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The only known ROM hack for this game is [[Women in Combat Duty]]. It is an unofficial simulation of adult females serving in combat positions in the armed forces (particulary the Army and/or the United States Marine Corps) created by [[RyanVG]] in the year 2003.
Despite popular beliefs, this game is not available on I-Mockery at this current time.
* [[Women in Combat Duty]]
In the original unhacked version of Field Combat, the story took place in the distant future. As a military general/grunt in your army, you had to summon helicopters, tank and infantrymen to fight the evil robotic army that has taken over the Earth. But only you can take over their bases.
In the hacked version (thereafter to be called [[Women in Combat Duty]]), you are a female [[Wikipedia:major general|major general]] who knows when to call in the troops and when to fight the battle herself. You must fight the evil [[Wikipedia:2003 Iraq War|Iraqis]] for they do not believe in the modern day principles of women fighting in the midst of heavy combat action.

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Field Combat (J) [!]
Mapper No. 0
Mapper Name NROM
PRG-ROM Pages 2 x 16kB
CHR-ROM Pages 1 x 8kB
Mirroring Horizontal
4-Screen Mirroring No
SRAM Enabled No
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Field Combat has not been extensively hacked.




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