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==Bank $00==
$00/89F1	Sub: RNG into $0A
$00/8C34	Flag table for de/buffs
$00/9051	Sub: Main event handler
$00/9B07	Sub: Main event handler
$00/BE07	Sub: Clears the screen of text
$00/C055	Sub: Hit calculation start
$00/C07C	Sub: Unknown mod; probably adds 0 to $00
$00/C0B9	Sub: Miss check/crit check
$00/C132	Sub: No-element handling
$00/C2D4	Sub: Check if damage is over 999
$00/C30C	Sub: Load attacking Element
$00/C3CA	Sub: More element handling
$00/C431	Sub: Attack vs. Defense
$00/C585	Sub: Load stat boost modifier
$00/C5B1	Sub: Check for dead/removed actors, more
$00/C658	Sub: Load Strength modifier
$00/C66A	Sub: Load Endurance modifier
$00/C676	Sub: Load Alertness modifier
$00/C68A	Sub: Load Intelligence
$00/C6A7	Sub: Load Intelligence
$00/C6C4	Sub: Load Intelligence
$00/C6DC	Sub: Lots of branching. Returns crit chance or other variables
$00/C781	Sub: Load Armor defense
$00/C856	Sub: Loads spell power/element
$00/C88B	Sub: Multiplication (A * X)
$00/C8A1	Sub: Multiplication (AA * X)
$00/C8C2	Sub: Division (Returns A remainder, X result)
$00/D137	Sub: Checks if loaded music is $33 (must be SPC commands)
$00/D1AA	Sub: Loads HAL Logo theme

==Bank $01==
$01/9BB6	Pointer: Draw status screen ($08/C93E)

==Bank $02==
$02/8F00	Suspected RNG table (referenced by [$10] which is at RAM $1E10). Does not take kindly to corruption.
$02/913D	Sub: Initializes a character/monster's stats from ROM at battle start

==Bank $03==
$03/A457	Sub: Load current tile's encounter value
$03/A499	Sub: Update dungeon progress?
$03/A52A	Dungeon BGM (See Music tab for ID list)
$03/D5BF	Item inventory limit (shops). Default $60 = $30 slots (48 items @ 8 per page) (see $07/AA28)
$03/DDD6	Item slots -1 x2, used after selling an item in town to check when to stop rearranging. (see $07/AA28)(should be $5E?)
$03/DF27	Bar prices (you know, the Alchemist guy)
		(NOTE: His prices are also plaintext in his dialogue and need to be edited separately)
$03/DFA2	Bar option 2 HP gain
$03/DFA4	Bar option 3 HP gain
$03/DFA6	Bar option 4 HP gain
$03/DFA8	Bar option 2 MP gain
$03/DFAA	Bar option 3 MP gain
$03/DFAC	Bar option 4 MP gain
$03/E052	Card prices (see Inventory)

==Bank $05==
$05/9F7B	Names, Characters ($0A bytes per entry + 00 delimeter)
$05/9FE9	Names, Enemies ($10 bytes per entry + 00 delimeter)
$05/A539	Enemy postfixes A-H (I forget what 81 40 means though)
$05/A554	Classes, Characters ($10 bytes per entry + 00 delimeter) NOTE: Using too long a name will result in a blank line.
$05/A5FE	Names, Areas ($10 bytes per entry + 00 delimeter)
$05/A895	Names, Elements ($06 bytes per entry + 00 delimeter)
$05/A8BF	Names, Status effects ($0C bytes per entry + 00 delimeter)
$05/A91A	EXP to next level, Rooks?
$05/A992	EXP to next level, Sylph?
$05/AA0A	EXP to next level, Dao?
$05/AA82	EXP to next level, Marid?
$05/AAFA	EXP to next level, Efrite?
$05/AB72	EXP to next level, Teefa
$05/ABEA	EXP to next level, Salah?
$05/AC62	EXP to next level, Darwin?
$05/ACDA	EXP to next level, Axs? (60 entries x 2 bytes)
$05/AD6A	Level-up stats, Rooks (HP, MP, Str, End, Int, Alt) (2 bytes per entry)
$05/B03A	Level-up stats, Sylph
$05/B2FD	Level-up stats, Dao
$05/B5CE	Level-up stats, Marid
$05/B89E	Level-up stats, Efrite
$05/BB7A	Level-up stats, Teefa
$05/BE4A	Level-up stats, Salah
$05/C11A	Level-up stats, Darwin
$05/C3EA	Level-up stats, Axs

