File formats for PC-98

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The following is an alphabetically ordered list of known file formats used by PC-98 games and applications.


Encoding for 3D raytraced scenes created with Login CG Maker 3D, a companion app for Dante II/RPG Maker.


Maki-chan Image, a derivative of Microsoft BMP specialized for 12-bit color, created for Multi-Paint. Uses an encryption scheme intended to deter support by other painting apps. Ultimately failed, as Dante II had adopted the format by the mid-90s. Easily discernible by the presence of "MAKI" at the beginning of the file. Two versions exist, 1.0 and 2.0; the version is stated in the header at the beginning of the file. Most editors only support one of the formats; recommend mag2png and png2mag for editing.


Palette information for high resolution modes (640x400 and 640x200). 16 colors are coded in 12-bit RGB, with four bits each for red, blue, and green components (compare with Gameboy Color, Game Gear, and Commodore Amiga 500 series). Each component takes 1 byte, for a total of 48 bytes. Only the lower nybble is used. To convert to 16-bit hi-color, multiply the component values by 4; to convert to true color used by Windows/Linux, multiply by 16.