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*[http://gavin.panicus.org/projects.php Gavin's Projects]
*[http://gavin.panicus.org/projects.php Gavin's Projects]
[[Category:NES Games|Final Fantasy I]]
[[Category:NES Games]][[Category:Final Fantasy I]]

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Final Fantasy I has been extensively hacked.




  • FF Hackster is a robust tool for editing the Final Fantasy I ROM. It allows you to change various text in the game, re-design the maps, alter enemy stats, change weapon strength/graphics, change armor properties, edit various graphics, change shop's inventory, change item prices, character stats, magic, etc, etc. This is the essential FF1 romhacking utility. It is located here.
  • FF Hackster Companion was designed to be a companion program to the official Final Fantasy Hackster. It is located here.

See also: List of Final Fantasy I utilities


(Note: include some notable hacks here)

See also: List of Final Fantasy I hacks


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