Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction:RAM map

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 Address  Size   Description
--------  ----   -----------
 2010400     4   ?
 2020DE0    16   Player's name
                 xx yy xx yy xx yy xx yy xx yy xx yy xx yy xx yy
                 xx - character map
                 yy - character ID
 2020DFC     4   ?
 2021790   801   Cards in Trunk
 2021AC2     1   Field ID (display, the actual value is at 0x2023FB0)
 2021C10     2   Effect text displayed (likely used to print a card's name)
 2021C1C     4   Deck Capacity
 2021C20     4   Duelist Level
 2021C30     4   Deck Cost
 2021C38     2   Deck size
 2021C3A    80   Deck cards
 2021CF8     1   Language ID
 2021D10     ?   ?
 2021D40    44   CPU opponent's data, starting with CPU opponent's ID
 2021DA0     2   Link Duel Deck Capacity (max 65000)
 2021DB0     1   Game Mode
                  0x01 Campaign
                  0x03 Link Duel Menu
                  0x04 Trade Menu
 2021DB1     1   Menu ID (Continue screen)
 2021DD0     4   Money
 2021DE0     2   Permanent effect activated
 2021DE2     2   Permanent effect cursor?
 2023EC0     40  Enemy magic/trap zone
 2023EE8     40  Enemy monster zone
 2023F10     40  Player monster zone
 2023F38     40  Player magic/trap zone
 2023F60     40  Player hand zone
 2023F88     40  Enemy hand zone
 2023FB0     1   Field ID
 2023FB4     2   Player graveyard
 2023FB6     2   Player flags? First two bits determine the number of SoRL turns left, third bit clears at end of turn, fourth bit is set when a monster is played but otherwise does nothing?
 2023FB8     2   Enemy graveyard
 2023FBA     2   Enemy flags? See above
 2023FC0     4   Pointer to current turn player's graveyard
 2023FC4     4   Pointer to current turn enemy's graveyard
 2023FD0     4   Pointer to current turn enemy's magic
 2023FE4     4   Pointer to current turn enemy's monsters
 2023FF8     4   Pointer to current turn player's monsters
 202400C     4   Pointer to current turn player's magic
 2024020     4   Pointer to current turn player's hand
 2024040     4   ?
 20240D8     2   Selected card
 20241F0     2   Cursor coordinates
 20241F2     1   What is being selected?
 2024200     1   # of Tributes
 2024250     2   Current activated effect
 2024254     2   Remaining Life Points (Displayed in the Status menu)
 2024258     2   Life Points (Player)
 202425A     2   Life Points (CPU)
 2024594     4   PRNG
 20245A8     1   Current Turn, 0 = Player, 1 = Enemy

RAM card format

This is how the game stores information related to cards in play or in hand. These are located in the RAM for the different card zones as stated above. There are five cards per zone. The cursor coordinates label the zones 0 to 5, earliest in RAM to latest. (Apparently the graveyards count as zones 6 and 7?)

Byte  Size   Description
----  ----   -----------
0000     2   Card ID
0002     1   # of permanent powerups
0003     1   # of temporary powerups
0004     1   Unknown
0005     1   Status flags; 1st bit determines if it can attack or not, 2nd bit determines battle position, 5th bit indicates face up or face down

6th bit gives the card to opponent at the end of the turn

0006     2   Unused? Game doesn't erase it after a duel

Internal Data for Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction

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