Castlevania II:RAM map

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RAM Function Detail
0x0031 Lives 1 byte signed
0x0034 Is Dead Flag
0x0046 Experience 00xx Two digits 0-9
0x0047 Experience xx00 Two digits 0-9
0x0048 Hearts 00xx Two digits 0-9
0x0049 Hearts xx00 Two digits 0-9
0x004a Weapons Each weapon one bit
0x004c Laurels Count Two digits 0-9
0x004d Garlic Count Two digits 0-9
0x004f Equipped Item
0x0080 Energy Initial values is 30h (hexadecimal)
0x0081 Max Energy
0x0083 Time xx:00:00:00 Days
0x0084 Time 00:00:00:xx Seconds
0x0085 Time 00:00:xx:00 Minutes
0x0086 Time 00:xx:00:00 Hours
0x008B Level
0x0090 Equipped Weapon
0x0091 Items Each item one bit (red gem = white + blue)
0x0092 More Items Each item one bit (silk bag, magic cross, laurels, garlic)
0x0434 Current Whip
0x04C8 Boss Health