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RAM Function Details
0x0010 Buttons Pressed Uses binary processing. Here are the values:
Value Button Value Button
*1 Right 1* Start
*2 Left 2* Select
*4 Down 4* B
*8 Up 8* A
0x002C Bomberman's current frame
0x002D Bomberman horizontal flip
0x0058 Level Default value is 01 (Values: 01-32 hexadecimal)
0x005F Title Screen Cursor $00 = Start, $01 = Continue
0x0068 Lives Default value is 02
0x0073 Explosion Radius The high nybble contains this value. The low nybble is useless/unknown.
0x0074 Maximum Amount of Bombs
0x0077 Remote Detonation Boolean If >= 1 then True. Doesn't show graphically.
0x0093 Time Default value is C8
0x0028 Bomberman's X Coordinate
0x0020 Bomberman's Y Coordinate

Internal Data for Bomberman

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