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RAM Function Details
0x003C Scene (Level) Initial value is 00
0x0040 Previous value of Score x00000 Used to keep track of when to award a bonus life
0x0041 High Score 00000x
0x0042 High Score 0000x0
0x0043 High Score 000x00
0x0044 High Score 00x000
0x0045 High Score 0x0000
0x0046 High Score x00000
0x004D Lives Initial value is 03
0x004E Score 00000x
0x004F Score 0000x0
0x0050 Score 000x00
0x0051 Score 00x000
0x0052 Score 0x0000
0x0053 Score x00000

Internal Data for Bump 'n' Jump

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