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RAM Purpose
0x0020 to 0x---- Button being pressed
0x0062 to 0x---- Position of finger on menu
0x00B0 to 0x00BF Music Driver, Square 1
0x00C0 to 0x00CF Music Driver, Square 2
0x00D0 to 0x00DF Music Driver, Triangle
0x00F5 to 0x---- Step counter for "random" enemies
0x0200 to 0x02FF Sprite data page (to be DMA'd)
0x0300 to 0x---- Top-left character selection in naming sequence
0x0500 to 0x057F TSA for current tileset (upper-left tile)
0x0580 to 0x05FF TSA for current tileset (upper-right tile)
0x0600 to 0x067F TSA for current tileset (lower-left tile)
0x0680 to 0x06FF TSA for current tileset (lower-right tile)
0x0700 to 0x077F Attribute assignment for current tileset

0x000D     : toggles between displaying a room contents or outside? (0=outside, 0xD1 is inside)<br />
0x000E/F   : the VRAM address of the door tile (?)
0x0010     : 16 bytes of tmp data.
0x0020     : Buttons being pressed, bits added together for multiple buttons.
0x0022     : Select pressed
0x0023     : Start pressed
0x0024     : A pressed
0x0025     : B pressed

0x0027     : World Map Horizontal Position in tiles
0x0028     : World Map Vertical Position in tiles
0x0029     : Non-world map, horizontal position in tiles (maps do not terminate at 0)
0x002A     : Non-world map, vertical position in tiles (maps do not terminate at 0)

0x002D     : 1-bit set in map, 1-bit unset on overworld. 2-bit set if you're walking horizontally, 2-bit unset if you're walking vertically

0x0030     : vertical tile (but does not change when switching up/down direction for one tile)
0x0034     : 1 when scrolling, 0 otherwise
0x0035     : timer when scrolling, from 0 to 0xF, when moving to a different cell
0x0040     : low byte will count 0-F when moving horizontally (except not for one tile when changing direction), the upper byte will be 1 when scolling vertically, 0 otherwise.
0x0043     : worldmap only: 0x10 when you're not (completely drawn, like in a forest as well), 0x00 otherwise. always sets 0x00 from 0x10 after the colorsflashing of a battle... always seems to be 0x10 while battling (not very strange, i guess)
0x0062     : Position of finger on menu, position of characters when giving names at start
0x0064     : Position x of finger when giving names at start
0x0065     : Position x of finger when giving names at start
0x0068     : x position indoors
0x0069     : y position indoors
0x0080/4   : gets set to a table value (sprite?), at least when fighting (from source)
0x0081     : 0x68 when fighting, 0x63 while on a map after a fight (world, indoors, town), 0 on boot and until first fight...
0x0088/A   : Graphics used when battle? All 0 on powerup up to the first battle. during battle, 8A jumps while menu's are scrolling, 88 jumps between 69 and 6A. when not fighting, 89 is 6A and 8A is C0. while not in a fight (after the first fight after poweron), 8A will be reset to 0, 88 to 4. it seems 88 does never turn to 4 during a battle.
0x0090/F   : Graphics. 0x96 seems to be 6 when not in a fight. 0x94 counts down during a frame, but i'm not sure if that's between frames as well.
0x00B0/BF  : Music Driver, Square 1  
0x00C0/CF  : Music Driver, Square 2  
0x00D0/DF  : Music Driver, Triangle  
0x00FA     : respond rate (set at title screen, 1-8), delay of text stuff.
0x00F5     : encounter counter (decreases by 1 when walking except for a few tile types). when reaching certain periodic value, it fires an encounter
0x00F6     : decreases by 0x60 (wrap around) whenever 0x00F5 reaches a boundry (bottom or top). Every other time 0x00F5 will switch the way it counts, wrapping around the other time. "affects whether $f5 is incremented or decremented, to give something vaguely resembling a longer period."
0x00F7     : indicates which enemy (type?) we'll battle next. "is the index number of the next battle. This is the one that leads to Kyzokus."
(0x688A)   : "is the index of the next random number for the other PRNG. This value is saved in SRAM, oddly enough."
0x00F9     : Cold Boot/Warm Boot flag (value 0x4D indicates warm boot, skips to New/Continue screen)

