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This game uses CRIWARE.

The archive file is Data.cpk. The full path is PSP_GAME\USRDIR\Data\Data.cpk. Data.cpk is packed in MODE=ID and there are 3339 files within the archive. Hereafter, sub-files will be referred to by 4-digit numbers (ex: 0003). Data.cpk is the only archive file within the ROM.

PTX Image File Format

IDSTRING = "PTX@" (hex: 50 54 58 40)

0x4: BYTE. 2 ** BYTE = WIDTH of the texture needed to contain the image

0x5: BYTE. 2 ** BYTE = HEIGHT of the texture needed to contain the image

0x6: HALFWORD. Image width aligned to 0x10. I think this is how long the pixel rows are.

0x8: HALFWORD. Image width.

0xA: HALFWORD. Image height.

0xC: BYTE. 0x4 if 4 bits per pixel. 0x5 if 8 bits per pixel. Other values unknown. Not sure.

0xD...0xE: Unknown. Always hex: 01 03. Not sure.

0xF: BYTE. Number of colors divided by 8. Not sure.

0x10: WORD. Number of colors.

0x14...0x18: Unknown

0x18: WORD. Offset (absolute) to start of color table

0x1C: WORD. Offset (absolute) to start of bitmap

0x20: Color table.

Colors are in ABGR format, I think.

Pixel Format

4 bits per pixel images use a 32x8 tile size. The pixels are stored in little-endian format meaning the first pixel (i.e., further to the left in the image) is stored in the least significant part of each byte.

8 bits per pixel images use a 16x8 tile size

File / Data IDs

0003 offset 0x45C50 is the font image.

0004 offset 0x480D0 is the title screen image.