$05/C8D4	Level-up spells, Rooks
$05/C8E2	Level-up spells, Sylph
$05/C8F2	Level-up spells, Dao
$05/C8F2	Level-up spells, Marid
$05/C8FB	Level-up spells, Efrite
$05/C904	Level-up spells, Teefa
$05/C911	Level-up spells, Salah
$05/C91F	Level-up spells, Darwin
$05/C929	Level-up spells, Axs

$05/C92D	Monster race/element (2 bytes per entry) (ends at 2C9CB)
$05/C9CD	Monster Equipment stats, several unknown (start)
$05/CE54	Monster Equipment stats (end)
$05/CE55	Monster HP
$05/CEF5	Monster EXP
$05/CF95	Monster GP
$05/D035	Monster Lvl
$05/D0D5	Monster ?? stat - $20 entries of 00 through 05. No idea what this is.
$05/D195	Monster boss music (00 none, 01 Boss1, 03 Boss2, 02 Rimsala)
$05/D1E5	Monster boss flag (00-0F are bosses, FF are not bosses)
$05/D235	Monster spell. (If nonzero, there's a random chance they'll use that spell instead of attacking.) (see Spells page)
$05/D285	Monster ?? stat
$05/D405	Monster Armor Def table (bugged?): offset = Armor * 2
$05/D445	Monster Accessory Def table: offset = Accessory * 2
$05/D4A5	Possible monster stat
$05/D565	Possible monster stat
$05/DE88	Equipment prices (see Equipment tab)
$05/DF79	Equipment "can be equipped by" data (see Equipment tab)
$05/DFF3	Equipment power/defense
$05/E0E3	Equipment race bonus/element (2 bytes per item)
$05/E1D5	Equipment: weapon crit rate
$05/E226	Equipment: shield mag def ($05/E1D5)
$05/E24E	Equipment ??2
$05/E2C8	Equipment - spell cast in battle
$05/E356	Spells' names
$05/EA4D	Spells’ “battle only flag” (01: out of battle only, 02: battle only, 03: either)
$05/EA9F	Spells’ “single/multi target flag” (00: single, 01: multi); Change Attribute is broken as ST
$05/EAF1	Spells’ accuracy
$05/EB4D	Spells' power
$05/EC04	Spells' element (paired with an unknown byte, so skip a byte for each entry) (see Magic tab)
$05/ECA6	Spells' MP cost
$05/ECF8	Spells' color palette (see Magic tab)
$05/ED57	Spells’ sfx
$05/EE9A	Item names (look for LDA $05/EE9A,x or "BF 9A EE 05")
$05/F038	Card names (look for LDA $05/F038,x or "BF 38 F0 05")
$05/F17E	Sleeping Bag HP heal amount (200 HP) (Heals everyone but the spirits)
$05/F180	Sleeping Bag MP heal amount (25 MP)
$05/F194	Tent HP heal amount (999 MP) (Heals everyone but the spirits)
$05/F196	Tent MP heal amount (999 MP)
$05/F20A	Herbs heal amount (70 HP)
$05/F21F	Medicine heal amount (200 HP)
$05/F234	Silver Flask heal amount (15 MP)
$05/F249	Gold Flask heal amount (40 MP)

==Bank $07==
$07/8CC4	Sub: Deducts HP from target
$07/8EDF	FINIS (tile bytes) (appears 2x for some reason)
$07/8F6E	SLEEP (appears 3x for some reason)
$07/9020	EFRITE
$07/903A	SALAH
$07/906A	End of names' sprite values
$07/A83D	Sub: Branches based on treasure chest contents
$07/A866	Sub: Card treasure type
$07/A932	Sub: Loads a card name from ROM
$07/A9D4	Sub: Adds a card to the inventory
$07/A872	Sub: Item treasure type
$07/A95C	Sub: Loads an item name from ROM
$07/AA18	Sub: Adds an item to the inventory
$07/AA27	Item inventory limit (chests). Default $60 = $30 slots (48 items @ 8 per page)
$07/A87E	Sub: Equipment treasure type
$07/A986	Sub: Loads an equipment name from ROM
$07/AA3D	Sub: Adds a weapon to the inventory
$07/AA4D	Equipment inventory limit (chests). Default $40 = $20 slots (32 items @ 8 per page)
$07/A88A	Sub: GP treasure type
$07/A896	Sub: Monster treasure type (unused)
$07/A8AF	Sub: FFFF treasure type (unused???) (returns failure)
$07/A8BB	Sub: Empty treasure type (returns failure)
$07/AA65	Sub: Adds GP to total
$07/AA6B	Max GP (FFFF)
$07/B29E	Should be #87 to avoid a patch conflict
$07/B2DB	Sub: When Teefa/Axs join, assigns them Rooks' LV
$07/B2E2	Sub: When Salah joins, assigns her Rooks' LV-3
$07/B2F5	Sub: When Darwin joins, assigns him Rooks' LV+3
$07/BBEA	Pointer table for character stats in RAM
$07/BBF6	Honey stat boost amounts (Str, Int, End, Alt, HP, MP)
$07/BC7C	Sub: Recovers MP, sets to full MP if more than max
$07/BCF1	Sub: Loop for full party healing; ends when X=08
$07/BF3A	Sub: Related to running
$07/BF54	Sub: Deducts MP from a spell
$07/C355	Pointer table for spell effects
$07/C8DE	SFX for Healing (See Music tab for values)
$07/C8E5	SFX for Change Attribute
$07/C8E4	SFX for Buffs