0x0200/FF  : Sprite data page (to be DMA'd)  
0x230 + 34 : mapping from tileset number to music: "Also, that data table I moved from 0x3cfd3 to 0x2d4e8 in one of my patches is the mapping from map tileset number to background music. The other music selections seem to be hard-coded into the appropriate setup routines. The possible values are:"
0x41: Prelude (the music at the beginning)
0x42: Prologue (Bridge and Ship Game)
0x43: Ending
0x44: World map
0x45: Ship music (without the wave sounds, though)
0x46: Airship music (without the propeller sounds)
0x47: Towns
0x48: Castles
0x49: Earth Cave, Volcano, Titan's Tunnel
0x4a: Ice Cave, Cardia caves, Waterfall, Dwarf Cave, Matoya's Cave, Sarda's Cave
0x4b: Marsh Cave and Mirage Tower
0x4c: ToF and Sea Shrine
0x4d: Sky Castle
0x4e: ToFR
0x4f: Shops
0x50: Battle
0x51: Menus
0x52: Slain
0x53: Victory
0x54: Win the ship game, get a plot item. This uses command FF to end, and I suppose the game watches for that and restarts the standard background music.
0x55: Prelude, again. It really does just point to the same song data.
0x56: Saving. Another one that ends itself.
0x57: This is the very short piece of music that plays when you use a potion.
0x58: This is the very short piece of music that plays when you open a non-plot-item chest.

0x0300     : Top-left character selection in naming sequence 

0x0500/7F  : TSA for current tileset (upper-left tile)  
0x0580/FF  : TSA for current tileset (upper-right tile)  
0x0600/7F  : TSA for current tileset (lower-left tile)  
0x0680/FF  : TSA for current tileset (lower-right tile)
0x0700-0x077F  Attribute assignment for current tileset

0x0700-0x077F  Attribute assignment for current tileset  

0x6021/31  : ("which key item a handler involves, as the flags for whether you have each key item are stored in the SRAM at those addresses; the byte sequences will be "ad xx 60" (which is involved in checking whether you have the item), "ce xx 60" (which will take the item away), and "ee xx 60" (which will give the item). "?)
0x6100/3F  : Character 1
0x6140/7F  : Character 2
0x6180/BF  : Character 3
0x61C0/FF  : Character 4
+0x00 = character id (00-03). when the order of your party changes, so does this number (and everything else that belongs to it)
+0x01 = player status (sort of uses flags (some can be combined, others can not): 0=standing, 1=dead, 2=petrified, 3=kneeling (low hp), 4=poison, 8=dark, 0x10=stun, 0x14=stun+poison, 0x18=stun+poison, 0x20=sleep, 0x40=mute)
+0x02 = name 1
+0x03 = name 2
+0x04 = name 3
+0x05 = name 4
+0x06 = 
+0x07 = current xp lowbyte
+0x08 = current xp highbyte
+0x0A = hp low byte
+0x0B = hp high byte
+0x0C = max hp low byte
+0x0D = max hp high byte (i guess?)
+0x10 = str
+0x11 = agility
+0x12 = int
+0x13 = vitality
+0x14 = luck
+0x16 = required xp lowbyte
+0x17 = required xp highbyte
+0x18 = first weapon
+0x19 = second weapon
+0x1A = third weapon
+0x1B = fourth weapon
+0x1C = first armor
+0x1D = second armor
+0x1E = third armor
+0x1F = fourth armor
+0x20 = (max?) dmg
+0x21 = hit%
+0x22 = absorb level
+0x23 = evade
+0x25 = hit %
+0x26 = level (actually, level - 1, it offsets at 0)
0x6300/FF  : Magic info for all characters, 0x2F for each
+0x00 - Lv.1 magic 1           
+0x01 - Lv.1 magic 2           
+0x02 - Lv.1 magic 3                     
+0x04 - Lv.2 magic 1           
+0x05 - Lv.2 magic 2           
+0x06 - Lv.2 magic 3                     
+0x08 - Lv.3 magic 1           
+0x09 - Lv.3 magic 2           
+0x0A - Lv.3 magic 3                     
+0x0C - Lv.4 magic 1           
+0x0D - Lv.4 magic 2           
+0x0E - Lv.4 magic 3                     
+0x10 - Lv.5 magic 1           
+0x11 - Lv.5 magic 2           
+0x12 - Lv.5 magic 3                     
+0x14 - Lv.6 magic 1           
+0x15 - Lv.6 magic 2           
+0x16 - Lv.6 magic 3                     
+0x18 - Lv.7 magic 1           
+0x19 - Lv.7 magic 2           
+0x1A - Lv.7 magic 3                     
+0x1C - Lv.8 magic 1           
+0x1D - Lv.8 magic 2           
+0x1E - Lv.8 magic 3                     
+0x20 - Lv.1 max MP
+0x21 - Lv.2 max MP
+0x22 - Lv.3 max MP
+0x23 - Lv.4 max MP
+0x24 - Lv.5 max MP
+0x25 - Lv.6 max MP
+0x26 - Lv.7 max MP
+0x27 - Lv.8 max MP
+0x28 - Lv.1 current MP
+0x29 - Lv.2 current MP
+0x2A - Lv.3 current MP
+0x2B - Lv.4 current MP
+0x2C - Lv.5 current MP
+0x2D - Lv.6 current MP
+0x2E - Lv.7 current MP
+0x2F - Lv.8 current MP

