Dragon Warrior IV:RAM map

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  • 0x6F20 (0x20 bytes long) = 'Smoothing Flags' that determine if walls use the front facing tile, or the regular tile.
  • 0x6F40 (0x40 bytes long) = Behavior of tiles (normal, wall, water, stairs, etc.) for current tile set (see Tile Behaviors)
  • 0x7600 (0xC0 bytes long) = Tile numbers for current tileset of 32 tiles (33rd tile is Roof tile)
  • 0x76C0 (0x40 bytes long) = Attribute values for current tile set (33rd tile is Roof tile)
  • 0x7800 (??? bytes long) = Map data for current map.
    • Format: RRRttttt
    • ttttt = tile number 0-31
    • RRR = roof number 0-7 (0 = no roof)