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The following ROM data was obtained from an old Gamefaqs thread (link) by a user called StarryKnights.

Characters starting information

Initial data for the game's characters. Information block starts at x00:087C ($C0:087C) and ends at x00:0D3B ($C0:0D3B) (Assuming no header). 
Each entry is 64 bytes long.  This data follows the RAM PC data setup from the RAM map, though, much of this start up data goes unused.


01-04: Character Name
05: Unused (In-game compared to RAM, setting this value to 20 would make the PC sprite into Valerie)
06: Unused (PC Status)
07: Character's PC Number
    00 - Ryu
    01 - Bow
    02 - Rand
    03 - Katt
    04 - Nina
    05 - Jean
    06 - Sten
    07 - Spar
    08 - Bleu
    09 - Kid Ryu
    0A - Kid Bow (Zombie in battle)

08: Initial level
09-10: Unused (Current health)
11-12: Initial Max HP
13-14: Unused (Current AP)
15-16: Initial Max AP
17: Shaman Form
18: Initial Strength
19: Initial Stamina
20-21: Initial Agility
22: Initial Condition
23-24: Initial Weapon (Value 11 tells the game that you have a weapon equipped)
25-26: Initial Shield (Value 21 tells the game that you have a piece of armor equipped)
27-28: Initial Armor (Value 21 tells the game that you have a piece of armor equipped)
29-30: Initial Helmet(Value 21 tells the game that you have a piece of armor equipped)
31-32: Initial Accessory 1 (Although set to 00 00 on most characters, this is bugged as you're not supposed to be able to unequip 'nothing')
33-34: Initial Accessory 2 (Although set to 00 00 on most characters, this is bugged as you're not supposed to be able to unequip 'nothing')
35-36: Unused (Current Attack)
37-38: Unused (Current Defense)
39-40: Unused (Current Vigor)
41: Unused (Current Wisdom)
42-43: Unused (Current Luck)
44: Initial Guts
45: Initial Wisdom Base
46: Initial Luck Base
47-49: Initial EXP
50-64: Unused

There are three sets of characters in this data block. 
First Set: Normal game, for the most part. 
Second Set: Consists solely of Kid Ryu and Kid Bow. Adult Ryu and Adult Bow inherit their stats from their kid forms. (Worth noting if you want to change their starting stats)
Third Set: What I can only surmise are the team's stats during the title screen demos.

Stat gain tables

Stat Gain Tables:
These cover levels 2-99 for every single character.

Hex offset (HiROM Address)
x0571B0 - x055DF0 ($C5:71B0 - $C5:5DF0)

4 bytes, split into 8 half-bytes in this order with a max increase of '15 (F)' per stat: 

Byte 1: HP, AP
Byte 2: Strength, Stamina
Byte 3: Unused, Agility
Byte 4: Wisdom, Luck

Almost every character seems to have extra level gains for levels they don't join at. These are not used at all due to the initial data. 
Also, it seems Bleu's stats uses the Monster Table as her level up data so she doesn't have her 'own' to modify without some serious stat table moving.

x0571B0 - x057338: Ryu Stat Gain
x057338 - x0574C0: Bow Stat Gain
x0574C0 - x057648: Rand Stat Gain
x057648 - x0577D0: Katt Stat Gain
x0577D0 - x057958: Nina Stat Gain
x057958 - x057AE0: Jean Stat Gain
x057AE0 - x057C68: Sten Stat Gain
x057C68 - x057DF0: Spar Stat Gain

x057DF0 - x057F78: Bleu Stat Gain [THIS IS THE MONSTER ENTRY TABLE! DO NOT MODIFY THIS! This is how the original game does it as Bleu was haphazardly put in!]

Guts gain upon level is consistently the same for every level up.  Each PC's gain starts at: 
x018FE5 ($818FE5)

Spell gains table

Pointers: 5AA00-5AA011


Pairs of bytes. First is for level the spell is gained on, the second is the spell gained. 00 terminates.

