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The '''Anti-Piracy''' coding for Eartbound Zero.
The '''Anti-Piracy''' coding for Eartbound Zero.

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The Anti-Piracy coding for Eartbound Zero.


At certain points in the Earthbound Zero, the game will look at the ROM's checksum to see if it has been altered. If it has, then the game may activate an anti-piracy screen at any of the following points:

  • Reaching the title screen.
  • Teleporting to Magicant.
  • Checking the XX Stone.
  • Before the "All That I Needed Was You" performance in the Live House.
  • Before the "Fallin' Love" dance scene in Mt. Itoi's cabin.


In order to disable all of Earthbound Zero's anti-piracy screens, change the following bytes in the ROM:

  • $3247D: Change “D0-11” to “EA-EA”
  • $32485: Change “D0-09” to “EA-EA”
  • $3286A: Change “D0-11” to “EA-EA”
  • $32872: Change “D0-09” to “EA-EA”


Big thanks to Dr. Floppy for discovering this information.