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RAM Function Details
0x0004 RNG Changes seemingly randomly.
0x0007 Title Bat Current sprite May be used by something else.
0x0018 Mode $01 = Title Screen

$02 = Demo

$04 = Intro Animation

$05 = Playing

$06 = Dead

$08 = Door Animation

$0A = Entering Castle Animation

$0C = Crystal ball

$0D = Game Over

$0F = End Credits

0x0019 Sub-mode The values vary with mode.
0x001A Timer Increments by 1 each frame. Resets each time you "change stage?"
0x001E Title Screen timer (time until demo mode) Counts slowly (each 8 frames) up to $11 (until castle bat becomes close),

then (each frame) down from $FF to $00.

0x0022 Paused $01 = yes, $00 = no
0x0028 Current Stage
0x002A Number of Lives
0x002B Full Game Loops $00 = Normal Mode (first game loop), $01 and above = Difficult Mode
0x002E Camera's X position
0x003E Is Simon on stairs $00 = yes, $01 = no
0x003F Simon's Y position (in level)
0x0040 Simon's X position (in level)
0x0042 1's and 10's place of Time in BCD
0x0043 100's and 1000's place of Time in BCD
0x0044 Life Meter (Graphic) 2 bars = +$08, Max = $40(64)
0x0045 Life Meter (Actual) 2 bars = +$08, Max = $40(64)
0x0046 Substage Either $00 or $01 since each stage has at most 2 substages
0x005F Kneeling $00 = standing, $01 = kneeling
0x0064 Subweapon Shot $00 = single shot, $01 = double shot, $02 = triple shot
0x0070 Whip length Set to $00, $01, or $02.
0x0071 Number of Hearts $00 to $63 (99 in decimal).
0x008X Pulse 1 channel Values determining how the sound plays.

0x00X0 = length of note remaining

0x00X1 = something to do with note octaves?

0x00X3 = note ID?

0x00X5 $X0 = note pulse width (C?, E or F)

0x00X7 $0X = note volume (3 to 0)

0x00XA = something to do with note octaves?

0x00XB = length of note remaining (but at note attack, starts at $02 more than 0x00X0 and decreases by $02/frame for 2 frames instead of $01/frame)

0x009X Pulse 2 channel Ditto.
0x00AX Triangle channel '
0x00BX Noise channel '
0x00F7 Player 1 Controller Similar to Metroid's 0x0014.
0x0159 Simon's current image

(unknown use : dosen't seem to affect gameplay)


$01-03 = walk,

$04 = jump and crouch,

$05-07 = whip/sub-weapon,

$0D-0E = walk up stairs,

$0F-10 = walk down stairs,

$12 = hurt

$1C = dead

$1D = collapsing

0x015B Subweapon $00 = no subweapon

$08 = Dagger

$09 = Boomerang

$0B = Holy Water

$0D = Axe

$0F = Stopwatch

0x0160 Simon's screen position (in room)
0x0162 Simon's screen position (in room) not 0x0160.
0x038C Simon's X position (in screen)
0x0390 Enemy 1's X position (in screen)
0x0391 Enemy 2's X position (in screen)
0x0392 Enemy 3's X position (in screen)
0x0393 Boss 1?'s X position (in screen)
0x0395 Bat/Medusa Head 1's X position (in screen)
0x0396 Bat/Medusa Head 2's X position (in screen)
0x0397 Bat/Medusa Head 3/Drac's Top Fireball's X position (in screen)
0x0398 Bat/Medusa Head 4/Drac's Middle Fireball's X position (in screen)
0x0399 Bat/Medusa Head 5/Drac's Bottom Fireball's X position (in screen)
0x03A0 Sub-weapon 1's X position (in screen)
0x03A1 Sub-weapon 2's X position (in screen)
0x03A3 Platform 1's X position (in screen)
0x03A4 Platform 2's X position (in screen)
0x0450 Direction Simon looks $00 = right, $01 = left
0x0491-0494? Projectile Animation Timers? In a similar area than Candle Animation Timers. Appears to activate around projectile-firing enemies.
0x0496-049B Candle Animation Timers Count down from $08 to $00. When Item is out, from $0F to $00 except when item is static, in which case it stays $80. Freezes when item is picked up.
0x04A4 Number of steps taken
0x04B2 Candle 1's current image Oscillates from $01 to $02.
0x04B3 Candle 2's current image Ditto
0x04B4 Candle 3's current image '
0x04B5 Candle 4's current image '
0x04B6 Candle 5's current image '
0x04B7 Candle 6's current image '
0x0584 Simon's state $00 = standing, $01 = going right, $02 = going left, etc.
0x07FC Ones/Tenths of points In pseudo Decimal (Ex.: $08, $09, $10...)
0x07FD Hundreds/Thousands of points Ditto.
0x07FE Ten Thousands/Hundred Thousands of points '
0x6000-7FFF RNG 2 Strangely, these 8192 values are all equal to the same thing.

Internal Data for Castlevania

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