Balloon Fight:RAM map

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Data for "Balloon Fight (JU) [!].nes". Incomplete.


RAM Information 0x0019 counter at title screen, when this turns FF->00, the demo starts
0x00F9/C p1 audio seems to be some kind of player 1 audio thing
0x0078/F sprite 1 for upward thrust (you can still move upwards when this is 0), 0 for no thrust, 3 for on the floor, 2 for walking left or right, 4 for breaking
0x0090 coord x x coordinate of player 2
0x0091 coord x x coordinate of player 1
0x0092/8 coord x x coordinates of players (max 8 i guess)
0x0099 coord y y coordinate of player 2
0x009B coord y y coordinate of player 1
0x009C/F coord y y coordinates of players (synced with x coords :)
0x0400/F speed something with the speed...
0x0410/2F speed speed as well..?
0x0408/F heading y direction of y speed
0x0490/1 coord x spark x
0x04A4/5 coord y spark y
0x051C/D speed spark speed
0x0530/1 sprite spark image