Final Fantasy Adventure:RAM map

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For all regions.

  • D3F4-D3F5: boss HP. First Julius battle is on the enemies structure.
  • D6B3-D6BE: power value for equipment bag, one byte per slot. They are not used for weapons!
  • D6C5-D6D4: items bag.
  • D6DD-D6E8: equipment bag.
  • D79D-D7A0: hero name.
  • D7A2-D7A5: heroin name.
  • D7A9-D7AF: experience needed to level up. Binary coded decimal. Maximum value shown, to level 99, is 0x00090909040105. Seems the limit is at 0x01000408050705.
  • D7B2-D7B3: current HP.
  • D7B4-D7B5: maximum HP. Limited at 0xE703 (999).
  • D7B6-D7B7: current MP.
  • D7B8-D7B9: maximum MP. Limited at 0x6200 (98).
  • D7BA: level. Limited at 0x63 (99), however the game lets you level up again!
  • D7BB-D7BD: experience. Limited at 0xFFFF0F (1048575). It will lock the game in a constant level up loop, if you reach this value!
  • D7BE-D7BF: lucre. Limited at 0xFFFF (65535).
  • D7C1-D7C4: stamina, power, wisdom, and will. Limited at 0x63 (99).
  • D7DF: attack power. Limited at 0xFF (255).
  • D7E0: defense power.
  • D858: deathblow gauge. Limited at 0x40, higher values are brought to this mark, except 0xFF that resets to 0.