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All values given are ROM offsets. They assume that a 512-byte copier header is not present. If there is a header present, you will have to add 512 ($200) to each offset lister here to get the correct offset in the ROM file.

Note that the ROM is mapped into the SNES address space starting at $C00000. Therefore, if you want to use one of these ROM offsets as a breakpoint, you should add $C00000 to it.

Menu Size Data

Almost every menu has a 16-bit (2-byte) value that determines its starting position (X/Y coordinates) and its width. Menu size data is stored in the following binary format:


  • WWWWW = menu width (not just usable space, this includes the edge characters)
  • YYYYY = vertical tile offset from top of screen
  • XXXXX = horizontal tile offset from left of screen

There is no value to determine the height of a menu. This is done internally by the drawing code for each individual menu.

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