Arkanoid:RAM map

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Note:There seems to be a duplicate in the information 0x0037 is listed twice. Please distinguish that address correctly. I have highlighted them in bold. -- Rycona 14:21, 18 January 2008 (EST)

RAM Address Function Details
0x0000 Player 1 button state
0x0001 Previous player 1 button state
0x0002 Player 2 button state
0x0003 Previous player 2 button state
0x0004 Player 1 button state
0x0005 Previous player 1 button state
0x0006 Player 2 button state
0x0007 Previous player 2 button state
0x0008 Arkanoid paddle position
0x0009 Previous arkanoid paddle position
0x000D Number of remaining lives
0x0037? Vertical position of ball
0x0037? Horizontal position of ball
0x0138 Timer until ball shoots itself