==Bank $08==
$08/8000	Script, Battle/Towns/Items/Magic
$08/9650	Spell descriptions
$08/C93E	Status screen (184 bytes)
$08/C9F6	Status screen, current spirit (161 bytes)

==Bank $0C==
$0C/2010	Main Script

==Bank $0E==
$0E/95A3	Sylph gfx
$0E/A12C	Marid gfx
$0E/AC91	Dao gfx
$0E/B715	Efrite gfx
$0E/C292	Teefa gfx
$0E/D25E	Salah gfx

==Bank $13==
$13/EBF7	Balnea Temple 1F map (These are all preceded by FF E4. Read break on $7FFC42 or similar and follow the DMA address given.)
$13/ECFF	Balnea Temple 2F map
$13/F764	Bintel Castle map

==Bank $17==
$17/8130	Intro script ("This is an historic land")
$17/9285	HAL logo gfx header

==Bank $18==
$18/802E	Sub: Random encounter logic
$18/8044	Encounter rate (higher = fewer encounters) (Default $0C)
$18/8056	Sub: Random encounter
$18/80DB	Sub: Normal (returns 3)/back attack (returns 2)?
$18/8210	Sub: Formations
$18/826A	Snip: Loads the proper battle music ID
$18/82B6	Snip: Loads monster ID from formation
$18/82E2	Table: Battle music IDs (normal, boss, goddess, final)
$18/85AB	Sub: Returns treasure data (A: item type, X: value)
$18/85D2	Sub: Updates treasure tracker ($18E3) after opening a chest
$18/8A99	Table: Pointers for chapter treasures tables
$18/8AA3	Table: Treasure data Ch1 (12 bytes per entry)
$18/8B1D	Table: Treasure data Ch2 (12 bytes per entry)
$18/8CB7	Table: Treasure data Ch3 (12 bytes per entry)
$18/8EBD	Table: Treasure data Ch4 (12 bytes per entry)
$18/8FEB	Table: Treasure data Ch5 (12 bytes per entry)
Ch5 examples:
$18/9001	Location of Robe of Valor in Bintel Castle first room
$18/900D	Location of Gold Flask in Bintel Castle first room ^_^
$18/9079	Location of Grand Shield
$18/9023	Desiree data (02 0C = Equipment id 0C)
$18/9047	Return Ring data in "A Tunnel".

$18/9101	Table: Pointers to boss locations by chapter (Ch1: +0, Ch2: +2 etc)
$18/910B	Table: Ch1 boss fights (8 bytes/entry): 00 01-> Map 00 Balnea 1F; 0F00 0600 -> (0F, 06); 0600 -> Encounter #6)
$18/911D	Table: Ch2 boss fights (8 bytes/entry)
$18/912F	Table: Ch3 boss fights (8 bytes/entry)
$18/9139	Table: Ch4 boss fights (8 bytes/entry) empty, needs research
$18/913B	Table: Ch5 boss fights (8 bytes/entry) empty, needs research
$18/913D	Table: Pointers to encounters by chapter (Ch1: +2, Ch2: +4 etc)
$18/9147	Table: Ch1 encounters
$18/9177	Table: Ch2 encounters
$18/91AA	Table: Ch3 encounters
Ch3 example:
$18/91B3	Encounter data (1C 1D 1E 1A 1B -> 5 monsters in Ice Cave)

$18/91DD	Table: Ch4 encounters
$18/9229	Table: Ch5 encounters
$18/9270	Table: Pointers to RNG seeds
$18/947C	RNG seed "10" from offset 0A
$18/947D	Entry size
$18/94D9	RNG seed "01" from offset 0B (Chapter 2?)