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ROM map

EarthBound has been extensively hacked by the PK Hack community. Along with Super Mario World and Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, it may be one of the most often-hacked Super Nintendo games.


PK Hack, written in Java is the principal EarthBound hacking utility. It addition to containing modules for editing almost all aspects of the EarthBound ROM, PK Hack comes with its own hex editor and modules for data restoration patch application. Another utility, Map Editor SP, is in progress. Map Editor SP modulizes data in the EarthBound ROM, offering hackers a new level of versatility.


Despite the size of the EarthBound hacking community, relatively few complete hacks for the game exist. Hat Quest and Mother 2.5: The Giftman Chronicles are short but complete and impressive. The first completed EarthBound hack, JonBound, also remains popular, though it was created at a time when much of EarthBound's data remained unknown.


Two debug menus exist in EarthBound's data. The latter uses a Kirby sprite as its cursor. There are wo dummied items, the Video relaxant and the Temporary goods; the former has a description ("What the hey is this?"). A number of unused text blocks and graphics are also present; for more information, see the fun facts page. It is also worth noting that the structure of data in EarthBound's ROM is notoriously scattered and akward to the extent that many of its hackers joke that its programmers were under the influence of hallucinogenic substances.


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