Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury:ROM map

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Character Codes

Sprite Pointer = Starting from 086b6bdc, sprite addresses are listed back to back. This is the address of the sprite. Sprite Value = This is the value at that address.

Character Org. Code Sprite Pointer Sprite Data
Goku 00 . 086ad1cc
Goku (GT) 01 . 086ad278
Cop 45 086b6cc8 086ab008
Criminal 46 086b6ccc 086ab090
Cursed One 47 086b6cd0 086ab10c
Cyborg 48 086b6cd4 086ab1ac
Dabura 49 086b6cd8 086ab24c

Sprite Animations


   address  value
   086ad220 0850c1dc    Goku Stance	
   086ad224 0850cf74    Goku Walk	
   086ad228 0850dd14    Goku Run	
   086ad22c 0850e7dc    Goku Shoot	
   086ad230 0850f68c    Goku Hit1
   086ad234 085104e8    Goku Hit2
   086ad238 0851131c    Goku Hit3
   086ad23c 085116a0    Goku Defence
   086ad240 08511a98    Goku pre-Rest
   086ad244 08512564    Goku Got Hit
   086ad248 08512cd8    Goku Rest
   086ad250 085133b4    Goku Unknown
   086ad254 08513668    Goku Pickup
   086ad258 085140a4    Goku Takeoff
   086ad25c 085149c8    Goku Flying
   086ad260 0851506c    Goku Unknown
   086ad264 08515534    Goku Dead
   086ad268 08515f5c    Goku Kamehameha
   086ad26c 085166ac    Goku Teleport
   086ad274 0851754c    Goku Fusion