0x6830     : 0x55 when its our turn?
0x6848/54  : battle order. determined about 12 frames AFTER selecting the last target. Dead/empty enemy slots are included and skipped. 0-8 = enemy slots (see below), 80-83 = player characters. order is left to right
0x6856     : pre-emptive/ambush, et al. Dunno, but when freezing this (to at least 0x1C), the step counter increases but no battles occur..
0x6858/9   : (" it's putting 300 into $6858,9 for the comparison to HP. When the pointers are doubled, it ends up comparing to $685A,B to the HP which in this case is $0000. The HP can't be less than that, so it doesn't work.")
0x685A/B   : (INT of (attacking) enemy?), hi-lo or lo-hi
0x685E     : at start of battle, resets to 0 then counts up to 4 while filling the character status windows. At four, the ambush/pre-emptive is computed! Later it holds the damage dealt by a character (not monster) and counts to four between attacks
0x6860     : something with dmg (freeze to 255 to do 255dmg)
0x686B     : critical hit when 1
0x686A     : number of hits for one attack
0x6870     : (Spell hit rate?)
0x6876     : (Target damage?)
0x687C     : ? something to do with fighting...
0x687F     : (Target absorb?)
0x6882     : something with dmg
0x6884     : (Target hit %?)
0x6885     : (Target evade ?)
0x6887     : switches who attacks who?
0x688A     : randomizer seed..? (at least) used for battle order (freeze to 0 to have a numeric ordered battle order) and to display the hit-enemy-animation. Also influences hit/miss (FF=always miss for everyone). Determines amount of dmg.
0x688E     : counter that indicates who's turn it is in the battleorder (so, I think, this serves as the battle-order-index). Also: "LDA $688E      ; Load the character's <class> byte and skip the [Magic" //,6025.0.html

0x688F/9E  : 4x4 bytes, something with picking targets. clears to 0 before a turn. Does not immediately reset when you undo your move, but does change when you change your targets. does not clear after a battle.
+0x00 = action (0x20=run away, 04=attack, 01=dead(/not attacking?))
+0x01 = (?): 0x10 when attacking normally but also when running away
+0x02 = target (enemy index, 0x80+ when targeting your own group) third byte seems to indicate who you attack (0x80 indicates yourself, like when running away)
+0x03 = zero? (perhaps spell/item index)
0x689F/A2  : Cleared during battle. Rearranged battle order after battle (before black screen!). "The background: after a battle, the game re-sorts your warriors based on their status ailments. It does this by "tagging" each warrior with a number made up of the warrior's current slot (0-3) plus a number based on the status (dead=0x40, stone=0x20, poison=0x10, normal=0). Then it performs a simple bubble sort. It's supposed to end up with the afflicted warriors moved to the end, but otherwise maintain the original order. But in 106 of the 256 possible combinations of statuses, it gets the order screwed up."
0x68AF     : (gets the x coord of hand on screen as set in 0x68B0 during start of battle (
0x68B0/1   : coords of hand and characters. note that this register gets set and reset during one frame. freeze it and all players and hte hand will have the same x or y coord!
0x68B3     : toggles between 0 and 1 every other frame, in sync with rng. seems to have something to do with drawing and input. when freezing to one, half of the palette will be drawn and the A button will be pressed (and more?), when freezing to 0 the other half of the palette gets drawn and you cant give any input...
0x68BD/E   : 0x0B 0x0A when picking targets, 0x0A 0x04 when busy fighting, not cleared after battle (?)
0x6920/A5F : fight menu text and layout
0x69C2     : enemy size (0=small, 1= half height, 2=big (kary))

