EarthBound Zero:Enemy groups

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Enemy groups
Game EarthBound Zero
Start Address 2CFA8
End Address 2D619
# of Entries 165
Entry Length 10 (0x0A)
Total Length 1650 bytes (0x672)
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  • Byte 0: First enemy type, or FF for none
  • Byte 1:
    • Bits 0-6: First enemy letter: (0=none, 1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 4=D)
    • Bit 7: If set, enemy doesn't appear until called
  • Bytes 2-7: Same as 0-1, for second, third, and fourth enemies
  • Byte 8:
    • Bits 0-4: Positioning
    • Bits 5-7: Set for special encounters: (1=B.B.'s Boss, 2=R7037, 3=R7038, 4=R7038XX, 5=Giegue)
  • Byte 9:
    • Bits 0-3: Palette
    • Bits 4-7: Music


Changing the group's music byte to any value 0-F will set it's music to one of the following:

No music, 8 Melodies, Battle With a Flippant Foe, Battle With a Dangerous Foe, Hippie Battle, Versus Giegue, Bein' Friends, Bein Friends (duplicate), Yucca Desert, Magicant, Snowman, Mt. Itoi, Duncan's Factory, Cemetery, Twinkle Elementary or Department Store.