Castlevania II - Belmont's Revenge:ROM map

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Format for PRG-ROM is Bank:RAM address.

(r:symbol) marks the start of a callable subroutine.

During entity update routines, register d stores the high byte of the entity data. Belmont's data begins at c0, so d is always c0 during belmont's update routine.

X:7FFF all swappable banks store list their bank number as the last byte of the bank.
0:0038 (RST 38) get Y position of current entity.
0:01D9 (r:mbc_bankswap_call) stores current bank (read from $7FFF) on stack, calls some (?) routine, then returns to caller bank.
0:3DAF (r) Entity x velocity <- cb.
0:35A9 (r:mbc_bankswap_1) loads swappable bank 1.
0:35AF (r:mbc_bankswap_2) loads swappable bank 2.
0:35B5 (r:mbc_bankswap_6) loads swappable bank 6.
0:35BB (r:mbc_bankswap_7) loads swappable bank 7.
0:35C1 (r:mbc_bankswap_3) loads swappable bank 3.
6:421D (r:belmont_update) Belmont frame update routine. Called from 0:05FA.
6:461B (r:input_A_pressed) A gets zero or 10 depending on if the A button was pressed this frame. Status flags set
6:4621 (r:input_up_down_held) A and status flags
6:4627 (r:input_left_right_held) A and status flags
6:462D (r:input_B_pressed) A and status flags
6:4633 (r:input_B_held) A and status flags
6:4639 (r:input_down_held) A and status flags
6:464B (r:input_up_held) A and status flags
6:4651 (r:input_any_held) A and status flags

Bank swap routines:

- All are in bank 0, and all write to $2180 to change the bank. For some reason, bank 5 is always swapped inline rather than by function call.