Helmet
74: Flame Helmet
75: Diamond Helmet
76: Genji Helmet
77: Spiral Helmet
78: Goldpin Helmet
79: Ribbon

7A-8D: Armor
7A: Clothes
7B: Leather Armor
7C: Bronze Armor
7D: Mithril Armor
7E: Gold Armor
7F: Knight Armor
80: Flame Armor
81: Ice Armor
82: Diamond Armor
83: Dragon Armor
84: Genji Armor
85: Copper Armor
86: Silver Armor
87: Ruby Armor
88: Quartz Armor
89: Diamond Armor
8A: White Robe
8B: Black Robe
8C: Power Armor
8D: Black Armor

8E-97: Gloves
8E: Leather Gloves
8F: Bronze Gloves
90: Mithril Gloves
91: Thief Gloves
92: Giant Gloves
93: Ice Gloves
94: Diamond Gloves
95: Genji Gloves
96: Defender Gloves
97: Power Gloves

98-BF: Scrolls
98: Fire Scroll
99: Bolt Scroll
9A: Ice Scroll
9B: Aero Scroll
9C: Drain Scroll
9D: Osmose Scroll
9E: Flare Scroll
9F: Sleep Scroll
A0: Stone Scroll
A1: Stop Scroll
A2: Charm Scroll
A3: Blind Scroll
A4: Curse Scroll
A5: Toad Scroll
A6: Break Scroll
A7: Death Scroll
A8: Warp Scroll
A9: Berserk Scroll
AA: Haste Scroll
AB: Aura Scroll
AC: Cure Scroll
AD: Life Scroll
AE: Peep Scroll
AF: Heal Scroll
B0: Barrier Scroll
B1: Blink Scroll
B2: Safe Scroll
B3: Shell Scroll
B4: Wall Scroll
B5: Dispel Scroll
B6: Mini Scroll
B7: Mute Scroll
B8: Anti Scroll
B9: Fog Scroll
BA: Slow Scroll
BB: Change Scroll
BC: Fear Scroll
BD: Holy Scroll
BE: Exit Scroll
BF: Ultima Scroll

C0 - E7: Spells (in characters spell menu)
C0: Fire
C1: Bolt
C2: Ice
C3: Aero
C4: Drain
C5: Osmose
C6: Flare
C7: Sleep
C8: Stone
C9: Stop
CA: Charm
CB: Blind
CC: Curse
CD: Toad
CE: Break
CF: Death
D0: Warp
D1: Berserk
D2: Haste (Fast)
D3: Aura
D4: Cure
D5: Life
D6: Peep (Basuna)
D7: Heal (Esuna)
D8: Barrier
D9: Blink
DA: Safe
DB: Shell
DC: Wall
DD: Dispel
DE: Mini
DF: Mute
E0: Anti
E1: Fog
E2: Slow
E3: Change
E4: Fear
E5: Holy
E6: Exit
E7: Ultima