File formats for PC-98

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The following is an alphabetically ordered list of known file formats used by PC-98 games and applications.


Encoding for 3D raytraced scenes created with Login CG Maker 3D, a companion app for Dante II/RPG Maker.


Extension denoting behavioral scripts used by NPCs/AI. Do not confuse with the MS-DOS executable format for small programs.


Maki-chan Image, a derivative of Microsoft BMP specialized for 12-bit color, created for Multi-Paint. Uses an encryption scheme intended to deter support by other painting apps. Ultimately failed, as Dante II had adopted the format by the mid-90s. Easily discernible by the presence of "MAKI" at the beginning of the file. Two versions exist, 1.0 and 2.0; the version is stated in the header at the beginning of the file. Most editors only support one of the formats; recommend mag2png and png2mag for editing.


Extension for source code created with Turbo Pascal's IDE. In the PC-98 era Turbo Pascal provided a runtime that could interpret source code in real time (compare with Dante II/RPG Maker). Although infrequently used by professionals (as this enabled IP lifting), some doujin made use of it.


Palette information for high resolution modes (640x400 and 640x200). 16 colors are coded in 12-bit RGB, with four bits each for red, blue, and green components (compare with Gameboy Color, Game Gear, and Commodore Amiga 500 series). Each component takes 1 byte, for a total of 48 bytes. Only the lower nybble is used. To convert to 16-bit hi-color, multiply the component values by 4; to convert to true color used by Windows/Linux, multiply by 16.