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Freakish Tile Animation Table
Game EarthBound
Start Address 0x2F146B
End Address 0x2F153E
# of Entries 20
Entry Length 1 or 9 bytes (0x1 or 0x9)
Total Length 211 bytes (0xD3)
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The Freakish Map Animation table controls the animation of map tiles in EarthBound. Each entry represents one map graphics tileset (not map tileset).


  • ZZ: Number of AA-HH clusters to follow
  • AA: Frames of animation per cycle
  • BB: Time per frame (1/60 second format)
  • CC: ? - Vertical graphics offset (shift tile up C/2 pixels)
    Has an effect on the sequence used (horizontal rather than vertical?)
  • DD: ? - Increasing values delete an increasing amount of map tiles
  • EE: ? - Vertical graphics offset (shift tile up C/2 pixels - 0x20 = full tile)
  • FF: ? - Changes the tiles being used?
  • G?: Tile number in static tileset to start overwriting with animation effects
  • ?G: Vertical graphics offset (shift tile down G pixels)
  • HH: ? - Changes the tiles being used?

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