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Should some standards be laid out for the site? I'm seeing a few empty game pages, it has no rom hacks, or ROM/RAM submissions. I'd really like to delete the ones that have nothing in them.

Hamtaro: Ham-ham Heartbreak

That is one example. I can find more if they are needed. Basically it just has a tiny bit of header info, but that's not relating at all to what this site is about.--Hiro1112 04:09, 8 January 2007 (EST)

Best as I can figure, the ultimate goal of this wiki is to house all hacking info, so it's not directly relating, but it is relating (assuming my knowlege of "header" and this site are correct). What we need isn't a standards page; all we need is a lot more info on Category:Not Extensively Hacked & Category:Unhacked games. Of course, no body helped when I categorized all of the about 186 (123 NES + about 63 Everything else), so I know just what you mean when you say there are a lot of blank pages.

Coincidently, I did some hacking of Heartbreak, and found the Ham-chats were uncrypted. So you could make "Ham-Ha" into, say, "Idiot!" or, more sanely, "Talk ". Notice the 2 spaces after talk. However, my "new" chat "Talk" was "refered"* to as Ham-Ha AND Talk during the diologue, IIRC.

Current status of the pages as of my posting: Not Extensively Hacked: 93 Extensively Hacked: 62 Hacked: 17 Unhacked: 13

Sorry for the length. --Cat Lover 17:01, 29 April 2007 (EDT)