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NTSC-U [SLUS-01411]

Address   Size    Description
--------  ----    -----------
8009B150     ?    ? (Card ID)
8009B2C4     4    Debug Menu - last Sound ID played
8009B2C8     4    Debug Menu - Scene ID or Sound ID
8009B338     2    Selected card ID
8009B360     1    ? (used in Duel End function 0x218F0)
8009B361     1    Opponent ID
8009B364     1    Terrain type
800EA002     2    P1 Life Points (display)
800EA004     2    P1 Life Points (actual)
800EA022     2    P2 Life Points (display)
800EA024     2    P2 Life Points (actual)
800EA118     2    Result of a fusion
800FE6F8     4    PRNG seed (gets seeded at KONAMI screen, starts rolling at opening cutscene before title screen)
80177F94    40    Deck shuffle permutation (Player)
80177FBC    40    Deck shuffle permutation (CPU)
80177FE8    80    Shuffled deck (Player)
80178038    80    Shuffled deck (CPU)
801781D8  1444    CPU deck pool
8017878C  1444    SA-POW card drops
80178D40  1444    BCD card drops
801792F4  1444    SA-TEC card drops
801798A8   200    Table of score change to rank based on statistics (see http://www.neoseeker.com/forums/3085/t2018541-calculating-duel-rank/)
80179A14     2    Card drop ID
8017C2D8 65536    Fusion table
80184594     1    Menu ID
801A7E20    30    Player's Hand (with other data ?)
                  xx xx yy yy zz zz
                  xx - Card ID
                  yy - 
                  zz - 
801A8008  5776    Card passwords + costs for Passwords screen (Menu ID 0x9)
                  xx xx xx xx yy yy yy yy
                  xx - Cost
                  yy - Password
801D0200    80    Player's deck
801D0250   722    Cards in chest
801D06F4     4    Duelists unlocked in Free Duel (0xFFFFFFFF to unlock all)
801D07BC    20    Last 10 cards dropped
801D07E0     4    Starchip count
801D5608     ?    ? (used in function 0x21598)
801D56A8     2    Card drop ID

Internal Data for Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

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