0x6AA3     : 2 while fighting sequence, one frame 3 after being done... (actually counts the number of windows open..)
0x6AA5     : this value becomes set when the notification windows are closing after an attack (and after selecting targets)
0x6AA7     : ? counts 0-3 really fast, goes to 5 when selecting action or enemy, frozen to last value while attacking
0x6AA8     : when fighting; character moving back/forward, after battle this counts down from 0x40 to zero (1 per 2 frames) (victory animation), after which the "monsters perished" message is displayed
0x6AA9     : character that's supposed to make a move now
0x6AAA     : when fighting; target enemy (numbered up down, left right), or counts as you move up and down in player-menu. note that this does not wrap at 4 for the player (but denotes the proper enemy!)....
0x6AAB     : like 0x6AAA, for player, counts as the player goes left/right in the menu. note that this does not wrap at 2....
0x6A9F     : seems to be 0x0C when displaying attack result...
0x6AD0     : counter, counts down the time an attack result remains on screen (set to 1 if speed is fastest)
0x6AD6     : (at the start of a fight, it seems to get set to 0x18 when you're dead/incapable and 0 otherwise? looking at the source, dunno)
0x6AE3     : screen x coords of hand in menu
0x6AE4     : screen y coords of hand in menu
0x6B2B     : damage dealt (result?) 0x40/0x64=fail?
0x6B2A     : 0x11 when hit, 0x0F on miss
0x6B3B     : 0x2C on critical hit, 0xF3 on killing blow, 0x21 on normal hit/miss
0x6B5E     : runs from 4 to 7 between attacks, remains 7 otherwise? (see bank 18)
0x6BB7     : enemie types? (FF=empty)
0x6BC9     : seems to be equal to (main?) enemy type...
0x6BD3/C86 : Enemy data (0x14 bytes for each, in sync with enemy type), 9x
+0x02 = hp low
+0x03 = hp high
+0x06 = dead (1=yes,0=no)
0x6B7A     : which player is picking action while fighting (uses iterative 0-3, not the internal index order)
0x6B7B     : which enemy is targeted in menu
0x6BCF     : scratch register, often used to temp store the Accumulator when pushing A X Y registers. (damage dealth? 0 when missed, something (random?!) before actual dmg. hm, 90 when shadow.. (but set at the time preemptive/ambush is determined, see also 0x6D90))

enemy index (top-down left-right):
1: 1
2: 0
3: 2
4: 4
5: 3
6: 5
7: 7
8: 6
9: 9

0x6C87     : target player index (either way): 0=1, 2=2, 4=3, 6=4
0x6C88     : always 0?
0x6C89/A   : attacker/defender. the value > 128 denotes the player (128/129/130/131), the other value is the attacker
0x6C93     : number of enemies (total)
0x6D18     : counts down when enemy gets hit (freeze this for endless animation). damage seems to be determined right after this hits 0
0x6D14     : counts down while screen is shaking (when enemy attacks you)
0x6D50/7F  : menu text
0x6D55     : tile, related to dmg, does not influence it internally. same as 0x6b2b. gets 0x63 when (enemy?) dies (right after it gets set to dmg). this register also gets reset between battles, set to (?) and then set to dmg. 0x61 when fight over?
0x6D90     : surprise value of current enemy. 90 for shadow, 75 for warmech, 4 for most other enemies. used to determine ambush/preemptive strikes.
0x6D9B     : counts back when you / enemy get hit (blocking when frozen for enemies), while flashing (0xD to 0)
0x6DA0     : before hit: counts down while hitting, 303 to 300, jump to 206, down to 200, jump to 101, end. non blocking but does affect tiles

00 - nothing            10 - silver knife          20 - defense
01 - wooden nunchuck    11 - silver sword          21 - wizard staff
02 - small knife        12 - silver hammer         22 - vorpal
03 - wooden staff       13 - silver axe            23 - catclaw
04 - rapier             14 - flame sword           24 - thor hammer
05 - iron hammer        15 - ice sword             25 - bane sword
06 - short sword        16 - dragon sword          26 - katana
07 - hand axe           17 - giant sword           27 - xcalber
08 - scimtar            18 - sun sword             28 - masamune
09 - iron nunchuck      19 - corel sword           29 - cloth
0A - large knife        1A - were sword            2A - wooden armor
0B - iron staff         1B - rune sword            2B - chain armor
0C - sabre              1C - power staff           2C - iron armor
0D - long sword         1D - light axe             2D - steel armor
0E - great axe          1E - heal staff            2E - silver amror
0F - falchon            1F - mage staff            2F - flame armor

30 - ice armor          40 - buckler               50 - proring
31 - opal armor         41 - procape
32 - dragon armor       42 - cape                  
33 - copper bracelet    43 - wooden helmet         
34 - silver bracelet    44 - iron helmet           
35 - gold bracelet      45 - silver helmet         
36 - opal bracelet      46 - opal helmet           
37 - white shirt        47 - heal helmet           
38 - black shirt        48 - ribbon                
39 - wooden shield      49 - gloves                
3A - iron shield        4A - copper gauntlet       
3B - silver shield      4B - iron gauntlet         
3C - flame shield       4C - silver gauntlet       
3D - ice shield         4D - zeus gauntlet         
3E - opal shield        4E - power gauntlet        
3F - aegis              4F - opal gauntlet         

note: if you want the item to be equipped just add 80 to the hex number

Internal Data for Final Fantasy

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