Spell Info Table


Each spell is 16 bytes long
Bytes 1-8: Spell Name.
Bytes 9 and 10: Spell cost.
Bytes 11 and 12: These are tricky, the first 15 bits are used for a description pointer, and the
most significant bit appears to be used on spells with beneficial effects(Cure, Antdt, Renew, Etc).
Byte 13: Spell element. These elements are set by bits and are, in order: Ability down, fire, lightning,
       ice/water, wind, unknown/unused, earth, physical/non-elemental.
Byte 14: Targeting and special switches.
 Bit 1: Unknown. used only on the spell 8.0.
 Bit 2: By default, will cast on opposing party.
 Bit 3: Unknown. Used on Dispell, Recover, IdiotLzr, Hunt, and Whodini.
 Bit 4: Usable outside of battle.
 Bit 5: Usable during battle.
 Bit 6: Auto-confirm spell. This is more used more for spells that target an entire party.
 Bit 7: Auto target opposing party.
 Bit 8: Sets the spell to show green numbers. This will not make a spell heal, but will cause 0 damage,
       and shows green numbers.
Byte 15: Other switches. Most of this byte has unknown usages, but these are known effects.
 Bits 1-4: These bits have an unknown effect.
 Bit 5: used as a trigger effect, used specifically on G.Drgn when it's first learned and Anfini during Deathevn.
 Bit 6: unknown, but is used in various spells
 Bit 7: set to consume all of the users AP and is only used in Ryu's dragon spells. This also changes the
       animation Ryu uses when casting, and will crash if it is changed. This does not change how much AP is actually
       used when casting the spell.
 Bit 8: set when the spell requires a check against the characters mood.
Byte 16: When a spell requires a mood check, this is the value a characters mood must be before using.

Item Info Table

Byte Listing
01-08: Item name
09-10: Item cost
11-12: Item description pointer, and similar to spell's description, the most significant bit is set for beneficial effects, when an item can be used as such.

13: Targeting and special switches. these switches appear to be exactly the same as said byte in the spells
14: Who can equip this item, if possible. each bit represents different characters with Nina and Bleu sharing bits.
15: Attack power for weapons, and defense power for armor. 
16: This has a number of uses depending on what item it is being used for. 
    For unequippable items and weapons, it appears to identify what spells are cast when an item is used. 
    For armors, the least significant 6 bits are used for armor weight, which allows for a max weight of 63.

    For values 0x00 to 0x3F, items get equipped into the armor slot with a weight assigned by the bit.
    For values 0x40 to 0x7F, items get equipped into the shield slot.
    For values 0x80 to 0xBF, items get equipped into the helmet slot.
    For values 0xC0 to 0xFF, items becomes unequippable.

Experience Tables


Each level is 3 bytes each and starts at level 2.

All characters have individual experience tables except for Bleu, who shares Nina's table.

Each character table is 294 bytes long (98 levels * 3 bytes each).

The experience tables for individual characters are in the same order as the are in the 
ROM character information, so Ryu first, then Bow, Rand, Katt, Nina/Bleu, Jean, Sten, and Spar.

Shop data


Shops use item slot numbers for what items to sell and is terminated by a value of 00.

The ROM uses 3FA60 when referencing the shop data, but the data appears to start around 3FAC9
and appears to mostly be in numerical order, by item slot number.

Game Script

The game script starts at 290000 and continues to 2CADA4, but this data uses simple compression.
with it's data starting at 22D000 through 22D531, and the actual pointer data starting at 22DE00.
22DDF2 through 22DDF7 contain values of when to switch banks, 2 bytes each.

The data itself is mostly ASCII coding, with some special formatting.

Music Data

Some data may be missing but these offsets are noted for setting music. (BacuraFF)

x00AF80 - x00B0B3 - Indoor Map Music
x00C0F0 - x00C13D - Event/Boss Battle Music

Each seem to be one byte each.

Some events forcefully change music and that is not included.

Internal Data for Breath of Fire II

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